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20 Hilarious Mean Girls Memes Regina George Would Love

While the movie is almost 20 years old – these funny Mean Girls memes are still relatable. October 3, 2024 is Mean Girls Day, we got the funny memes to celebrate!

What started as a 2004 teen comedy quickly became a movie that defined the times. It’s been over 18 years since the Mean Girls movie released, yet here we are still laughing, quoting and of course – memes about Mean Girls.

Funny Mean Girls Memes

Get ready for some Regina George, wearing Pink on Wednesdays, October 3rd and more fetch-ness from the beloved Mean Girls movies made into these iconic Mean Girl memes.

mean girls memes best mean girl memes about the iconic 2004 movie
funny mean girls memes

Mean Girls Day October 3, 2024

Did you know that October 3rd is actually a holiday. Well, totally not like a you get off of work federal holiday – but it is a silly holiday – none the less.

mean girls day meme october 3rd
mean girls day october 3 meme

That’s right, October 3rd is Mean Girls Day!

On October 3rd Memes

This collection of mean girls memes wouldn’t be complete without the infamous October 3rd meme to celebrate Mean Girls Day!

october 3rd meme
on october 3rd meme

Check out October memes for more fun for the month.

On Wednesday We Wear Pink Meme

The Mean Girls quote from Karen Smith “On Wednesday we wear pink” has become a classic. It’s so sorority like and set the stage for the fashion rules.

on wednesday we wear pink meme
on wednesday we wear pink meme

In the movie, the girls only wore jeans and sweatpants on Fridays. Absolutely NO vests. Get more Wednesday memes.

on wednesdays we wear pink meme

And of course, wearing pink on Wednesday because duh. (In addition to wearing pink, on Wednesdays we share hump day memes.)

on wednesday we wear pink
on wednesdays we wear pink meme

You Can’t Sit With Us Meme

The iconic line from Gretchen Wieners, “You can’t sit with us!” is from when she finally stood up to Regina George.

you cant sit with us meme

Gretchen Wieners (played by Lacey Chabert) screams “You can’t sit with us” in line in the cafeteria. Barbie memes, anyone?

you cant sit with us mean girl meme
you cant sit with us meme

That is So Fetch Meme

These Mean Girls memes are on point. “That is so fetch” is a quote from Gretchen Wieners.

that is so fetch meme mean girls
that is so fetch meme from mean girls movie

And Regina George shot back with “Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It’s not going to happen!”

I Can’t Go Out Tonight I’m Sick Meme

Karen Smith said “I can’t go out tonight. I’m sick.” This ultimate fake sick is so relatable.

i cant go out meme

While Karen was on a three-way call with her fake cough saying she can’t go out because she is sick. Now a days it is done thru text or snap.

i cant go out im sick meme mean girls
i cant go out im sick meme

Feel free to use these I can’t go out tonight im sick memes for your next fake sick out. (introvert memes for us introverts who have had to use the fake sick excuse because we just can’t with people!)

Regina George Memes

Rachel McAdams played the infamous Regina George. She was a character we can never forget. From her posh style, stuck up personality to crappy attitude, here are the Regina George memes the world needs.

Personally Victimized by Regina George Meme

Ms. Norbury, played by Tina Fey asks “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George.”

regina george meme – raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized
mean girl meme – Ms. Norbury, played by Tina Fey asks “Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George.”

To anyone who has been victimized or bullied, this Mean Girls movie quote has all the fills.

Get in Loser, We’re Going Shopping Meme

The infamous Regina George quote “Get in loser, we’re going shopping!” has been quoted many a times.

get in loser we are going shopping regina george meme

Especially when its time to go back to school shopping.

get in loser we are going shopping meme
mean girls quote meme

Is Butter a Carb Meme

The line “Is butter a carb” is actually funny to us keto dieters.

is butter a carb meme
regina george meme – is butter a carb

(LOL at these keto memes)

Regina George Mom Meme

Regina George’s mom, played by the talented Amy Poehler in the iconic movie “Mean Girls,” is a character that brings a lot of laughter to the screen. She’s known for trying a bit too hard to be the “cool mom,” always wanting to be more of a friend to her daughter Regina than a strict parent.

regina george mom meme
regina george mom meme

Whether she’s offering drinks to Regina’s friends or wearing outfits that make us giggle, her character adds a fun and quirky element to the movie.

cool mom meme amy pohler
cool mom meme amy pohler

While she might not win any awards for parenting, she definitely adds to the film’s humor and the portrayal of the amusing and sometimes absurd world of high school in North Shore.

regina george mom meme funny: do you guys need anything?
regina george mom meme funny

I’m a Cool Mom Meme

The Means Girls movie quote “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” is from Regina George’s mom, Mrs. George.

im not like a regular mom im a cool mom meme
I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom meme

For all the cool moms, we have mom memes. Amy Poehler played the role of Mrs. George set a very high bar for all of us other cool moms.

cool mom meme mean girls

This is my daughter’s favorite line from the movie and unfortunately has told me on too many occasions, that certain outfits look too much like something Regina George’s mom would wear.

Why Are You So Obsessed With Me Memes

Regina George why are you so obsessed with me go hand in hand.

why are you so obsessed with me meme
why are you so obsessed with me meme

Here is the quote from Rachel McAdam’s character Regina George as she was talking to Cady Heron (played by Lindsay Lohan.)  

Like, if I would blow her off to hang out with Kyle, she’d be like, “Why didn’t you call me back?” And I’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?”

why are you so obsessed with me quote mean girls meme

Its interesting to see how much society has evolved (and hasn’t!) 2004, calling out someone’s sexuality? Eek. Regina George also goes on to say it was so retarded. Again, another 2022 no-no.

why are you so obsessed with me regina george meme
obsessed meme mean girls

Here’s a good psychological read into the character of Regina.

She Doesn’t Even Go Here Memes

Here are more of our favorite Mean Girls memes. The she doesn’t even go here meme cracks me up. For Homecoming week, my daughter and her boyfriend had to re-enact a meme for one of the theme days.

she doesnt even go here meme
she doesnt even go here meme

A meme theme day – I would have rocked in high school. Her boyfriend went as Damian, the guy in the hoodie who screams, “she doesn’t even go here.”

she doesnt even go here mean girls meme
she doesnt even go here meme

Thats Why Her Hair is So Big Meme

Her hair is so big, because it’s full of secrets. In Texas, the higher the hair, the closer to God.

mean girls meme full of secrets
mean girls meme

The big hair is full of secrets.

Burn Book Meme

The infamous burn book. When talking Mean Girl memes, we had to include the burn book meme. “You let it out, honey. Write in the book.”

burn book meme
burn book meme

Anyone else write in a burn book in middle school? The juice gossip could always be found in the burn book.

burn book meme donald trump
burn book meme donald trump

Caroline Gallegos went viral with her Donald Trump burn book page.

Share the Mean Girls Memes

Well there you have it. Our collection of hilarious and funny Mean Girls memes. Have a great day – despite what day it is, and feel free to share these!

mean girls meme: if you don't understand my mean girls quotes i dont know if we can be friends
mean girls meme

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