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How Becoming a Mom Validated My Faith

It’s day 19 of Lent . Today we are talking God and becoming a mom

Nearly 16 years ago, I became a mom. Next week marks the official 16 year mark and what a 16 year run it’s been!

Becoming a Mom

We are in the process of planning the big day for our daughter’s sweet 16. Thinking back to when she was born, I can’t help but think about how becoming a mom to this little baby girl validated my faith and love for God. 

first baby – withings body cardio scale

I was 24-years old when my first child was born. It was a struggle to get pregnant, so when that test showed positive – we knew this baby was meant to be. 

Seeing my baby for the first time, all I could think about was what a miracle this baby was. She really was a gift from God. From the first time I held her, I felt the immediate need for God in my life.

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While I had been a Christian for a few years before she was born, being a helpless mother who so desperately just wanted to raise her daughter right – the best person for me and my husband to turn to, was God. 

The first six months after our Z was born was rough. She had colic, my milk didn’t come in and at 2-week visit, at just 5.5 lbs – she ended up failure to thrive and we had to immediately put her on formula.

We then proceeded to try what felt like every formula under the sun. I went thru postpartum depression for months, not knowing what was going on. The relationship with my husband was strained. God was my only static, consistent thing in my life. 

Then There Were More

25 months after Z was born, we found ourselves at the hospital having our second baby – a boy. 

In 2011, we another boy – and then yet again – 2012, our grand finale – Zeke arrived. 

With each child, came a renewed faith and hope in Christ. 


Fast forward to today… all the hard days, all the tears, postpartum depression, colic, freak accidents, autism diagnosis, ADHD, cancer, all the questions and unknowns – without my faith, I don’t know how I would be here. 

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