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Kissing Memes – 30+ Sweet Images That Scream KISS ME!

For the person in love, these cheesy and funny kissing memes are the perfect way to send that little nudge, token of gratitude and can make someone’s day.

The age old way of showing affection, so we are sharing these memes about kissing. Get your lips (and tongue?) on with some humor, cheesiness and love by sharing one of these sentimental kissing images.

Funny Kiss Memes

Embrace, smooch, caress, peck, salute, making out, swapping spit, Frenching, first base – whatever the term you use for a kiss (or makeout session) these kissing memes are for you.

the best kissing memes from digital mom blog
funny kissing memes

Whether it’s a random Tinder hook-up that you need to send a text to the day after, or if you want to take someone from the friend zone to the next level, kiss memes are a subtle not so subtle way to win the game. Or sometimes not so subtle but funny!

pucker up buttercup meme
pucker up buttercup meme

These kiss memes are perfect for every relationship new or old. Laughter plays such a huge role in a maintaining fun in a relationship!

romantic kiss meme when my man tries to be romantic and pick me up to kiss me
romantic kiss meme

Laughing can spark playfulness–an important part of every happy marriage. Letting loose and playing together is healthy for married couples. Fun and play have the power to dramatically change your day, and if you’re taking the time to play together, you’ll be able to create that joy over and over again.

Laugh and also for the love brush your teeth. Like this good morning kiss meme states, morning breath not good for that first kiss of the day.

good morning kiss meme first we brush the teeth and then we kiss morning breath
good morning kiss meme

When you want kisses but the only kisses that you are getting is Hershey kisses.

hershey kisses meme the only kisses i'm getting
hershey kisses meme

This kissing meme is the perfect sweet kiss image to send to someone after that first magical kiss. Humor is the way to her heart, men (or women!)

kissing meme my face after i kiss you
kissing meme

While this isn’t in our collection of work memes – it might as well be!

kiss my meme jackass
kiss my meme jackass

This might also work well in our great last day of work memes.

Kissing Memes

Let’s keep the kissing memes going. How is this for a French Kiss meme? This is the BEST group Halloween costume. Have everyone dress up in berets with baguettes, and of course paint your face like the rock band, Kiss! Making Gene Simmons proud.

french kiss meme group halloween costume
french kiss meme group halloween costume

Chef’s Kiss Memes

When something is spectacular, give it a chefs kiss meme.

chefs kiss emoji
chefs kiss emoji

A simple Chef’s kiss meme is the perfect reaction or response meme to signal you approve.

chefs kiss meme
chef’s kiss meme

Have you ever thought about when you see “Chef’s kiss” that it kind of looks like

chef kiss meme when you aren't sure if it's a chef's kiss or chef is looking for something to smoke
chef kiss meme

International Kissing Day Meme

Did you know there is a day dedicated to it? Yes! July 6 is International Kissing Day!

international kissing day meme 2022
international kissing day meme 2022 7/6/22

More words for the word kiss: bussing, touch of the lips, snog, soul-kiss, French-kiss, tongue kiss, tonguing – y’all these kids be wild on what they call the art of the kiss.

More Memes about Kissing

We aren’t here to get too hot and heavy, we will leave that to you. If it’s more than a kiss and that butterfly stomach love-sick feeling is happening, maybe it’s time to promote your kissing meme to one of our love memes.

cute kiss meme i kiss better than i cook
cute kiss meme

Every parent of a toddler can relate to this funny kissing meme. Don’t miss our parenting memes!

funny kiss meme mary katherine gallagher immediatly after i tell the kids not to touch anything
funny kiss meme mary katherine gallagher

How about a mid-afternoon kiss me thru the phone meme to spice things up?

kiss me thru the phone meme
kiss me thru the phone meme

When you want to kiss someone…. More monkey love with monkey memes.

i want to kiss you meme
i want to kiss you meme

How about a little virtual kiss by sending this now kiss meme by dropping this in a DM.

now kiss meme
now kiss meme

Send this to the person who makes you feel this way after being smooched.

kissing you meme my mood before and after being kissed by you
kissing you meme

I Want to Kiss Your Face Memes

When it’s a forever relationship, this kiss your face meme is the perfect sentiment.

kiss meme i will kiss your face forever
kiss meme

Kiss your face, lick your face – you know, same difference… sort of.

lick your face meme i want to lick your face
lick your face meme

No Kiss

For those kiss on the cheek type dates, these kissing memes are for you.

blowing kiss meme when you are expecting an end of the date kiss but she blows you a kiss instead
blowing kiss meme

When you are expecting a kiss but you are denied. Fret not, Maury kiss meme has your back.

kiss me meme you said you would kiss me the lie detector determined that was a lie
kiss me meme

That age old kiss on the cheek. Not good enough or not yet ready for those lips.

kiss on the cheek meme when the end of the night kiss is only on the cheek
kiss on the cheek meme

When you are left without a kiss goodbye. This yellow Minion isn’t having it. (See our minion memes!)

when you leave without kissing me goodbye funny minion kissing meme
minion kissing meme

Romantic Kissing Quote

The romantic kiss. How sexy is this kissing quote? It’s like poetry. Your lips are like wine and I want to get drunk.

kissing quote your lips are like wine and i want to get drunk
kissing quote

The Art of Kissing

Hey, quick kissing tip! Hygiene matters, especially before going in for the lips.

are we about to kiss right now because if you could just wax those nose hairs first and mouthwash that would be great funny kiss meme
are we about to kiss right now meme

While times have changed and maybe kissing on the first date (or other things) isn’t so taboo anymore, there is something romantic asking to be kissed. Just say it with this can I kiss you meme.

can i kiss you meme
can i kiss you meme

Smooches Memes

Smooches, want some?

wanna smooch meme fish kiss
smooch meme

How about a little Donald Trump smooches meme to send to your least favorite or favorite person depending on your MAGA status.

donald trump smooches meme
donald trump smooches meme

Guys Kissing Memes

Love is love. We are sharing these men kissing memes for the gay men or whoever wants a dudes kissing meme.

two guys kissing meme love is love
two guys kissing meme

No judgement here. The hypocrisy with like this guys kissing meme states, is real.

guys kissing meme tell me again why 2 guys kissing is gross but 2 girls kissing isn't
guys kissing meme

Jesus said LOVE and that means keep your judgement and bible interpretation to yourself.

two men kissing meme i just want your extra time and your kiss
two men kissing meme

The land of the free also means freedom to love whoever.

men kissing meme more of this please
men kissing meme

Birthday Kiss Memes

Need to send a birthday kiss meme – we have a huge collection of happy birthday memes that you won’t want to miss. Here are a few dedicated to birthday kisses.

birthday kiss meme happy birthday come get your birthday kiss
birthday kiss meme

How about a birthday KISS?

happy birthday kiss meme heres your birthday kiss
happy birthday kiss meme

Check out these top 10 movie kissing scenes to make you cry, for all you romantics!

Kissing Memes to Share

We believe memes are meant for sharing! Share our kissing memes with that special someone. We just ask that you give us a link back to this post and tag us on social media.

cat kissing camera meme kisses?
cat kissing camera meme

Links below! Happy K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

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