Setting Technology Boundaries with Kids


Technology boundaries is one of those things that you just have to do with digital kids today. This subject may just fly over some parents’ heads, but folks – let’s chat.

internet safety
internet safety

Our kids need us to teach them and show them what is right and wrong online. In order for us to do this, we need to setup technology boundaries. Below I go into how our family is setting up these rules and guidelines for our digital kids. 

Everything You Do On The Computer We Can See

That is the words we told our 2 oldest kids when they received their computer. We did the same thing when Grandpa bought them each an  iPod Touch.  

A friend and former boss had passed these words of wisdom on. While her daughter was in her early teens when technology became a big deal – she immediately set those technology boundaries.

Establishing Technology Boundaries

By establishing the boundaries up front and reminding the children that what they do, we can see – it starts the process of accountability and trust.  Create a set of defined rules that are CLEAR to your children.

Speak their language. You can do this, you can’t do that. Setup your computer to monitor their activity. Google is a great start for monitoring searches.

While yes there are other search engines, you can set this as your homepage and chances are if they are young, they’ll just use this page.

I don’t feel bad viewing my 8 year old or 5 year old’s email. I want to make sure what they are doing online is age appropriate – to keep each of the kids safe and to help guide their growth.

The Role of a Parent

It’s our job (my husband and I) to raise our children. When they have questions, I know they will do just as WE do – GOOGLE IT!

But that’s not the line of communication I want to set forth with my children. I want to be able to talk to them about the subjects they want to learn about. No matter how difficult the subject matter.

Safety Online

As I mentioned before, when I was 12, the FBI visited our house. 20 years ago, the world was a different place. It was STILL scary then, but the online thing was nearly non-existent. Today, it’s everywhere. You must keep tabs on what your children are doing online.

When Mistakes Are Made

Something is going to happen and your child is going to go somewhere or do something online that he or she shouldn’t of.  Exhibit grace and use the experience as a learning opportunity, for both you and your child.

What Technology Boundaries Do You Set With Your Children?

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