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18 Funny Stimulus Check Memes About That Free Money

Funny stimulus check memes have been the highlight of my week. Who knew the $1400 check could provide so much humor. I guess after 2020 worse year ever, it doesn’t take much for us to laugh – but y’all these are hilarious.

Funny Stimulus Check Memes

President Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan on March 11, 2021 and last week those checks started depositing into bank accounts. In anticipation, the internet has turned the $1400 stimulus check meme into something that is just too funny.

1400 stimulus check memes funny
funny stimulus check memes about those $1400 checks

In all seriousness, while joking and laughing is a great way to deal with stress, I do know that behind this money there are millions of people getting relief. So while laughing, let’s hope that this money goes to good use to help us return to a more normal life.

The last 2 days my sister, Dallas Socials and I have been sending these funny stimulus check memes back and forth and I swear, they just get funnier and funnier.

$1400 check dependent stimulus meme
1400 dependent / stimulus meme

So if you are eligible for that check, who gets that money honey? If you have an adjusted gross income of up to $75,000 single or $150,000 married filing jointly, you should be eligible for the full $1400 stimulus payment. But wait, theres more.

kids $1400 stimulus check meme
$1400 kids stimulus dependent meme

If eligible that is up to $1,400 in stimulus payments for each taxpayer in your family plus an additional $1,400 per dependent. 

Third Stimulus Check 2021

These new dependent rules are for the 2021 stimulus check. This is third stimulus check, but first for the 2021 year.

second stimulus meme maury baby daddy paternity test 1400

The Democratic controlled senate passed the measure, with zero Republican support.

republicans cashing 1400 second stimulus checks meme
$1400 government check meme

And technically while this $1.9 TRILLION covid relief package is money from our taxes.

sponge bob stimulus meme when someone took 25% of your money and then gives 2% of it back stimulus relief
Stimulus relief meme – sponge bob

It is a loan the government will be paying for many years to come (which means us.)

government stimulus meme - thanks where did you get the money

And Daddy Joe Biden redefined dependents for this stimulus. With this third round of checks, you will receive stimulus payments for all your dependents, including adult dependents and college students.

socialist meme 2021 second stimulus joe biden

While I can talk all day about funny stimulus check memes and $1400 memes, I’ll leave the official facts to the experts. Intuit is sharing all about the American Rescue Plan benefits – they are way more qualified to speak tax relief.

Economic Stimulus Meme

SO while these funny $1400 stimulus check memes are hilarious, the reason behind them – not so much. The checks are here to help the millions hit financially by the pandemic.

stimulus check mechanic meme
stimulus meme

Millions have taken advantage of deferred rent and mortgage. This economic stimulus will help many people get back on their feet after a year from hell.

back rent stimulus meme

Waiting on Stimulus Check Memes

It’s such a weird time to be alive. Watching people suffer and hurt from the loss of lives, the political clashes, a deadly virus, toilet paper shortage, and financial hurt is just not fun.

While some people may not need the money, there are plenty that do. Millions are waiting on their stimulus checks like.

waiting for the stimulus meme skeleton checking bank account for $1400 check deposit
where is my stimulus check?

I have a close friend who works in banking. He was telling me that he’s been dealing with crazy web outages and downtime because the web traffic from people constantly checking their bank accounts to see if their stimulus payment has deposited.

stimulus check status meme deposit date skeleton looking at bank account on phone
bank websites crashing as people are trying to track the stimulus check deposit

Keep reading to find how to track your stimulus payment.

Spending $1400 Stimulus Memes

This is where the hilarious comes in. The non-stop jokes and funny about how these spending stimulus memes on what people say they will buy with that $1400 check. You guys, these are literal LOL worthy. The instagrams and tweets about this 1400 account balance is too much (but don’t stop!)

2021 second stimulus account balance 1400 meme
1400 tweet – source: nix973

For those who loves them some authentic tacos, hit up the taquero with that stimmy for some meats. Gimme all the tacos and all of the taco memes pls, yes and thank you.

spending stimulus meme at taquero
funny stimulus meme

IKEA furniture that doesn’t require assembly? Yes, bring it. (Also, IKEA tip: shop the clearance department for pre-built furniture that has deep discounts. You are welcome. Just helping make that stimulus check stretch.

ikea meme - assembled furniture with stimulus check
twitter source: pinball_wizard

Texans – I am talking to you. Next time at Buc-ees, just try to buy that bronzed beaver for $1400. Also Texans, don’t miss these hilarious Texas winter memes because holy hell – what was that?

buccees meme buying beaver with stimulus check
Texas Buccee Beaver is iconic! source: agjuarez01

This stimulus Ross meme is just too funny. Ross dress for less, nah – that $1400 check lets you dress for more.

ross meme dress for more with $1400 stimulus check
Ross Meme – dress for less or dress for more with that 1400 source: oscar_l98

Don’t mind me, just ordering a whale off of the Red Lobster menu with my newly deposited stimulus check.

$1400 direct deposit stimulus red lobster meme
Red Lobster Meme – ignore me as I order a whale / source: stayfrea_

I’ll never look at the Target red balls outside of the store the same again. Large kickballs, FTW!

target meme red ball with stimulus
Target Meme – large red balls are they for purchase / twitter source: drewskywalker

Petsmart, you got lions? Neither do we, but we do have Tiger King memes and thats better than lions.

petsmart meme buy lion with $1400 check
Petsmart Meme – just trying to buy me some lions / tweet source: darius_julian

Yes, I would love to talk to Michael. Anyone else ever wonder about who is Michael of the Michael’s crafts store? Well that would be Michael Dupey – now that Ive googled it for you. You are welcome.

michaels meme $1400 stimulus talk to michael
Michaels Meme – can I talk to Michael?

At the Louis Vuitton store, asking to speak to Lewis. Yeah, that $1400 isn’t going far trying to buy a Louis purse.

louis vuitton meme about stimulus
louis vuitton meme – buying me a louis while asking to speak to lewis

Disneyland is set to re-open on April 30, 2021. What does that mean? You can use that stimulus check to buy yourself a water and churro.

disneyland stimulus meme
disneyland meme – opening day and stimulus payments / twitter source: kyantewilson

Dim Sum – give me all dim sum.

eating all the dim sum meme after $1400 check
dimsum humor / twitter source: aubrey_ac

Chick-Fil-A is still closed on Sunday, y’all. That 1400 is not going to cut it, but again – please try, video and then send me the link because I love a good LOL.

chick fil a meme about sunday and stimulus
chick fil a still closed on sunday / tweet source: prettyboynavi

A goat dressed sipping on a diet coke from McDonalds. I have no idea what this goat is drinking or spending with that stimulus cash, but the idea of this – hilarious.

stimulus check goat meme
Goat meme – maybe you can write it off as an ag exempt purchase – no idea

Dollar Tree Memes About Stimulus Check

If you have an affinity for the Dollar Tree – I mean who doesn’t love a store where literally EVERYTHING Is a dollar (okay, yes, I know there are a few exceptions.) Here are hilarious Dollar Tree stimulus memes for your dollar enjoyment.

dollar tree meme stimulus limo
limo at dollar tree meme

$1400 means I can buy 1400 trees, Dollar Tree. Hit me up.

dollar tree meme - buy 1400 trees

No Stimulus Check Memes

And while pretending to spend stimulus money in funny ways until it deposit brings laughs – there are others who get no stimulus. No stimulus check memes for those who just make more money than the government feels allowable for financial help. womp.

kermit no stimulus meme makes too much money to qualify for $1400 check
no stimulus check meme

Baby Yoda Stimulus Memes

Every meme collection should feature Baby Yoda, and we shall not disappoint! Baby Yoda stimulus memes because while Baby Yoda is probably considered a dependent, he still wants access to that cash, yo.

| 18 Funny Stimulus Check Memes About That Free Money
baby yoda stimulus check meme

What would Baby Yoda buy with this stimmy check? Chicky nuggies and chocy milk, of course.

Baby Yoda Stimulus Meme about Chicky Nuggies
baby yoda buy chicky nuggies and chocy milk

And then there is the sad reality that while a stimulus check will help so many people actually have a positive balance in their bank accounts and hopefully bring relief. Spend and save wisely, my friends.

Baby yoda meme stimulus account balance
Baby Yoda account balance

Love Baby Yoda? Check out these Star Wars memes that will not disappoint.

That’s all I got folks. Whatever side of the political spectrum you are on, let’s just hope this money helps bring back our economy, vaccinates, opens schools, assists communities and helps minimize the effects of this tragic pandemic.

Where is my stimulus check?

Good question and good news! You can track your stimulus check at Learn when your payment will be on it’s way. If you were able to get your previous stimulus payments via direct deposit, chances are you will receive it sooner rather than later.

When is the next stimulus check?

Woah, hold your horses there. The third stimulus with the American Rescue Plan just dropped. Depending on the economic status from this last round of government funding and how soon we minimize the health and financial effects help determine what is next. Let’s try to make this one work well enough that we don’t have to go back for a fourth stimulus check.

When can I expect a stimulus check?

The IRS deposits for the third round of checks started over the March 13th weekend. Check the IRS website for more information to help determine when you can expect your check.

What is the American Rescue Plan?

The American Rescue Plan is the third round of government funding / third stimulus package that was designed to help relieve the financial and health impact that the pandemic brought to the United States. Joe Biden signed this bill at the White House on March 11, 2021. Payments to the American people started just a few days after the bill went into action.

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