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The Funniest Monday After Super Bowl Memes: 2024 Edition

The Kansas City Chiefs did it again and we have the Monday after Super Bowl memes to celebrate the big win!

hilarious monday after super bowl memes 2024

What a game! The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs left fans on the edge of their seats as the 2024 Super Bowl went into overtime. We can now exhale as the Chiefs won the trophy yet again. Let’s relive the best parts with these hilarious Monday after Super Bowl memes.

Best Memes for the Monday After Super Bowl

Now that the excitement of the big game is over, bring on the best 2024 Super Bowl memes!

Kansas City Chiefs Win

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on their 25 – 22 overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers.

chiefs super bowl win meme

Taylor, your man is bringing home a Super Bowl ring (and are we starting the engagement ring rumors? Nah.)

Travis Kelce brings home super bowl ring meme taylor swift

Patrick Mahomes Brings It

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is bringing home another Super Bowl trophy after winning against the San Francisco 49ers.

patrick mahomes super bowl meme
image source: K.C.M.O.

It was a slow start, but Patrick Mahomes delivered in the 5th quarter! Now see if you can unsee this.

patrick mahome kermit the frog meme

Super Bowl Rigged

Many of us know that the NFL Super Bowl doesn’t have a script, nor is it rigged. Unfortunately, many of us doesn’t mean all of us.

super bowl rigged meme

Dark Brandon Joe’s Fault

That said, these hilarious rigged Super Bowl memes make light of the silliness. Dark Brandon aka President Joe Biden got into the Super Bowl being rigged fun by posting this to his social accounts.

president joe biden takes to social in a super bowl rigged meme joke

Half Time Show

Here are the Super Bowl half time show memes about Usher, Alicia Keys and other hilarious antics around the performance.

super bowl halftime show sucked change my mind meme

The Super Bowl half-time show we really wanted. Weird Al has my vote. Why can’t we just vote for the 2025 Super Bowl half time performer?

superbowl half time show we want meme

Me going from couch nap to my bed.

usher super bowl meme

Alicia Keys and Usher

If I send you this meme, sorry we started off on a bad note.

alicia keys super bowl half time show meme "if i send you this sorry we started off on a bad note"

Swizz Beats watching Usher with his arms around Alicia Keys, that’s a married woman.

swizz beats is a better man than me if this was my wife i got crash out issues in regards to the 2024 super bowl half time show with usher and alicia keys performance.
image source: @yourragez

How these dudes be on your girl at work.

funny alecia keys usher meme super bowl fellas this is how dudes be on your girl at work
image source: @hoodville

Travis Kelce Gets Mad

At one point during Super Bowl 2024, Travis Kelce got into Andy Reid’s face throwing all kinds of speculation on his temper vs passion. Let’s hope he discusses this on the New Heights Podcast this week!

andy reid kelce super bowl meme we gotta win this game or taylor's next album is going to be about mem

That said, it was a meme worthy moment.

travis kelce andy reid meme super bowl

Just don’t be using that voice or temper off the field with our girl Taylor Swift.

taylor swift private jet meme she buys enough carbon credits to offset her private jet flights.

Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce’s brother, showed up and did Vegas right. Jason Kelce, who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles and hosts The New Heights Podcast with his brother Travis – dressed as The Hangover’s Alan Garner. This is how you do Vegas.

jason kelce hangover meme who wore it better jason or alan garner

This Jason Kelce meme of him meeting Ice Spice is just hilarious.

jason kelce super bowl meme

Mama Kelce

I think we can all agree with 2 sons in the NFL that love their mama, Donna Kelce did something right. She definitely won the son lottery! We love us some Mama Kelce!

donna kelce meme winner of the son lottery

Coach Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs coach, Andy Reid does it again with another Super Bowl Trophy.

andy reid superbowl meme as a wwe wrestler

Super Bowl Commercials

You gotta laugh at the Super Bowl commerical memes. From Temu to Jesus.

Temu super bowl commerical meme saying Temu used yalls credit card info to buy two Super Bowl ads.

I don’t know if it was because of Taylor Swift and more women watching the big game or what, but there did seem to be more Super Bowl commercials targeted to women. That and the aliens making an appearance!

Just in time for Lent, there was that non-profit money dropped in the name of Jesus.

jesus super bowl commercial meme saying sorry I would feed all of you but I have to spend $14 million on two Super Bowl ads.

During Super Bowl 2024, there were 2 commercials dropped.

Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl

After much speculation, we even did Taylor Swift Super Bowl memes – she made it from Tokyo to Las Vegas and cheered on her man.

Taylor Swift at Super Bowl watching the game is all of us.

While many people online had a joke about a Taylor Swift Super Bowl drinking game, taking a shot whenever the NFL showed her – she one upped this. When the camera panned to Taylor’s suite and had her on the jumbotron – she chugged a beer.

taylor swift chugging beer meme super bowl

It was Taylor Swift’s 13th game to attend of Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs. Her lucky number, 13th. The game was totally rigged.

taylor swift carrying the Chiefs to a Super Bowl win in her 13th game as a rookie.

Even Donald Trump is trying to get play off of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

donald trump taylor swift meme about endorsement

Share these Super Bowl 2024 Memes

And that concludes are hilarious Monday after Super Bowl memes for sharing. Enjoy these memes: send to your friends, post on social (just tag us and link back to this post!) and have a great Monday!

super bowl splash mountain meme kelce

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