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Funny Presidents Day Memes 2023

On Monday February 20, 2023 we celebrate with Presidents Day Memes!

The best way to honor our current and past presidents is with buying appliances, having the day off of work and sharing funny president memes.

Presidents Day Memes 2023

Presidents’ Day is a federally observed holiday, meaning the bank is closed and you won’t get mail (though Amazon Prime may still be delivering!)

presidents day memes
happy presidents day memes 2023

We are celebrating George Washington and all of the others who have held office with these funny Presidents Day memes.

Enjoy and share these funny memes about Presidents Day 2023.

joe biden presidents day meme funny
happy presidents day image

Whether you love him or hate him, today we honor our United States President and if your work honors national holidays – you get a day off!

i dont always celebrate our president but do when he gives me a day off of work
presidents day meme 2023

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woohoo no work because its president's day!
no work presidents day meme

Me trying to explain to my boss the importance of not working on President’s day. It’s a federal holiday!

me trying to explain to my boss the importance of not working on president's day
funny presidents day meme

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President Joe Biden Meme

Love him or hate him, Joe Biden is the 46th United States President.

happy presidents day joe biden meme
president day joe biden meme

President’s Day 2023, Joe Biden is spending in Kyiv with Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy. See our Ukraine memes.

visiting president zelenskyy on president's day thats the way of dark brandon
dark brandon meme presidents day

See our vote memes and use your voice during the next election.

Happy Birthday George Washington

Officially, the holiday is called Washington’s birthday – you know after that first president of the United States, George Washington. Who remembers this from when they were in school?

george washington day meme
george washington birthday meme

So Happy Birthday George Washington, we give you this meme (and many other happy birthday memes.) Our first United States President, George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.

happy birthday george washington if you were alive, you would be 291 years old
george washington birthday meme

You know since the United States thought calling your day Presidents’ Day was more inclusive and all.

happy president day to someone who can't name more than 5 presidents
president day meme

Also, random – technically George Washington’s birthday is February 22, 1732. Now you are in the know.

Presidents’ Day Off

Do you have Presidents’ Day off? While the banks and United States postal service are off, not all companies have jumped to taking Presidents’ day off train.

working presidents day meme

If you want to be a jerk of a manager, show this Presidents day meme to your employees and let them have the day off it they get it right. Do you know the answer? (also, see funny work memes)

name this us president meme
funny presidents day meme

No shade given here, it’s a fact. Most of us suck at US History. Just try helping your 11th grade kid with his homework and you will realize quick how little you know (or should I say remember!)

presidents day off meme

Interesting, only around 39% of employers give Presidents’ Day off per a Bloomberg study released in 2017. It would be interesting to see if those numbers have changed in recent years.

Presidents Day Sale Meme

What better way to celebrate our current and former United States Presidents than with a SALE! On Presidents’ Day we should show our patriotism by buying discounted furniture and electronics that were made in China. This sounds too relatable.

funny patrioitism meme presidents day 2022 - On Presidents' Day we should show our patriotism by buying discounted furniture and electronics that were made in China.

That day in our history when George Washington traditionally went out looking for the best mattress sale.

happy presidents day meme - That day in our history when George Washington traditionally went out looking for the best mattress sale.
presidents day sale meme

Don’t forget to shop the mattress sales. Here is our favorite Amazon mattress! We have bought 3 of these for the kids.

presidents day is a great day to buy a mattress
mattress meme

More Presidents’ Day Memes

The Presidents’ day memes don’t stop there. We got Lincoln, cancel culture and more…

happy presidents day meme today i will be celebrating 45 of the 46 US presidents
happy presidents day meme funny

Freedom Meme

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of FREEDOM! Who better to describe that word than our former 16th United States President Abraham Lincoln.

abraham lincoln meme presidents day freedom ring

Presidents Day Cancelled Meme

When you want Presidents’ Day cancelled, what better way than to share a meme or put it on a sign.

presidents day cancelled meme

Not My President Meme

One political party pulled this last presidency. Believe it or not, here we got with a new party in control and now we are hearing this from the Republicans.

not my president meme

Happy Presidents Day Meme

Come on, Democrats or Republicans – can’t we all get along? (you know I like jokes, right?) Bless.

happy presidents day 2022

Not All Were Idiots

And while yes, there have been bad presidents, let’s remember – they haven’t all been complete idiots! Remember, it is our duty to vote. If you don’t vote, your voice is not being heard. And if you don’t share one of our election memes, well that is on you.

presidents day meme funny 2022

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