Being an OK Mom is OK with Me

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With age, comes wisdom. We have all heard that, but people it's so true. Last week, as I was juggling a big project and a barfing toddler and then another toddler who wanted to witness the action - life just became a bit more clear. The ideal life that I want as a mother, wife, friend - yeah it's not happening, and I just need to accept that.


While I have many jobs (I somehow became a job hoarder, this is a good thing!) - but out of all of those jobs, my favorite and most important job is being a mom.

When I envisioned becoming a mother, I had no idea of the responsibilities that would lie before me - physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. It's overwhelming, yes - but all you want to do it make everything right, perfect - because that's what moms do... right?

So once I became a mom, I needed my life to be a certain way. It needed to not have the crazy of a filthy house. My kids needed to eat the healthiest food. Terrible two's? My princess was PERFECT, she wouldn't go through anything of the such.


Motherhood slapped a dose of reality in my face and for years I kept slapping it back. It was a slap fest of "I AM GOING TO WIN, LIFE WILL GO MY WAY WITH MY KIDS!" to motherhood slapping me back "HA! GET OVER IT!"

paper towel mess left for momAfter years of the slapping, wisdom set in. I was making life insane for myself, my kids and husband.  The constant trying to live up to a standard of perfection was a joke. I was done.

Life looks different now. Yes, my walls are colored on. I find unexpected messes in the floor. My kid may not have clothes on that match. But this mom is not as stressed. I still fall into the temptation of living life the way I want, rather than going with the flow. Sometimes it works and other times it fails miserably. When it fails, I pick myself up - brush it off and move on. Life is too short.

OK Mom

Moms - stop worrying about the everyday crazy. There is so much more to worry about than that floor you are scrubbing. Embrace the imperfect and be an OK mom.

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