15 Best Earth Day Memes for Creating Eco-Friendly Laughs


Welcome to our hilarious lineup of original Earth Day memes, freshly created to add some eco-friendly laughs to your day! As both a meme creator and a green warrior, I’ve whipped up these gems to tickle your funny bone and maybe even inspire a little planet-saving action.

Ready to share some chuckles and a touch of green wisdom? Dive into this collection that’s perfect for spreading both joy and eco-awareness with a hearty side of humor.

photo of planet earth caption says earth day memes

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Earth Day memes as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. If any of these memes struck a chord or brought a smile to your face, don’t hesitate to share them on social media.

April 22nd is Earth Day

Earth Day is that special time of year when we all pause to thank Mother Nature for putting up with us—another trip around the sun, another chance to recycle something I forgot last year.

care about the earth meme breaking news you should care about the earth more than one day a year

Celebrated annually on April 22, Earth Day reminds us of the importance of environmental stewardship and sustainable practices.

earth day meme featuring woody and buzz from toy story saying earth day is not just today it's every day.

It’s a day to reflect on how we can help our planet, even if it’s just by turning off the lights or finally figuring out which bin the pizza box goes in.

Earth Day Memes

What better way to raise awareness and have some fun than sharing Earth Day memes?

bob ross painting happy earth day meme

They say a meme is worth a thousand words, and on Earth Day, each one helps plant the seeds of environmental mindfulness, one share at a time. If you love the pretty little trees that Bob paints as much as I do, enjoy these Bob Ross memes.

Flat Earther Meme

Celebrate Earth Day by arguing online with a flat Earther.

flat earther meme on earth day

Keep Earth Clean Meme

This funny earth meme is a gentle reminder that is our responsibility to keep our planet clean.

funny earth meme caption keep earth clean its not uranus

Global Warming Meme

Did you know that global warming is literally hot right now? Learn more about climate change and what global warming exactly is in this easy to understand global warming guide from National Geographics.

global warming meme that says global warming is so hot right now

Send this happy Earth day meme to someone who is hotter than our planet.

earth day meme that says happy earth day to someone who is hotter than our planet

Saving Planet Earth

If only Earth was a bank, the government would surely bail our planet out if that was the case.

its earth day meme drew carey saying its earth day if earth was a bank we'd have saved it already.

Mother Earth Meme

Moms will love this Earth meme. Mother Earth called and she said to clean your room.

mother earth meme featuring a photo of planet earth that says mother earth called and she said to clean your room

It’s our responsibility to take care of the planet.

one does not simply not care about planet eart

It’s our responsibility to care and love for this one planet that we’ve got. The billionaires are trying to get us to Mars when the really should just care about the planet that we all live on.

stop destroying the planet meme pointing bill murray

Recycle Meme

For anyone who sifts through the trash in the breakroom at work, removing the cans from the trash and putting them in the recycle in – this recycle meme is for you.

recycle meme michael scott making a funny face says when you see someone throw away trash that can be recycled

Renewable Energy Meme

I’m a big fan of renewable energy.

renewable energy meme showing a photo of a windmill that says im a big fan

Spread the Memes for Earth Day Awareness

I hope you enjoyed this collection of Earth Day memes as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. If any of these memes struck a chord or brought a smile to your face, don’t hesitate to share them on social media.

funny earth day meme that shows a baby tree captioned go short tree it's your earth day.

Remember to tag us and link back to this post so more people can join in on the fun and perhaps pick up a bit of eco-conscious inspiration along the way.

global warming meme funny dinosaur photo that says happy earth day to all the remaining species

Let’s use humor to spread the word and make every day a bit more like Earth Day!

Want to learn more about ways you can help take care of the Earth? Check out these resources:

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