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How to Make an Among Us Costume DIY

You guys, this Among Us costume DIY nearly killed us. And by us, I should say my husband.

These delightfully fun DIY Among Us Crew costumes were made for Halloween 2020. You remember, back when we were locked down – or at least most of us. We wanted a fun costumes for boys that they would like and could wear a mask under if needed.

Among Us Halloween Costume

Our boys had requested NOTHING while locked down in 2020 – so a homemade Among Us costumes is something I knew we could do. 3 boys, and 3 DIY Among Us costumes later – we lived to tell about it and let me tell you this.

among us costume diy
among us costume diy

In 2021, Squid Game costumes are all the rage – but I have to say after we enjoyed these homemade Among Us costumes. 2 years later, we still have the Among Us mask hanging on a wall now as our teen boys bedroom decor.

These crewmate costumes turned out amazing! Our kids loved them even after Halloween. So much so, we even caught our kid wearing him Among Us suit while on a Zoom call.

among us costumes suit
among us costumes suit

If you aren’t familiar with the game, let me entertain you with an Among Us review, where you can learn all the things.

When you find a dead body in among us meme
When you find a dead body in among us meme

Among Us memes if you want to LOL (but only funny to those who know.)

Among Us Costume DIY

Let me just say that there are other ways to make this costume. I’ll include a few ideas that I’ve found below, but I do have to say these costumes came out legit.

Character Colors

There are 10 different colors of Among Us characters – with 3 boys, we had them each choose a character color that we could find both FELT and a shirt that matched. So, aqua was out.

Among Us Character Colors

We ended up with red, black and blue Among Us costumes. Whatever we end up doing, won’t be traditional. One of our boys is autistic with SPD – sensitive to certain things, so we always try accommodate. He chose blue “to support autism” – love this kid.

This Among Us costumes were worn with jeans and shorts. Despite this massive Among Us mask being large, the costume is somewhat comfortable.

how to make among us costume
Yield: 1

Among Us Costume

Prep Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours
Difficulty: Medium
Estimated Cost: $15

In this tutorial, I am showing you how to make 1 Among Us costume. We made 3 in 3 different colors. It's the same process for each - with the exception of sizing. Here is a general how to. This project can take you an hour or it could take you 10 hours. My husband made 75% of the Among Us costumes, so needless to say - it took more time but they look awesome as well.


  • 1.5 Yards of Felt
  • T-Shirt (same color as felt)
  • 3 Cardboard Boxes (1 box for the mask, 1 for the backpack and another to use cardboard strips for the backpack)
  • Mesh Plastic Canvas (We found at Walmart in the embroidery/crochet department)
  • Acrylic Paint (white, blue, light blue)


  • Hot Glue (we used a LOT of hot glue sticks - at least 25!)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • GOOD Scissors
  • Electric Tape
  • Box Cutter
  • Paint Brush


  1. Determine the size of the mask. This will vary depending on the size of the individual wearing the costume. We have 3 boys, 3 different sizes - each was different.
  2. Cut the box to fit the mask.
  3. With the box on the costume wearer's head - determine what area is best for the Among Us face. We marked about an inch above the eyes to an inch below the mouth and used that as our guide.
  4. Cover the box with felt. You can do this many ways, we used hot glue - lots of it. Fingers were burned, and if we were making another Among Us costume, I would try spray adhesive instead. Be as neat or as un-neat as you see fit. Mine look a lot messier than my husband who is the perfectionist. Also, mine took half the time to make.
    hot glue among us costume
  5. Cut an oval hole in the box for the mask. We used a box cutter for this. Be careful and don't cut yourself! Keep the cardboard cut out.
  6. Using the cut out as a guesstimate / template - cut the plastic mesh LARGER than the cut out. This will be glued inside the mask so you will want it larger than the hole in the cardboard.
  7. Now, let's use the plastic mesh, paint the Among Us face. Here is how I painted the face. From a distance, it looks great, just like the Among Us character's face. Make sure to let the paint dry!
    among us face paint
  8. After the paint is dried, take the painted face and glue it inside of the Among Us mask.
  9. Using the electric tape, go around the edges of the face hole and trim out where the felt and cardboard are to create an outline of the mask.
  10. Let's make the backpack. Cover the cardboard box with felt.
  11. Using the extra cardboard box, determine the length that is best for the backpack straps. This will vary per person, so measure wisely.
  12. Cut the cardboard approximately 1.5 inches wide to however long you need.
  13. Cover the backpack straps with felt. We cut long strips a little larger than the cardboard and hot glued the strips to the felt.
  14. Last, we cut slits into the box to hold the backpack straps and hot gluing to ensure that they are secure.
  15. Time to gear up and find the Impostor. You may want to cut the felt for the Among Us mask. We let our costumes just hang and cut slits so the boys can still use their arms.


And there is your how to create an Among Us costume guide. Reading this, it makes it sound simple. While it is not complicated, it did take a LOT of time - especially for my perfectionist husband!

You can adapt this costume by using poster board.

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Among Us Impostor Costume Ideas

Check out the Among Us Impostor costume ideas below for some more clever ideas.

So you want to be the Impostor, you say? For an Among Us Impostor costume, just add a knife to our Among Us crewmate costume.

Among Us Impostor Costume
Among Us Impostor knife available at Amazon.

A simple way to make an Among Us Imposter costume is to add a knife to a crewmate costume. This adorable Among Us dress makes the perfect girly costume but add some blood and a Among Us mask.


Here is another Among Us Impostor costume idea. Super simple, but fun! Just a little SUS.

impostor costume
DIY Among Us Impostor Costume

More Among Us Costumes for Kids and Adults

Here are some more ideas for Among Us costume ideas.

Modify Money Heist Costume

If you are looking for a simple Among Us cosplay costume, this money heist costume is a great base. Just create a simple Among Us mask but this outfit would work perfect and comes in various colors.

Solid Hoodie with Among Us Mask

This is a an easy Among Us costume using a hoodie.

among us costume with hoodie

Simply wear a hoodie the color of an Among Us character and cut out a mask for the hoodie head hole. via Reddit

Among Us Costume Video Tutorial

Here is the video that our Among Us costume is based off of.

among us video costume tutorial
among us costume tutorial

We skipped and changed a few things as we were making our costumes, but this is a great overview with measurements on how to make the best costume via DIYholic.

Well there you have it! As soon as I can get the teen to get off his computer I’ll snap a photo of our boys dressed in their Among Us costumes.

Halloween Costumes

Funny, last year I was writing a Trick or Treat guide – and now this year, I am telling you to play it safe. However you celebrate Halloween, be smart and stay well.

trick or treat now gimme all your candy

Don’t miss our funny Halloween memes. These are must shares for this festival spooky season.

Each year we do try to dress up and typically it ends up as DIY Halloween Costumes. Here are a few costumes from the past few years.

Bob Ross and Happy Tree Couple Costume

Last year, we were Bob Ross and a Happy Tree. Check out this DIY couple costume.

bob ross couple costume

Nerd Costumes – this made a great last minute costume idea for our daughter

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