10 Awesome DIY Valentine Box Ideas for Boys to Spark Joy

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We are sharing our favorite Valentine box ideas for boys.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are here to help the boy moms out with finding the best (and even some easy options!) DIY box for your son to put his school Valentine’s in.

best valentine box ideas for boys

Boy moms, if you are in a scramble to find a Valentine’s box for boys – we got you!

We are sharing our favorite designs and how-to’s to create your son can have an awesome box to put on his desk for the classroom Valentine’s party.

iPod Valentine Box

Transform the classic music player into a heartfelt gesture with an iPod Valentine Box. This inventive idea merges nostalgia and the holiday of love offering a unique way to deliver Valentine’s Day messages.

iPod valentine box

This easy DIY iPod Valentine Box can be made with a shoe box. The top of iPod is left open to allow kids to easily drop in their Valentine’s day cards.

Don’t forget to add a pair of ear buds. Personalize it with playlists or messages that resonate with your kid! Add a Spotify QR code with a personalized playlist for your son’s class to scan. See on Pinterest.

Dinosaur Valentine Box

Next on our list of Valentine box ideas for boys is this adorable dino box! Roar into Valentine’s Day with a Dinosaur Valentine Box, perfect for the prehistoric enthusiast in your life.

dinosaur valentines day box

This adorable Dino Valentine’s Day box starts with a shoebox and a tissue box. You will need construction paper to cover the boxes, create the teeth, arms, legs, fingers, toes, heart and eyes.

Add googly eyes like the original to help bring this cute Valentine’s box to life!

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Yoda Valentine Box

Channel the wisdom and charm of the galaxy’s most beloved Jedi Master with a Yoda Valentine Box.

yoda valentines day box star wars

Design your box with Yoda’s iconic green ears and wise eyes. Want to add a little more? Include playful phrases like ‘Yoda one for me!’ and incorporate elements from the Star Wars universe to make this Valentine’s Day as memorable as a trip to a galaxy far, far away. See Pinterest inspiration.

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Car Valentine’s Day Box

Rev up the fun with a Car Valentine’s Day Box, driving straight into the hearts of car enthusiasts, perfect for the kid who love Cars and Lightning McQueen!

car valentines day box

Use vibrant paints and car stickers for a box that’s ready to race. Paint the shoebox with bright red craft paint. See the original inspo.

Minecraft Valentine Box

Next up on the Valentine box ideas for boys list is perfect for the Minecrafter! Build a world of affection with a Minecraft Valentine Box, tapping into the creativity of the popular game.

minecraft valentines day box

Using a pre-made Minecraft Box from Amazon, this was a easy Valentine box to make. Our second son is still to this day obsessed with Minecraft and this was his annual Valentine’s day party request for his box.

This pixelated paradise is perfect for Minecraft fans, providing a blocky, fun way to collect Valentine’s cards. Craft it with a sign and silly Valentine’s Minecraft pun.

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Roblox Valentine Box

Step into an interactive Valentine’s Day with a Roblox Valentine Box. Inspired by the vast universe of Roblox, this box can feature favorite avatars, games, or elements from the platform, offering a personalized space for Valentines.

roblox valentines day box

My Roblox playing son said you can call this guy Alex but since you customize your own avatar, and then he lost me.

This Valentine box for boys is a playful DIY way to connect over shared virtual adventures. Create it using a shoebox and construction paper.

Complete this with our free Roblox Valentine Printable Cards!

Fortnite Valentine’s Day Box

Drop into the heart of the celebration with a Fortnite Box for Valentine’s.

fortnite valentines day box

We have an entire collection battle royale themed Fortnite Valentine boxes for inspiration!

Shark Valentine Box

Dive deep into Valentine’s Day with a Shark Valentine Box, perfect for those who love the marine world.

shark valentines day box

This jaw-some idea can feature fierce sharks or friendly cartoon versions, making it a great catch for collecting Valentines.

Using a shoebox with construction papers that is blue, gray, black, white and red – create a fun shark shape. Cut out your son’s name to personalize this cute Valentine box. This inspo was so fun, I know my boys would have loved this in their younger shark loving years.

Pikachu Valentine Box

Electrify your Valentine’s Day with a Pikachu Valentine Box, inspired by the beloved Pokémon universe.

pikachu valentines day box pokemon

Decorate your shoebox with Pikachu’s iconic yellow color, expressive face, and lightning bolt tail to capture the essence of this adorable electric-type Pokémon. I love how the inspiration made this Valentine box for boy personal but adding her son’s name to the top.

Basketball Valentine Box

Last on our Valentine box ideas for boys list is something for the basketball player. Score big this Valentine’s Day with a Basketball Valentine Box. This sporty design is a slam dunk for basketball fans, allowing them to showcase their love for the game while collecting Valentines.

basketball valentines day box
  • Using a full shoebox with a lid, let’s make this Basketball Valentine’s Day box.
  • The shoebox will act as the court.
  • Wrap the box in brown craft paper.
  • Draw a basketball court on the lid. Paint the shoebox lid’s rim with hearts.
  • Use a cheap toy basketball hoop and create a goal post.

To make it your own, customize it with team colors and logos. See the original inspiration.

In conclusion, we hope these Valentine box ideas for boys opens up a world of creativity and fun!

Whether it’s drawing inspiration from favorite video games like Minecraft or Roblox, diving into the world of sports with a basketball-themed box, embarking on prehistoric adventures with a dinosaur design, or celebrating with beloved characters like Pikachu from Pokémon, there’s no shortage of ways to make Valentine’s Day special and exciting.

These fun ideas not encourage boys to get creative, share their passions, and enjoy the spirit of Valentine’s Day with friends and family.