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40 Best Love Memes for Expressing Your Devotion

Nothing says I like humor and love you like one of these amazing Love Memes!

While February is the month of L-O-V-E, we have plenty of valentine memes, I thought we would dive into the L word with some humor that can be used year round.

love memes
love memes

If your relationship revolves around laughing, then these love memes are for you. Drop a text or slide into those DMs by sending one of these images.

Funny Love Memes

From loves memes for her and him to saying I love you – we are covering all the topics of love with funny memes.

i love you
romantic i love you meme

From falling in love, to showing your affection and of course a lot of sarcasm and laughs, we hope you enjoy these memes about love as much as we do!

true love meme  my reaction when someone talks about true love
true love meme

Spice up that love life with one of our kissing memes. Affection and memes, what more could someone want in a lover?

i want to kiss you meme
i want to kiss you meme

Breaking news, I love you.

breaking news i love you!

Love is like a f. If you have to force it, it’s probably crap. A very Forest Gump like quote about love.

forest gump love meme  love is like a fart if you have to force it its probably crap
forest gump love meme

Love Memes for Her, Him and They

Love is love and whoever you adore, good. Here are the love memes to share with her, him or they.

love hug meme  my favorite place is inside your hug
hug meme

Because the true Star Wars fans know that there isn’t time to have explain the constant Star Wars references. Want bonus points? Send over this Star Wars love meme and then follow up with any of our other Star Wars memes.

star wars love meme  true love means never having to explain your star wars references
star wars love meme

You are the best thing that has happened to me. Sappy? Yes. Will he, she, they love it? Again, yes.

love meme for him you are the best thing that has ever happened to me

You’re like magic. This could be used for someone you love or perhaps someone who is wicked.

you are magic love meme
you are like magic meme

Listen, it’s 2022 – but there is still a deep love I have for sarcasm in addition to women empowerment.

funny love meme  do you still love me? of course i do now go get me another beer
funny love meme

My love for you is like diarrhea. I can’t hold it in. It takes a special relationship to share this funny love meme.

funny love meme diarrhea
funny love memes

Love you like a minion loves his bananas. If you adore these yellow guys, check out our minion memes.

minion love meme for they
minion love meme

I Love You Memes

Send your lover one of these I love you memes. These are a unique way to share you affection without directly saying those 3 words.

i love you funny meme
i love you funny meme

Text this funny good morning I love you meme, then follow it up with a cup of coffee and maybe breakfast in bed. Send one of our good morning memes every morning for more fun.

good morning i love you meme  good morning you are beautiful i love you nice butt
good morning i love you meme

I Just Called to Say I Love You – if you aren’t familiar with Stevie Wonder, I am not judging. But I am saying – you do need to know this love song. It’s a classic. Watch on YouTube.

i just called to say i love you meme
i just called to say I love you meme

This gorilla flipping you off saying love you too – again, a special relationship. This makes a great love reaction meme. Reply with this love you too meme for some fun. Also, did I mention, we are not responsible for any reactions your lovers may have to these funny love memes?

love you too meme

Me love you long time meme – I mean, how cute is this kid and who else tells your significant other me love you long time all the time?

i love you long time meme

Love You More Meme

When the who loves who more fight happens, this love you more meme will win it.

false love you more meme
love you more meme

Spongebob Love Memes

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea and likes to love you and me? See what I did there? From our SpongeBob meme collection, we present to you these love memes.

sponge bob i love you meme
sponge bob love meme

Patrick, I love you too.

patrick i love you meme sponge bob
patrick i love you meme

Unconditional love, for the win.

sponge bob love meme
unconditional love meme

Self Love Memes

Love yourself. These self love memes are reminders for yourself or someone who needs to embrace self love and love themselves.

self love meme  when you finally find that one person who you are supposed to be with
self love meme

May you love yourself like Rock loves Rock.

love yourself meme the rock
love yourself meme

Own that hot mess. Just know your self worth.

self love meme  when you are a hot mess but know your self worth
self worth meme

Love yourself as you are.

self love  love yourself as you are
self love meme

Love of My Life Memes

For the love of your life that you plan on annoying for the rest of your lives…

love of my life meme  you are the love of my life and i am so glad i get to spend the rest of our lives annoying the hell out of you
Love of My Life Meme

Haven’t found the love of your life yet? Embrace the single life and if you can joke about it, here is the perfect funny love of my life meme for sharing.

find love of my life meme
find love of my life meme

Another love reaction meme. These heart eyes, love emoji meme says L-O-V-E!

love emoji meme
love emoji meme

I love you love me meme

Tell me that you didn’t sing the Barney theme song when reading this.

i love you you love me meme barney  you didnt read that you sang it
i love you you love me meme

You love Me Meme

When you know someone loves you, or if you are in a fight or are asking a big ask. This you love me meme is perfect for those circumstances.

you know you love me meme
you love me meme

My Love and Affection Meme

My Love and Affection Meme
My Love and Affection Meme

From our Schitts Creek meme collection – you love me as much as Moira loves her wigs.

you love me as much as moira loves her wigs
you love me meme funny

Live Laugh Love Meme

live laugh love meme
live laugh love meme

Fake Love Memes

Enjoy these fake love memes. Then think what celebrity couple do you think is fake love?

fake love meme

When your relationship is fake but you try to hold it together for social media. Oh please, sweetie. MOVE ALONG. Don’t miss our Barbie memes.

funny fake love meme
fake love meme

When you aren’t sure if it is true love or fake love. Nothing sucks more than falling for the wrong person for what feels like the millionth time.

fake love meme  true love or falling for the wrong person for the millionth time
fake love meme

I Love My Wife Meme

Scream it from the roof tops (or social media.) Here’s an I love my wife meme.

i love my wife meme
i love my wife meme

Sending I love my wife memes ain’t your thing, then this funny one is.

post an i love my wife meme or draw $25
funny i love my wife meme

I Love My Husband Meme

Don’t worry wives, we got you. Here is an I love my husband meme – done with Yoda.

i love my husband meme  husband you are love you i do
i love my husband meme

Don’t miss our Star Wars memes!

Romantic Memes

Who says romance is dead? Obviously whoever did hasn’t sent a romantic meme before.

romantic memes  things that i want: you
romantic memes

We got you covered. Send a little romance meme to your special someone.

romantic meme  me whenever you aren't here.
romantic meme

This will make her blush.

romantic love meme  you stole my heart but i'll let you keep it. just don't let it break
romantic love meme

Cute Love Memes

Looking for something different, why not send a cute love meme. How about a virtual hand heart?

sending you my love virtually
cute love meme

Or a sweet little message about you+me=we.

you + me = we
you love meme

When you meet the love of your life, you send them this lovely meme.

when i meet the love of my life
the love of my life meme

This cute love meme is perfect to send via text.

im so in love with you
love memes cartoon

Share these Lovely Memes

We hope you enjoyed these funny love memes as much as we do. Share wide with those that you adore because memes are meant for sharing.

madly in love with you
love reaction meme

If you want to show us some love, drop a link back to this post and tag us on social media. We appreciate it!

kermit love meme  i love you like kermit loves miss piggy
kermit love meme

We LOVE memes – here are our most popular trending memes. If you like this post, then you will adore these.

in case you didnt know i appreciate you
i appreciate you meme

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