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Funny Tucker Carlson Memes Trending Fox News Cancels Him


Well, if you are wondering why Tucker Carlson memes are trending, we’ve got the scoop.Fox News made the official announcement today, April 24, 2023. Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News. On the same day that Don Lemon was let go from CNN, the news world is well… making news.

The Fox News network announced that they had “agreed to part ways” with controversial host, Tucker Carlson. Now the internet is a buzz and of course Tucker Carlson memes are trending.

tucker carlson memes
tucker carlson memes

Carlson’s departure comes after last week’s $787.5 million defamation Fox News settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

Tucker Carlson Memes

While Tucker was featured in the Dominion Voting Systems settlement, there are currently two seperate lawsuits that he is also the focus in.

Carlson’s lies and misinformation have had a real-world impact. They have helped to fuel the rise of extremism in the United States, and they have contributed to the erosion of trust in our democratic institutions. Old school racism is out, Tucker Carlson memes are in.

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Tucker Carlson Fired Meme

Tucker Carlson is finally out of a job! The right-wing firebrand was fired from Fox News on Monday after a long and storied career of spreading lies and misinformation.

While sources aren’t saying “fired” Tucker Carlson was definitely let go and while Fox News hasn’t given a clear explanation, the Dominion lawsuit is said to be the reason. Bye Felicia. The Fox News love for Tucker Carlson is no more.

Don Lemon Meme

Tucker isn’t the only one who was fired today. It’s a crazy day in the news industry as CNN announces that they have parted ways with Don Lemon. Tucker isn’t going back to CNN, most likely News Max if anywhere.

hey don fox has an opening Tucker cnn has an opening too
don lemon meme

Carlson worked for CNN from 2000 to 2005 and then at MSNBC before joining Fox News. He also is a co-founder at Daily Caller, so fret not Tucker Carlson fans.

unemployed news anchors everywhere
unemployed news meme

Regardless if you are a Fox News views or watch CNN, it does’t matter. Whatever you are watching the is bias is real on every end of the political spectrum. News is now delivered as entertainment.

Now that Tucker is gone from Fox and Don Lemon is gone from CNN, just get your news from Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon. It’s all the same. See this tweet from Tucker.

2 peas in a pod
tucker carlson meme don lemon

If you find yourself like Don Lemon and Tucker Carlson fired, don’t miss these unemployment memes.

More Memes About Tucker Carlson

These are bi-partisan memes, y’all. Whether you support Tucker Carlson or happy he is no longer on the air (for now). Here is a Tucker Carlson meme for whatever your political stance is.

fox news let go their 1 host after having to pay a 75 million defamation settlement but thats none of my business
fox news meme tucker carlson

Tucker Carlson and the Green M&M. Back in January 2024, Tucker made a comment in regards to woke M&Ms. He went so far to suggest that the green M&M was a lesbian, maybe. (source: Forbes)

thoughts and prayers tucker

While the last show of Tucker Carlson tonight was Friday, April 21, 2024 – the chances are high he will find either a new network or outlet.

Though, remember Bill O’Reilly was also a high rated Fox News voice who was ousted due to lawsuits. He has now resorted to News Max, maybe that’s where Tuck will go.

when you realize tucker carlson is no longer going to be on fox news
fox news tucker carlson meme

How long until we start hearing about “Tucker Carlson for President?”

tucker carlson for president meme

Pro Tucker Carlson Memes

For the people that like Tucker, these memes are for you.

pro tucker carlson meme when someone asks me my opinion if fox news should have fired tucker carlson wrong

Giving up Fox News now that they’ve let Tucker go? This pro Tucker Carlson meme is for you.

one does not simply watch fox news after tucker carlson is fired

Done with Fox News meme for all of you who are done with Rupert Murdoch’s media outlet.

done with fox news meme

News Sources

Read more about Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News and the Fox News settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

Fox News said Monday that it was parting ways with Tucker Carlson, its most popular prime time host.  Read more on New York Times: Fox News Parts Ways with Tucker Carlson

praise jesus tucker carlson is off the air

The official announcement from Fox News kept details under wraps in regards to the why Tucker Carlson is no longer with the network. The official Fox News Tucker Carlson announcement: Fox News Media, Tucker Carlson Parts Ways

Speculation that the Dominion settlement was the reason for Tucker Carlson’s departure might be partially true. According to NPR, another reason could be the additional lawsuits that Carlson is featured in. Carlson featured in Dominion Voting System’s lawsuit.

Yet he is also the focus of a lawsuit from his former senior booking producer, Abby Grossberg, who filed two separate suits. View entire story on NPR.

Here is the news coverage from USA Today: Conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson will no longer host his high-profile talk show and his last show was Friday, the company announced in a news release, the week after a nine-figure settlement from the company in a lawsuit related to the 2020 presidential election. Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News in wake of Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit

tucker carlson meme fox news fox news had to pay 75 million in a defamtion settlement to domnion voting systems now their top rated host who was a large part of the cause of the settlement has been fired from the network

From Washington Post: Days after Fox News agreed to pay a record $787.5 million to settle a defamation lawsuit over some of its hosts’ false claims about rigged voting in the 2020 election, the network on Monday announced it had parted ways with Tucker Carlson, the most-watched cable news host in the country and a primary source of pro-Trump political punditry.

Read more: What Tucker Carlson said about Trump in private texts vs. on Fox News

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