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Good Mom Hair Requires a Professional – Blo Dry Bar Review

MOM HAIR -let’s talk about it. Since leaving Corporate America, my wardrobe is lacking – my hair is typically in a bun and getting dolled up just doesn’t seem to happen enough. That said, when Blo Blow Out Bar invited me to get a blow out, I was all “HELL YEAH – GOOD MOM HAIR, HERE I COME!” And it was scheduled before a GNO, can you say “WINNING?”

I am a big fan of hair blowouts, I mean, who doesn’t love someone washing their hair, a head massage and good hair that lasts for DAYS.  There is something about good hair that helps pull me out of that mom-funk I can sink into.

The great thing about have a sister that blogs as well – is we get to do events together, this one included. So last week Betsy, my sister – (aka Dallas Socials), and I headed downtown for sister time in the hair chair and to see what Blo was all about.

When you first arrive, you are given a hair menu to choose your doo. I typically opt for big curly Texas hair because big curly Texas hair gives you good hair for days.

blo blow dry bar hair menu

So… Holly Would was my must….. (Blo does offer a cute braid and bun option, in addition to other hair styles – love the alternative choice. I so need to try the bun, I want to know how the stylist would do one!)

Good Mom Hair - LOVE the Holly Would style at the blo blow dry bar

First up, before hair selfie. Yeah, I washed and didn’t blow dry – just brushed out (and I had a massive crease due to mom bun. My typical mom hair m.o. is the mom bun, quick, easy, sloppy, it works – don’t judge.)

blo blow dry bar knox dallas


Then off to get the hair shampoo’d and condition’d.

blo blow dry bar shampoo for blowout

Then comes WINE.

blo blow dry bar wine

And then about an hour and 15 minutes of gab talking and random sister laughter confusing the stylists.

Good Mom Hair

SHAM ZAM – GOOD HAIR! Sorry for the emo look. 

Good mom hair at the blo blow dry bar holly would style

I loved it and admittedly, I frequent another blow dry bar and I have to say – THIS blow out lasted longer! Yay for good mom hair! My stylist used a powder and than hair spray. Whatever magic she did made this head of mom hair look great for 4 DAYS. Yes, I didn’t wash my hair – I used dry shampoo on day 3 and 3. On day 5, I sweated way too much and the hair felt like it either needed to be shaved off or washed, I opted for washing.

Blow Out Price

Blow outs start at $40. Make sure you make a reservation or call ahead of time to make sure they can get you in!

Tipping for a Blow Out

If you are going to get a blow out, expect an hour of dedicated hair love from a stylist. Typically the stylist are also your hair shampooer. She or he will treat you to full attention and care – that being said MAKE SURE YOU TIP WELL! Personally, I recommend a tip of at least $10. Know that while the hair service is discounted (Do you know how much up-do’s cost? Ouch!) – don’t cheap out on the tip people! Show your stylist the love with at least a 20% tip.  Put that into your budget before you go get your hair done.

Thanks Blo Bar!

Thanks again Blo! I’ll be back soon!

Blo Blow Dry Bar
4447 N. Central Expressway, Suite 105
Dallas, Texas 75205
214 520 2569
[email protected]

More about Blo Blow Out Bar

Blo Blow Out Bar in Dallas is located at Knox. This blo out bar was opened by Gwyneth Paltrow and hair stylist to the stars, David Babaii. There are 45+ locations across North America, and the Philippines. Here’s a little more about the Gwyneth/David connection to Blo:

Academy Award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow and hairstylist to the stars David Babaii have joined forces with Blo Blow Dry Bar.

Blo is thrilled to align with Gwyneth Paltrow, one of the world’s most recognized actresses. Gwyneth’s keen business instinct for the latest and hottest trends and her emphasis on high quality customer experience makes this an ideal collaboration.

David Babaii, nicknamed ‘The King Of Curls’ by Vogue Magazine, has a roster of A-list celebrity clients around the globe. Known for creating some of the best red carpet styles and beautiful magazine covers, David’s vast experience and unique techniques will be incorporated across the Blo system.

With Gwyneth and David’s input in Blo’s creative direction, growth plan and brand strategy, Blo looks forward to spreading red carpet glamour to women around the world with quick, convenient and affordable blo outs.

Rumor has it that there are plans to open SEVERAL more DFW locations (yay for avoiding 75 traffic in Dallas!)

The 4-1-1 on Good Mom Hair and Getting a Hair Blow Out at Blo Blow Dry Bar



Thursday 19th of February 2015

sounds fun! and i can attest, you looked great!