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January Memes 2023 – Most Popular Images to Start the Year

It’s about time to close out the first month, but not before we release our most popular January memes for 2023!

What a month, on one hand it feels like we just had celebrated New Years and now here we are about to start the month of February. Don’t even get me started that we are in January 2022. Mind BLOWN.

Best January Memes

We are sharing the most popular January Memes for 2023.

january memes 2023
january memes 2023

Well, here we are. Like it or not, we have survived this far and January 2023 memes are hitting hard. Hopefully not as hard as the last 3 years have hit us. I mean, remember back when we ended 2019…

ending january 2019 starting january 2023
january 2023 meme funny

Welcome to the new year! It’s 2023, which means one thing. Congrats! You survived 2022.

what gives people feelings of power surviving 2022
january meme 2023

Whatever the start of the year, or the entire year of 2023 brings us – let’s do our best to show up and survive. (And hopefully thrive.)

surviving january meme 2022
surviving January meme

Need some motivation for the 12 months ahead? Enjoy these new year new you quotes.

January Longest Month Memes

Who else is with me when I say, January is the longest month ever.

feels like january 59th meme

Well not really, but kind of. I mean there are 31 days in the month but no seriously it goes on and on and on.

january 1 meme

These January memes about being the longest month are too relatable.

still january meme
long january meme

Memes for January Birthdays

To my friends who were born this month. Celebrate with these January birthday month memes.

hello january birthday month meme
hello january birthday month meme

Celebrating a friend or loved one? Don’t miss this gigantic collection of birthday memes for sharing!

Surviving January 2023 Memes

It’s almost over, y’all. The long year of January 2023 is coming to a close.

january tough year meme - january was a tough year but we survived it
january tough year meme

It’s time to shower, possibly shave and leave the warm bed to emerge from your cave because February is approaching. (Introvert memes for those who can relate.)

january over meme
surviving January 2022 meme

And yes, January does feel like a gigantic Monday.

january meme

Dry January Memes

Dry January memes for those who are abstaining from alcohol this month. The last few years, a common theme among a group of friends of mine is Dry January.

dry january meme

What is Dry January?

If you aren’t familiar with it, Dry January is a commitment to a month of sobriety. So no drinking alcohol for the entire month of January.

end of dry january meme
dry january meme

And no, dry January does not mean that you are just drinking dry alcohol. It means sober.

Learn more about behind the Dry January movement.

sober meme

While January is almost over, no one is saying you can’t do a Dry February or a forever sober if you need to be. Harvard has put a great post together talking about tips for creating a successful dry month.

Will you spend 2022 drunk and miserable or sober and fabulous? Either way, sending all the love.

alcohol recovery meme
sober meme

January Memes for 2023

A lot has happened in January 2023, and here are the best memes to commemorate this first month of the year.

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