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6 Reasons Apple’s iPad is Great for Kids

The husband surprised me with an iPad a year ago. While I admit, the daily usage is now down to weekly – the iPad is still played with, regularly! Since the newness for mommy has worn off – we bought a scratch-resistant screen protector and let them have at it. All 3 kids – ages 8, 6 and 1 love it!

toddler playing disney app on ipad

Here are 6 Reasons Apple’s iPad is Great for Kids:

Why do we love the Apple iPad and allowing are kids to use it? Here are 6 reasons why.

1. Reading

My daughter LOVES to read books on the iPad. She’s turned into a total bookworm this summer and with a library at her hands, she could spend hours virtually turning pages.

2. Games

Yes, my kids too are addicted to Roblox. If allowed, they could play for hours on end. But since our family only has 1 iPad – after 30 minutes one of  the other kids wills surely notice the other playing and the fighting commences.

3. Battery Life

After a year, we still see at least have 6 hours of non-stop use with the iPad battery.

4. Videos, Movies and TV Shows

Between renting movies or TV Shows from iTunes, YouTube videos or checking out NetFlix – the watching experience on an iPad is great. The screen is the perfect size for a child to hold. Now to get the baby from hitting the home button is the tricky part (use tape).

5. Road Trips!

We road trip frequently. While the 2 older kids have iPod Touches – the baby still has a favorite app – Uzu. We introduced it to him when he was 4 months old, and still gets a kick out of the laser-type light show that he can pound and create.

6. Education

Our older kids attend public school. The PTA raised enough money to bring iPads into the classroom. The educational apps provide a learning opportunity, while the kids feel like they are just playing on an iPad. This should also say something about durability if classrooms pass these around among kids for use.

Check out these learning apps.

I loved this dad’s take on 5 Reasons why the iPad Keeps Parents Sane.  It’s been a while since we have had to potty train, but in the next few years we’ll have another round of the fun experience of potty training.

I can totally see how putting the kids on the potty with the iPad would help! BRILLIANT! Except – mommy should get her own iPad if they are using on the toilet.

Do You Let Your Kids Play With Your iPad?

Amanda G.

Wednesday 28th of August 2013

Hi Molly

I really enjoyed reading your article about why the iPad is great for kids. I have been doing research on this topic within the past two months in graduate school and this was the first time I saw a child as young as 4 months old engaged in iPad play. The most important item i took from reading this article was that screen time is monitored with the children. It seems to be a common denominator for a lot of parents. Please check out my articles if you get a chance


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