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2024 Bingo Template: Fun New Year’s Resolution Alternative

Start a new trend and create a 2024 Bingo Card instead of creating New Years resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions have a reputation for being hard to keep. By February, many of us have already waved goodbye to our gym memberships and healthy eating plans. But what if we could replace these often-unrealistic goals with something more enjoyable and achievable? Enter Bingo.

2024 Bingo Card Templates

That’s right, lets gamify our goals and dreams this year by putting them on a bingo card.

2024 Bingo card template
Download our 2024 Bingo card template to create your own card!

2024 Bingo Cards are more than just a game; they’re a roadmap to a year filled with unexpected joys and achievements. Each square on these creatively designed cards represents a unique, fun, and achievable task or experience for the year.

How to Play 2024 Bingo

Let’s play a game of 2024 Bingo but rather than marking off numbers as they are called, we are making off things that happen thru-out the year.

We have created not one but THREE New Years bingo card templates for you to choose from!You can either print these out and fill in, edit in a image program and print out or it is 2024 so you could just keep these digital.

how to play 2024 bingo
Let’s learn how to play 2024 bingo.

First things you will want to download a Bingo card template. We have several options for sizing. You can download just an image or go full-on with a letter size 2024 Bingo card PDF. We even have a phone wallpaper size which is super cute!

Next you will fill out the 2024 Bingo card however you would like. You can simply print out and fill in or using an image program, write (or type) in your goals, dreams and wishes for 2024. (Or just write in your 2024 New Years resolutions!)

2024 bingo templates
Download one of our 3 – 2024 bingo templates!

Keep your bingo card somewhere that you will see daily. As things happen in your life over the next 12 months, mark off your bingo card. You can do this with a marker or stickers if you are using a physical copy. If you are using a digital 2024 Bingo card, color in a square or mark off with an image.

2024 Bingo Card Phone Wallpaper

Using one of our 2024 Bingo card templates, create your card and then place as you phone wallpaper. We have a tutorial on how to change your phone wallpaper for anyone who needs help with that.

Download Bingo Card 2024 Templates

Every person has a different style, so we didn’t just create one 2024 Bingo card image for you to use, we created three. Choose the template that best suits your fancy.

2024 bingo phone wallpapers
2024 bingo phone wallpapers to use as a background to track your New Year resolutions.

How to Download Bingo Templates

Below are the 3 Bingo designs for 2024. Under each image you will see 3 options for downloading.

  • Our full size image is a 1200×1200 image that you can use best digitally.
  • The Bingo phone wallpaper template is to let you create and fill in your Bingo card for use on your phone’s background.
  • Download our Bingo 2024 PDF templates to print out and fill in. You can also import into your favorite graphics program and use as a digital bingo card.

Bingo 2024 Downloads

2024 Bingo Card Option 1

Here are the download options for this Bingo image:

2024 Bingo Card Option 2

Here are the download options for this Bingo image:

2024 Bingo Card Option 3

Here are the download options for this Bingo image:

Vision Board Alternative

I love me a good vision board session at the beginning of a new year. Do something different in 2024. Create a Bingo card is a fun vision board alternative. These are great as you can keep digitally.

2024 Bingo Card Ideas

Looking for more ideas on how to use these 2024 Bingo cards?

  • Write down all the books you want to read or movies you want to watch in 2024.
  • Create a Bingo card as a family including all the things you want to do and accomplish this year.
  • Harness your inner psychic and make 2024 predictions.
  • Make a 2024 self care bingo card. Write down all the ways you will love yourself in 2024.
  • Have a GNO with a girl dinner and Bingo card making party.

The ideas are endless on how you can use your bingo card for 2024.

Benefits of 2024 Bingo

Why make a Bingo card? Here’s a few benefits.

  • Less Pressure, More Fun: Unlike resolutions, there’s no pressure to complete every task. It’s all about having fun and trying new things.
  • A Year Full of Surprises: Each square offers a new experience, keeping the year exciting and unpredictable.
  • Shared Experiences: Playing with others creates bonding opportunities and shared memories.

Share our Bingo Cards for 2024

Sharing is caring and if you love our Bingo card templates as much as we do, share! Tag us on social media and link to this post. Send to a friend of family member for them to make their own bingo card. This also would make a fun classroom activity!

2024 bingo card new years resolution vision board
Send us your bingo card!

Show Us Your Cards

We want to see your bingo cards! If you use our template, please send us a photo of your card for us to post. You can email it to editor at or post it on our Digital Mom Blog Facebook community.

As we step into 2024, let’s make it a year to remember. Swap out the old resolutions for these playful Bingo Card Templates and infuse your year with fun, laughter, and new experiences. Here’s to a year of bingo and joy!

Don’t miss out on all of our New Year’s fun!

We hope you enjoy this fun New Year’s activity! Happy New Year, friends.

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