35 Epic Elon Musk Memes: Prepare for Memetic Madness

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Twins, Twitter, Tesla – for the man who knows how to make headlines – enjoy these funny Elon Musk memes tweets and images.

While there is a lot of chaos going on in the world, there is a one-man PR superstar that is in the headlines at least once a week. Glory be to these funny memes about Elon Musk.

Funny Elon Musk Memes

From buying Twitter to now not buying Twitter, or so we thought to Elon Musk having twins with an Neuralink executive (another company he owns) – the man is a self made PR machine and we are here for it.

best elon musk memes
funny elon musk memes

The funny Elon Musk memes about the latest headlines of our favorite futurist. What sounds like a Jerry Springer show, is really just the life of Elon. He’s been all over the trending memes in 2024 – see our new Threads memes and with the latest in regards to Kathy Bates. Yes, that Kathy.

Kathy Bates Elon Musk Meme

This Kathy Bates Elon Musk meme is trending on the internet, in case you are wondering why we’ll show you. Can you unsee this?

kathy bates elon musk meme - if theres a movie about elon i want him to be played by kathy bates.
kathy bates elon musk meme

Leave it to Reddit and AI to generate this Elon Musk Kathy Bates meme.

elon musk kathy bates meme
elon musk kathy bates meme

Elon Tesla Meme

We own a Tesla, love Space-X and when he revealed that he had Asperger’s we cheered, as we have a son on the spectrum. None the less, his life is DRAMA!

i bought my tesla before i knew how evil he was
tesla meme elon musk

While he isn’t our Lord and savior (see Jesus memes) – he is an amazing visionary who continues to innovate and solve problems while most of us are just doing our day to day nothing.

got a problem elon musk can solve it elon musk god meme
elon musk meme

While he may own the Boring company, something Musk never does is bore us with crazy news headlines and stories about his life. A few highlights of recent:

  • Buying Twitter
  • Elon has twins with exec
  • No longer buying Twitter citing bots and lies
  • In court, Twitter trying to force purchase
  • Elon trolling NASA and James Webb telescope
  • Elon Musk’s dad having baby with step-sister (actually has had 2!)
  • And the list could go on.

And this is why these funny Elon Musk memes exist. Not only does he love memes, let’s be honest – his life is a meme, and we are here for it.

Elon Musk Populating the Earth Memes

The latest Elon news is the birth of twins, so of course. So not only his Musk spiking the price of Dogecoin by tweeting, he also is busy well – getting busy. Busy of course solving the world population problem. Strictly business, I’m sure!

solving the world's under population problem elon musk challenge accepted
world population elon musk meme

How many kids does Elon Musk have? The arrival of his twins happened last year with baby mama Shivon Zilis. Rumor says this was shortly before his partner Grimes birthed a child. Nick Cannon may have some competition, y’all. With the new addition of 3 children in 2021, Elon Musk has 9 kids. Parenting memes, for those that can sympathize with having children.

elon musk baby daddy meme
elon musk sugar baby daddy meme

This Elon Musk twins meme confirms the news via Twitter. Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis. A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far.

Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis. A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far. elon musk tweet meme
elon musk twins meme

He is seeding his DNA to better the world, y’all. If that’s not a pickup line I don’t know what is. Surely this Elon Musk parody tweet about child support is a fake but omg, too funny! (Twitter source)

elon musk meme child support
elon musk meme child support

I told you it was all very Jerry Springer like. If a rumor like Elon Musk is Amber Heard’s baby daddy – would we be surprised? I mean, Amber Heard’s baby does seem to line up. Yes, Johnny Depp’s ex Amber Heard dated Elon Musk.

Elon Musk Dad

Y’all, Elon Musk’s dad had a baby with his step sister. Elon’s dad, Errol Musk is 76 years old and recently revealed that he has not one but TWO kids with his ex step-daughter, Jana Bezuidenhout. Looks like Elon and his dad are the unofficial father and son team that is setting out to populate the Earth.

father and son set out to populate the earth - elon musk dad meme baby step daughter
elon musk dad meme baby step daughter

Here is a quote from Elon’s dad, Errol Musk on reproducing. Apparently he also shares the populate the Earth philosophy that his son does. Sounds a little Handsmaidish to me. Women are here for more than your pleasure, I mean reproduction.

“If I could have another child, I would. I can’t see any reason not to. If I had thought about it, then Elon or Kimbal wouldn’t exist,” he said. “The only thing we are on Earth for is to reproduce.”

errol musk meme the only thing we are on earth for is to reproduce
errol musk meme elon musk’s dad is a father again

Richest Man in the World Meme

Raising a kid ain’t cheap – but being raised or supported by the richest man in the world surely has it’s perks.

The richest man in the world is worth – $225.5 billion USD. That’s a lot of money, y’all.

According to Parade, Elon Musk makes a staggering an average of $41,095,890.41 a day. Not too shabby, and what you and I won’t earn in our lifetime. Humbling, isn’t it?

Elon Smile Meme

Does Elon Musk smile backwards? This Elon smile meme suggests it. Why the upside down frown as a smile, E?

elon musk smile meme why his smile backwards
elon musk smile meme

Birthday Elon Musk Meme

The 51 year old business genius was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. Have a friend who adores (or hates) this man?

it musk be your birthday hope its electric elon musk birthday meme
birthday elon musk meme

What better way to troll or celebrate them then with a happy birthday Elon Musk meme! Don’t miss our massive collection of happy birthday memes.

Buying Amazon

This Jeff Bezos Elon Musk meme about Elon buying Amazon is too funny. I mean, who knows with this man of mystery.

elon musk buys amazon meme
elon musk buys amazon meme

Elon Tweets Facebook Buy

I had to go to Musk’s Twitter account to see if this was in fact something he tweeted. If Elon tweeted it, he deleted it. That said, Elon buying Facebook – now that would be another hilarious situation.

elon musk buy facebook meme
elon musk buy facebook meme

The estimated purchased prices for Twitter is $45,000,000,000. Me, about to be unemployed, with energy bills rising by 3x next month, gas prices costs up by 50% and food pries up by 20%.

elon musk buys twitter meme
elon musk buys twitter meme

Hungry in America

Remember when Twitter encouraged Elon to save the hungry. There is so much good to do with your money, E. Do good. (See inflation memes)

conservatives elon musk twitter meme - no help for the hungry in america, buys twitter instead to please conservatives
conservatives elon musk twitter meme

Hey Elon! Can you buy MTV and start showing music videos again? Thanks, kids of the 90s.

elon musk meme mtv - hey elon can you buy mtv and sart showing music videos again? thanks kids of the 90s
elon musk meme buy mtv

Elon Musk Buys Twitter Who Knows

I should mention these Elon Musk memes are ever-changing as things change with him as fast as one of his Space-X rockets. Originally, we thought it was official. Twitter to sell to Elon Musk for $44 billion. What does this mean – the deal is stalled.

twitter elon musk memes
twitter elon musk memes

With the stock market down who knows but one thing I do know, this is a very meme-able situation so bring on the funny Twitter Elon Musk memes! Update, July 15, 2022 – Elon has announced he will not buy Twitter. Now Twitter is trying to make him go thru with the purchase deal, even using his tweets against him.

It all started with a tweet back on December 21, 2017 where @redletterdave replies to Musk after Elon says he loves Twitter. Dave Smith suggests Elon Musk buys Twitter. Elon asks how much is it and the rest is history.

elon musk buys twitter meme
elon musk buys twitter meme

When you tried to buy Twitter for fun and memes but it becomes reality instead. These Elon Musk memes just don’t stop with the funny!

twitter meme funny when you tried to buy twitter for fun and memes but it becomes reality instead
twitter meme funny

Guess Elon is now the captain of Twitter (and Starlink, Tesla, Neuralink, The Boring Company and Space-X.) Surely we are missing other companies he owns. Let’s not forget his impact on the crypto market and DogeCoin!

elon musk bought twitter meme
elon musk meme

This twitter elon musk meme is too funny. Surprise, guess who now owns Twitter?

twitter elon musk meme
twitter elon musk meme

This he did it meme is spot on today. Elon did it, that’s for sure.

elon he did it meme
elon he did it meme

Who is ready to welcome our Twitter new space daddy overlord?

elon musk meme funny
elon musk meme funny

Is it time to redesign the Twitter logo to feature the Tesla logo in honor of Elon’s purchase?

new twitter logo meme tesla
new twitter logo meme tesla

Free Speech Elon Musk Twitter Memes

The reason Elon bought Twitter is to open up the social platform to free speech. These Elon Musk Twitter memes show just that.

free speech elon twitter meme
free speech elon twitter meme

How appropriate are these Twitter memes featuring the bird being free to symbolize free speech.

elon musk twitter meme
elon musk twitter meme

This is from Elon’s twitter account. “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” said Mr. Musk. “I also want to make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating spam bots, and authenticating all humans. Twitter has tremendous potential – I look forward to working with the company and the community of users to unlock it.”

elon musk twitter quote on free speech
elon musk twitter quote

The Twitter bird is free to tweet whatever he wants to tweet.

twitter bird meme - twitter bird is freed
twitter bird meme

Dead Twitter Memes

Here are the dead Twitter is dead memes for those who think Twitter is dead now that Musk has purchased the social platform. Twitter 2006 – 2022.

twitter dead meme - twitter 2006 - 2022
twitter dead meme

Twitter had a good run, let’s hope Elon doesn’t mess it up!

and were done meme twitter
we’re done meme twitter

Bye Twitter Memes

This Bye Twitter meme is for the hashtag for the trending tweets #ByeTwitter. Several Twitter users have said they are now leaving the Twitter platform as they don’t want Elon to ruin it.

bye twitter meme
bye twitter meme

Quit Twitter Meme

This quitting Twitter meme was just too funny not to share. With so many people using the #byetwitter hashtag and saying they are deleting their Twitter accounts, this comeback meme is perfect. This would also work well as a quitting Facebook meme.

quitting twitter meme this isnt an airport you dont have to announce your departure
quitting twitter meme

For the reply on someone who is quitting Twitter.

attention meme - here is the attention you ordered
quit twitter reaction attention meme

Elon Musk Trump Twitter Memes

The joke is of course that Elon Musk is going to let Trump back on Twitter. And by joke, I mean it probably will happen.

donald trump twitter elon musk meme
donald trump twitter elon musk meme

That said, these hilarious Elon Musk Trump Twitter memes are something we can laugh at until the Donald Trump returns to Tweeting all day.

trump twitter meme guess who is ungrounded from twitter
trump twitter meme

Yes, even the GOP House Republicans jumped into the tweeting game telling Elon that it’s a good week to free Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Twitter jail

Best Tweets about Elon Musk Buying Twitter

Here are the best tweets about Elon Musk buying Twitter.

From @finallevel aka Ice T – it would be kinda dope if Musk bought Twitter and just shut if off… LOL!

elon meme twitter shut down - ice t tweet
elon meme twitter shut down

This Twitter elon meme comes from the man himself. YES, Elon Musk tweeted on April 7, 2022 – Twitter’s next board meeting is gonna be lit.

elon musk tweet meme twitter's next board meeting is going to be lit
elon musk tweet meme

Of course, this Elon meme is courtesy of a screen grab from the 2018 Joe Rogan podcast where Joe and Elon got lit.

Another epic Elon Tweet is the I support the current thing meme. He really did buy Twitter for the free speech and memes.

i support the current thing meme
i support the current thing meme

More Memes about Elon Musk

The funny Elon Musk memes just won’t stop! Here is the evolution of Elon Musk his haircut and how he would be as a teacher.

teacher elon musk meme evolution of elon musk hair
teacher elon musk meme

Twitter Trending Hashtags

Want to follow the Elon Musk Twitter drama on Twitter? Oh, the irony amirite? Here are the Twitter trending hashtags to follow:

Whether you love Elon Musk or love Twitter and hate Elon Musk, you gotta admit the man is brilliant.

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