Bob Ross and His Happy Tree Halloween Couple Costume

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DIY Halloween Couple Costume – Bob Ross and his Happy Tree

The last few years, in addition to getting the kids dressed up for Halloween – my husband and I have created a DIY Halloween Couple Costume. This year, was pretty epic. He had a Bob Ross costume and I was a Happy Tree.

If you are a fan of Bob Ross and happy trees, this maybe the perfect couple’s costume for you and your partner!


The costume was fairly simple and easy to do, cheap to put together and awesome. Have I mentioned how last minute I am? Last year we last minute costume an Among Us costume for our boys. This year, it’s looking like a squid game costume.

So this is definitely a great last minute costume. I decided on Halloween to wear this, and somehow we pulled it off! Here is how we put it together. 

Bob Ross Costume

For Sean’s DIY Bob Ross costume, the first required prop was a curly brown afro wig (like this one on Amazon.)


Next, he wore a button up shirt, not buttoned up all the way. Sean carried around a paint palette. You know, just like Bob Ross would carry.

My husband has a beard, just like Bob – so nothing needed in the facial hair department. If your Bob doesn’t have a beard, you can pencil/shade one on with a light brown eyebrow pencil. 

This completed his DIY Bob Ross costume. Again, super easy to do and a quick Halloween costume that was a lot of fun! Now, let’s look at how to become a happy tree. 

Happy Tree Costume

Since Bob Ross paints happy trees, what better way to complete this DIY couples costume than by making me a tree, a happy tree – of course. Here is what I wore. 


You guys, I told you this was a super quick and easy costume, right? I bought an olive color shirt, fake ivy and a fake plant with wired stems. 

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Next, I took the ivy and taped it with clear plastic packing tape. Using the fake limbs, first – I taped them on to my arms and various areas of my shirt. I then filled in the empty areas with the ivy so that I looked like a tree, a happy tree.

Greenery like this would work well. 

Quick and Easy Couple’s Costume!

For the finishing touches, I placed several of the wired stems of the fake plant into my hair. This added the missing element to complete my DIY happy tree costume! 

That’s it! This simple easy couple’s Halloween costume was a huge hit! It was fun to wear and the best part, it really was comfortable. Yes, even with plant stems in my hair.

Bob Ross Costume and Happy Tree Costume is part of the Digital Mom Blog Halloween series