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How to Clean a Sticky Keyboard

Do you have a sticky keyboard that needs to be cleaned?

Our kid’s have a HP Touchscreen that is housed in the kitchen. It’s totally convenient as we want to make sure it’s in visible sight since it’s for the kids. Plus, having easy access to recipes while cooking is greatness.  All this is great and all, but when you have kids, a computer and any type of liquid substance, you are bound to get sticky keyboard!

how to clean a sticky keyboard

This morning, I was downstairs and went to look for something on the computer and UGH! Low and behold, after 3 months of use – what do we have on the kid’s computer? a STICKY KEYBOARD with sticky keyboard keys! The kids had apparently spilled something yucky, it was so sticky and punching the keys tedious. It’s time for a keyboard cleaning!

How to clean a sticky keyboard

Here is a tedious solution to cleaning your keyboard:

I started cleaning and 10 minutes into peeling away the keys, I gave up. I found a wired keyboard to use in the interim and did some searching. For $19.50 Amazon has a Logitech Wireless keyboard. That saved me 2 hours of tedious key scrubbing!

Sticky Laptop Keyboards

Something else I found while searching for how to clean a sticky keyboard was laptop keyboards. I never thought about this, as I really TRY to keep the kids away from my Macbook. If you have a sticky laptop keyboard, Amazon sells new laptop keyboards. I hope this saves someone a ton of money on repairing your laptop keyboard!

Have Your Kids Ruined a Computer Keyboard?