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So I Joined a Mommy Group

One of the things that I never thought I would do as a mom is join a mommy group. I don’t know why I had this pre-conceived notion, or if it was just a fear of becoming one of THOSE moms (I don’t think a description is needed)– but before my first kid – a mommy group was not on my radar for joining while living this mom life.

how to be a good mommy friends – friend tips
mommy friends - So I Joined a Mommy Group

After having my first baby, I was invited to attend a mommy group and it was the best thing I could do for myself as a mom. Sure, not everyone was Mommy Friend material, but out of those few years in that group – I was able to create friendships that still remain strong today.

Finding a Mommy Group

When I went back to work full-time, there wasn’t time for a mommy group or really anything other than work – and then focus to spend time with my kids. My friends that I communicated with regularly were those at work. Now that I’ve changed jobs and I don’t have the office or office friends to see – it was time to join another mommy group.

Last week we met for the second time. There are a few working moms in the group – which understand work, life balance. Some of the moms are first times mom, one is pregnant with her second – another has a few kids – we all bring a variety of knowledge to the table.

Having Mommy Friends is essential in this motherhood journey!

Where to Find a Mom’s Group

If you are looking for a mom’s group – here are a few resources:

Online Communities for Moms

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