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Best Tiger King Memes

After Netflix binging, I had to share these funny Tiger King memes.

When Tiger King premiered in 2020, it was just what the world needed. In the days of lockdown, Netflix delivered us the WTH IS THAT that we all needed. From Carol Baskin to Joe Exotic, we are sharing our favorite memes from Tiger King.

Best Tiger King Memes

The perfect binging for this awkward time is Tiger King – Murder, Mayhem and Madness. The most talked about Netflix series of 2020 gave us these amazingly funny Tiger King Memes.

tiger king memes
tiger king memes

Let’s talk about this crazy Netflix documentary series. The infamous “Hey there all you cool cats and kittens.”


The reason Tiger King is #1 on Netflix right now, because it’s a constant twist of crazy.

me: There is no way I'm singing karaoke. 4 beers later...
tiger king meme karaoke

Once you have watched the first half of the first show – you immediately know why I had to share these Tiger King memes.

hold my beer
2020 hold my beer meme

The show is made for memeing.


This is Joe Exotic’s first husband. He spends the entire 7 shows topless. Yes, topless tattoo obviously didn’t need a wardrobe stylist.

telling my kids this is joe exotic
joe dirt meme joe exotic

Joe Exotic Memes

Joe Exotic is the main character. His real name is Joseph Schreibvogel. And these are the Joe Exotic memes that we are here for.

joe exotic memes
joe exotic memes

Joe, when not in prison – resides in Wynnwood, Oklahoma and owned GW Zoo, aka Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Park. The Tiger King zoo is now called Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park.

my sanity is holding on as well as joe exotic's eyebrow ring
joe exotic meme funny

In addition to tiger handler, Joe Exotic is also a country singer and YouTube personality. But currently he is in prison serving a 21 year sentence for charges on perpetrating the murder-for-hire scheme and for the killing and selling of tigers. He is in the Atlanta federal prison serving his term.

don't call yourself a country fan if you don't know who this is
joe exotic tiger king meme

In addition to Tigers, YouTubing and singing – Joe Exotic ran for Oklahoma governor in 2018. While he didn’t win, he did capture 19% of the vote.


Carole Baskin Memes

The Tiger King series centers around Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Sanctuary. News update in 2024, Carole Baskin’s husband is said to be alive in Costa Rico.


There are theories that she killed her second husband – Joe Harris and fed him to the tigers. She is remarried, this is her hugging her husband.


Carole has spoken out saying that the show is “disappointing.”

Tiger King Birthday Meme

What better way to wish someone a happy birthday, than with a little Joe Exotic birthday meme.

happy birthday to you
joe exotic birthday meme

Guess what? We got more birthday memes in addition to these from Tiger King.

guess what its your birthday
tiger king birthday meme

2020 Tiger King Funny Memes

You guys, these 2020 memes about Tiger King sum up how most of us are feeling.

the only good thing about 2020 is right here
joe exotic meme

Just when we thought 2020 would be our year, yeah about that.


2020, if you were a person Joe Exotic you would be.


Understatement of the year, for sure. 2020 – you sure are showing us some stuff.


We are feeling you, Joe.


More Memes About Tiger King

The Tiger King memes continue. If you haven’t binged this series, and you like the bizarre – don’t miss it on Netflix.

what in the oklahoma
oklahoma meme tiger king

Was anyone else like what in the world is going on with the jet ski Tiger King guy? This was definitely a moment of unnecessary but hilariousness.

this dude definitely asked the producers to put a totally unnecessary action scene of him riding his jet ski in the series
jet ski tiger king meme

Another WHAT AM I WATCHING moment in the Tiger King Netflix show was when the girl’s hand was ripped off by a tiger.

joe exotic putting on an ems jacket when a trainer gets attacked by a tiger is the biggest flex in tiger king
joe exotic ems jacket meme

Cut to scene with Joe Exotic wearing an EMS JACKET. This man had the audacity to be like, oh wait hold on a minute. I need to be dressed for this tiger attack situation. Then the Joe Exotic ems jacket situation just throws us all into perplexity!

Tiger King News & Questions Answered

If you are like me and want to know everything there is about this complex and odd Netflix documentary series – here is the latest Tiger King news. See more funny Merry Christmas memes.

merry christmas
tiger king christmas meme

Is the GW Zoo still open?

Jeff Lowe acquired the zoo from Joe Exotic. He has renamed GW Zoo to Greater Wynnwood Animal park and plans to open a new zoo this summer. via Marie Claire

Did Joe Exotic really film a music video with a Carole look alike?

YES, Watch on his Joe Exotic TV YouTube channel. The song is called Here Kitty Kitty.

Was there really a Tiger King podcast first?

Yes, apparently Wondery took it down and will be re-releasing the Joe Exotic podcast.

Did Joe Exotic really sing in his videos?

If you were wondering if that was really Joe Exotic singing in his music videos, the answer is NO! He hired talent to sing, according to this Reddit AMA.

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