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Solar Eclipse Memes 2024: Stellar Must-See Laughs


On April 8, 2024 – a total solar eclipse will be visible across 15 U.S. states, as well as part of Mexico and eastern Canada. We are helping you celebrate this celestial occasion with these hilarious solar eclipse memes!

Brace yourself eclipse memes are coming
Enjoy these funny solar eclipse 2024 memes

From the world ending to wearing those special eclipse glasses, we are covering all the hot topics!

Eclipse Memes

happy solar eclipse image of moon and sun

While the Earth does experience eclipses frequently, the 2024 solar eclipse is different. With 15 states in line of 100% visibility (weather pending, more on that later) – this is a big deal.

a funny tweet about there being another eclipse every year and a half

Here is the eclipse explained with Oreos!

oreos made to look like the stages of the eclipse in a solar eclipse meme that says the eclipse explained with oreos

A solar eclipse is nature’s grandest spectacle, a celestial ballet where the moon pirouettes in front of the sun, temporarily dimming its dazzling light. It’s like the Earth blacks out during the day for a few minutes, mid afternoon!

funny solar eclipse meme that says if the earth is blacking out at 1pm on Monday so am I

So really, the solar eclipse is just a big cover-up, and not in a conspiracy way either.

eclipse is just a big cover up

Totaled Eclipse Meme

If you can’t see a total eclipse, here’s a Mitsubishi totaled eclipse.

totaled eclipse meme shows a mitsubishi eclipse car totaled
totaled eclipse meme

Total Eclipse Memes

A total eclipse is a striking astronomical event where the moon positions itself directly between the Earth and the sun, completely obscuring the sun from view. For a brief period, daylight gives way to an unexpected darkness, temperatures can noticeably drop, and the surroundings take on a surreal appearance.

i totally get it now photo of total eclipse meme

This phenomenon occurs when the orbits of the Earth and the moon align perfectly, allowing the moon to cast a shadow over specific parts of our planet.

Totality Meme

The path of totality might sound like something from an epic science fiction novel, but it’s actually a down-to-earth term that describes the specific route over Earth’s surface where a total solar eclipse is visible.

totality meme totality thats totally a fun word to say

Imagine drawing a line across the globe, one that charts where the moon’s shadow kisses the Earth during an eclipse.

Path of Totality Meme

Being in the path of totality is like having a front-row seat to one of nature’s most awe-inspiring shows.

path of totality meme with guy rolling eyes

Outside this path, you might catch a partial eclipse—a fascinating sight, but nothing compared to the total eclipse’s dramatic display.

the 2024 eclipse is so hot right now funny eclipse meme

Inside this magical path, the environment transforms: temperatures drop, animals might act as if night has fallen, and for a few precious minutes, day turns to night, showcasing the stars and planets in a darkened sky.

Solar Eclipse Glasses Memes

Well, it turns out that gazing directly at the sun, even when it’s playing peek-a-boo with the moon, is like challenging a dragon to a staring contest – neither is a brilliant idea for your wellbeing.

its eclipse day meme get ready to see a lot of bad eclipse photos posted

These glasses are not just a cool fashion statement; they’re equipped with superpowers that protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

homemade eclipse glasses made out of 2 packs of eclipse gum

Without them, observing an eclipse would be as crazy as texting on a tightrope.

why do you ask if i looked at the solar eclipse

As the moon glides across the sun, ensure you’re properly equipped – your eyes will be grateful for the premium protection, shielding them from the solar display’s brilliance.

me after forgetting to wear my special solar eclipse glasses meme

Donald Trump Eclipse Meme

I had to Snopes this Donald Trump looking at the Eclipse photo to make sure that this wasn’t a joke. It’s not. Be a good example and don’t stare at the sun during an eclipse.

donald trump eclipse meme showing him looking at the sun during an eclipse

Kid Rock Eclipse Meme

Let’s explain the Kid Rock eclipse meme that’s going viral during the 2024 solar eclipse. It’s a play off of the Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow song, Picture where the lyrics say: “Different girl every night at the hotel I ain’t seen the sunshine in 3 damn days..”

kid rock eclipse meme caption everyone is talking about the 2 minutes of darkness during the eclipse but one time kid rock didnt see sunshine for 3 days

Everyone is talking about not seeing light for a few minutes during the eclipse. Kid Rock didn’t see sunshine for 3 days. See the Kid Rock music video to hear the song this meme is based on.

Eclipse Conspiracy Theory Memes

Of course there are all kinds of conspiracy theories about the Eclipse.

darth vadar in a eclipse conspiracy theory meme

Everything from rumors about why CERN has started back up to needing to prep for the end of the world.

funny 2024 solar eclipse meme about preparing for all the things

People will always be peopling, just a bit harder when it comes to a once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse (or at least for those of us in the way of totality!)

idiots eclipse idiots everywhere

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet or watch on Tiktok!

funny april 8 meme with sponge bob asking if the world is going to end after the eclipse

Evilpse Meme

Eclipse or evilpse? That depends on the person!

evilpse meme mocking eclipse with satan saying eclipse more like evilpse

Rapture Meme Prank

Want to pull off a funny prank during the eclipse? Fill human blow up dolls with heliums and create a fake rapture.

rapture meme that says fill a bunch of blow up dolls with helium and release them

Eclipse Not Apocalypse Meme

This funny Dairy Queen sign says it all. Calm down, folks. It’s an eclipse not the apocalypse.

dairy queen sign that says its the eclipse not the apocalypse

Solar Eclipse Weather Memes

So you are in the line of totality but while that is great, there is something else to consider… the weather! If there is an overcast with cloudy skies, or rain – seeing the eclipse won’t be the experience everyone is hyping it up to be!

when the weather is cloudy for an eclipse

This funny eclipse weather meme with Leo Dicaprio laughing says “ain’t that the truth!”

when you are planning on seeing the solar eclipse but the weather has other plans

Eclipse Astrological Memes

Planning on acquiring some new powers during the solar eclipse this Monday?

once i get my powers from this solar eclipse on monday its over

Eclipse Season Meme

The cosmos are purging for you. I hope that’s a good thing.

eclipse season meme tweet relax baby the cosmos are purging for you
Image source maddiemoothart

Just remember, everything happens for a reason.

picture of solar eclipse meme caption everything happens for a reason

Eclipse Grounding Meme

For those of us who enjoy being one with the Earth during mercury retrogrades and eclipse season, this grounding meme is for you.

eclipse cover up meme featuring man buried in sand says if you need me im busy trying to ground myself until eclipse season and retrogrades pass

After the Eclipse Memes

Once the 2024 solar eclipse has passed, this marked safe meme is a necessity to post.

funny marked safe from believing the solar eclipse is anything other than the moon passing in front of the sun

For those of us who are transformed from work to don’t care, here’s the solar eclipse meme for you!

a before and after the eclipse photo of a woman more chill after

April 9 Meme

When it’s April 9th and the eclipse didn’t end the world and you have to pay your bills. Being an adult is hard, y’all.

hilarious eclipse 2024 meme that says when its april 9 and the eclipse didnt end the world so now you have to pay bills

Showing up to work on Tuesday after the eclipse like…

showing up to work on tuesday after the eclipse like

Survive those eclipses!

me surviving the eclipse meme
surviving the eclipse meme source <a href=httpswwwtwittercomalizakelly target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>aliza kelly<a>

Share the Solar Eclipse Memes

As we draw the curtains on our cosmic comedy show, remember that solar eclipse memes are not just fleeting moments of mirth; they’re beacons of joy meant to be shared far and wide.

total eclipse of my heart meme showing heart shape over solar eclipse
total eclipse of my heart meme

So, if you’ve found yourself chuckling, snorting, or even doing that weird laugh-cry thing at any of the celestial chuckles we’ve shared, don’t keep the laughter to yourself.

not tryna spoil the eclipse for yall but bella chooses edward

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you're not crazy we're literally between eclipses

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