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Hilarious Meme Costume Ideas to Make You a Viral Sensation


We are sharing our favorite meme costume ideas to make you a viral sensation this Halloween!

A trendy new Halloween party ideas, that sounds like something we would throw is a meme party. If you are making it a Hallowmeme or just want some funny ideas for Halloween costumes that are relevant, we are here for you.

Best Meme Costume Ideas

While we typically are sharing our favorite funny memes, today we are taking it a step further. Dress as your favorite meme with these awesome internet meme costume ideas!

meme costume ideas

This Halloween, dress as one of these hilarious meme costumes and be the laugh of the party.

This is Fine Meme Costume

If you share the This is Fine meme often, because you know it does feel like the world is in flames and what are we suppose to do – you will love this. The This is Fine dog is an easy meme costume!

This is Fine Meme
This is Fine Meme

This is Fine costume is from Reddit. Using a dog costume, add a hat, flames and don’t forget your sign! Here are a few different versions of the This is Fine meme costume.

This is Fine Costume Meme

A few common costume accessories that you will need to achieve the This is Fine costume look include:

this is fine meme costume idea
this is fine meme costume idea

From Jennifer Farner Pinterest: cut out flames, wear a hat, paint your nose like a dog and carry a “this is fine” sign.

Plane Girl Meme Costume

No one can forget the plane lady meme. This Plane Girl costume is dressing as the woman who went viral on an American Airlines plan after accusing a passenger of being “not real.”

plane lady meme
plane lady meme

To achieve this Plane Lady costume, it’s super easy.

Plane Lady Meme Costume

You will need to wear your hair in a slick back bun. Here are the clothes to complete the costume:

She of course became known as the Plane Girl meme. Want the backstory? Learn about the viral plane incident.

Pedro Pascal Eating Sandwich Meme Costume

The infamous moment that went viral is the silly Pedro Pascal sandwich meme. Why this stuff goes viral, no one will ever know but boy did it.

pedro pascal sandwich meme
pedro pascal sandwich meme

To achieve this Pedro Pascal costume meme look, all you will need are 2 things:

pedro pascal sandwich meme costume
pedro pascal sandwich meme costume

The Pedro Pascal sandwich meme came from a LadBible YouTube episode where Pedro Pascal and Jon Favreau compare American and Chilean snacks.

Ghost Demi Moore Costume

While there are many Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore memes from the Ghost movie, this one featuring a Ghost Buster is my favorite.

ghost movie meme
ghost movie meme

This is one of the most clever DIY Halloween costumes I have ever seen. KathyEmerson3 on TikTok made the most hilarious meme costume of Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s ghost from the infamous pottery scene.

demi moore ghost meme costume

How to achieve this meme costume:

  • Cut out a photo of Patrick Swayze and put it on cardboard.
  • Wear a white top
  • Short brunette wig
  • Fake clay pottery strapped on to a box top

Perfect for Halloween, see all of our ghost memes.

Winnie the Pooh Reading Meme

Next on our list of Internet meme costume ideas, we have the Winnie the Pooh reading meme. This funny meme comes from our mom memes.

winnie the pooh meme

This funny, yet simple meme costume idea can be achieved with a red shirt and piece of paper. Don’t forget to squint when taking a photograph! The high bun pigtails work great as Winnie the Pooh ears.

Winnie the Pooh Meme Costume
Winnie the Pooh Meme Costume

The Winnie the Pooh internet meme costume idea came from a Hallowmeme party from SarahKateFielding on TikTok.

Salt Bae Costume

Who can forget the unforgettable Salt Bae. The chef who so delicately drops salt like no other.

salt bae meme

Salt Bae took the culinary world by storm, and now it’s your turn to spice up the meme costume game. We’ve got the scoop on how to create the perfect Salt Bae ensemble, complete with the signature salt-sprinkling move that’s become an internet sensation.

salt bae meme costume
salt bae meme costume

Here’s what you will need to achieve this Salt Bae look:

Kermit Meme Costume

Who doesn’t love Kermit the Frog? He has gone viral time and time again with this Kermit meme. From our family memes (and many others) – you know that is just none of my business.

kermit the frog meme

Create this Kermit meme costume and tell everyone that it’s none of your business.

Kermit Meme Costume
Kermit Meme Costume

Here is what you will need to create this internet meme look:

Share these Internet Meme Costumes

We hope these funny internet meme costumes spark an idea for what to wear this Halloween or to your next meme party. If you dress up as any of the above memes – we want to see! Send us a photo and we will post it on our list.

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