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50 Hilarious Plant Memes That Every Gardener Can Relate To

Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or just someone who occasionally forgets to water their succulents (we’ve all been there), plant memes are here to remind us that greenery is not just for decoration, it’s for entertainment too.

Get ready to sprout some giggles and unearth the humor rooted in our botanical buddies. Let’s dig into the funniest plant memes that have us all asking, “Do plants have a sense of humor?” Spoiler alert: they totally do!

funny meme of mr bean saying did someone says plants

Let’s get into the botanical humor with these greenery giggles.

funny plant meme with Kristin wigg acting surprised says my face when someone tells me i have too many plants.

Funny Memes About Plants

If this is you, or someone you know, these plant memes will crack you up! We are laughing at all aspects of being someone who is obsessed with plants.

no plants meme

Plant Lady Meme

We all know that person who is a plant lady (or plant man) who can answer all of the things and talk all day long about their beloved house plants. Share this plant lady meme with them.

plant lady meme

Do you do these things in your spare time? You may be obsessed with plants if…

plant lover meme

Buying Plants Memes

When you can’t stop, won’t stop buying plants, these buying plant memes are for you. Gotta love this plant humor.

can't stop wont stop buying plants meme

Why spend $20 on a shirt, when you can spend $20 on a plant. Or you could split the difference and buy this shirt that is a shirt about plants. This buying plants meme, way relatable.

buying plants meme

When your checking account overdrafts, but you got cute plants. I meant, that monstera isn’t going to just sit there unsold.

cute plants meme  when your checking account overdrafts but you got cute plants

When that paycheck hits, to the plant store you go.

plant jokes meme  buying plants when that paycheck hits

Have you ever seen the clearance plants at Lowes? Let’s just say, good deals are to be found.

plants on clearance  when you find a perfectly good plant in the clearance section

Dead Plant Memes

Share these dead plants meme with your friend who has more of a brown thumb than green thumb.

dead plants meme  dont be this person

Gotta admit, while my houseplants are thriving, my porch has plenty of dead plants that would make a plant person twitch.

dead plant memes my face when i see your dead plants

This dead house plants meme might be speaking to me personally. Can’t be offended if it is totally accurate, right?

house plants meme wanna come back to my house and die talking to house plants

Hoarding Plants Meme

It’s not hoarding if it’s plants, am I right? Or maybe I am wrong. This hoarding plants meme is for those who have way too many plants.

hoarding plants meme  its not hoarding if its plants

First off, you gotta love the title – plantfluencer and second off, I guess you can be a plant hoarder but only if you do the first step and admit it.

Becca De La Paz, a fulltime plant fluencer known as Becca De La Plants to her 97,800 followers across YouTube and Instagram, has been thrilled by the recent rise in popularity of houseplants.

Too Many Plants Memes

So maybe it isn’t hoarding. Maybe these too many plants memes are a better way of saying that you have a lot of greenery going on than hoarding.

too many plants memes just buying one more wouldnt hurt

This too many plants meme of the redone this is fine meme is too spot on. Who can relate? (See our relatable memes!)

too many plants its fine meme

Wanna know how to impress a girl? Show her your massive plant collection. Too many plants meme via @plantmama_mania

funny too many plants meme this is how you impress a girl

Happy Plants Meme

Buying plants can equal happiness. Read this fascinating read into how indoor plants correlated with positive emotional well-being during the past few years.

happy plants meme  how to be happy buy plants

Also how negative emotions were more frequent in those living in small sized houses with minimal natural light and deprived of plants. (source: Science Direct)

Succulent Memes

One of my favorite plants are succulents because they are much harder to kill. Here are succulent memes for sharing!

funny succulent meme imagine watering your plant everyday brought to you by the succulent council

Whats up succas?

succa meme

This succulent meme is exactly why I love these plants so much. Water? No thanks because succulents don’t need near the water than typical house plants do!

succulents meme water no thanks

Me checking on my succulents for the gazillionth time that day.

succulent meme me checking on my succulents for the gazillionth time that day

Aloe Vera Memes

These aloe vera memes are hilarious, but this aloe vera burn meme – HA! Would you like some aloe vera cause you just got burned.

aloe vera burn meme would you like some aloe vera cause you just got burned

You had me at aloe. Gotta love a bad aloe pun.

aloe vera meme you had me at aloe

Growing Plants Memes

Gotta loves these memes about growing plants. Post Malone’s face if he grew plants. Hey you never know, Posty might be a grower of certain types of plants. No judgement.

plant growing post malone meme  me noticing my plants growing a tiny new leaf

That feeling you get when your plant begins to sprout. It is that feeling of love (see love memes.)

plant cell meme  that feeling when your plant begins to sprout

Plant Propagating Meme

When your looking for those new roots from leaves that you have been propagating for 3 days, even though rooting doesn’t happen for 3-4 weeks.

propagating plant meme  me looking for new roots from leaves that have been propagating for 3 days

How you feel about the stranger who is giving you a plant clipping so you can propagate.

plant cutting meme

Germination, y’all. And for anyone needing a legit germination definition… Germination is the development of a plant from a seed or spore after a period of dormancy. And our yay memes are the perfect celebration for when that plant finally hits germination.

germination meme

Remember when those mysterious packages filled with seeds from China showed up a few years ago. What did you get? You get a Seymour.

seeds from china plant meme

If for some reason you have no seen Little Shop of Horrors, do yourself a favor and watch it! Though, I will say when I showed my kids they thought I was sick and disturbed and did not appreciate the humor. If you love you some 1986 Steve Martin and Rick Moranis, you will love you Little Shop of Horrors.

Plant Babies Meme

When your plants are your babies. These plant babies memes are for you.

plant kid memes

Plants are the New Pets Memes

Unfortunately the IRS doesn’t take our plants (or pets) as serious as we do. These plants are the new pets memes are perfection.

plants are the new pets meme

Despite the fact that some of us spend as much money on succulents, indoor plants and cacti as some people do on their children.

funny succulent meme

More Plant Lover Memes

The funny plant lover memes continue. Do you have a pleasure room that is full of plants? This indoor plants meme laughing at 50 shades is just too much.

funny plant meme

I mean, if your roommate isn’t down with your love for plants, maybe it’s time to get a new roommate? Don’t sign the long lease, that’s for sure!

houseplant meme

This plant thriving on neglect has me feeling a bit seen.

neglect plants meme

This living wall of plants and greenery is more like a living balcony, but is total goals!

obvious plant meme

This Bernie Sanders meme won’t die and we are not disappointed about that. This is exactly what husbands look like while their wives are picking out plants. You should see my husband at Trader Joe’s. There’s a whole store to go explore, go!

picking out plants meme

When you buy a plant off Facebook marketplace and it’s filled with spider mites. Haha, funny not funny.

spider mites meme plants

Watering Plants

When you forget to water the plants ONE DAY. You guys, I cannot even with specialty plants. I try. These watering bulbs are a God send to help with watering plants.

watering plants meme

Share the Plant Memes

We hope you enjoyed these plant memes. Memes are meant to share, so please share with your favorite plant lovers, plant lady, green thumb, or brown thumb friend! We just ask you to link back to this page or tag us on social media.

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