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35 Hilarious Threads Memes That Will Leave You in Stitches!


So it begins, Threads memes because someone had to do it.

The latest social media app to hit the internet is here. Facebook aka META launches Threads app today – July 5, 2024. Mark Zuckerberg has been talking up his new Twitter competitor app – let’s dive in and see what it’s all about.

Best Threads Memes

We are bringing you all the details on what this new Threads by Instagram app is. And fret not, of course we are bringing it with funny Threads memes.

35 funny threads memes
threads memes

We’re diving into this new META social media app and potential Twitter killer to see what it’s all about – and of course we will do it with humor.

brace yourself another social media platform is coming
new social media meme

Yes, y’all another social media platform is here and yet another thing to learn.

threads app meme
threads app meme

Twitter vs Threads Meme

Threads by Instagram is similar but different than Twitter. That said, it is out to compete with the tweets. Here’s a collection of funny Twitter vs Threads memes.

trying to use twitter and threads at the same time
threads twitter meme

Twitter users who are on the app all day every day and then try out Threads this is for you. This funny Instagram Threads app is what a lot of Twitter users are feeling like. It’s a new home, not a lot going on yet and the constant stream of tweets isn’t there.

funny threads meme me on threads right now be like
funny threads meme

Will Twitter go belly up with the launch of Threads? I mean, the Twitter office in Boulder is fighting eviction. This funny Twitter logo meme may just become a reality, but it won’t be META who does it.

twitter new logo meme
twitter new logo meme
funny thread meme
funny thread meme

Threads Logo Meme

This is the Threads logo. Look hard, what does this look like to you?

threads by instagram app logo
threads by instagram app logo

I didn’t see it either, but apparently it’s a thread. Though as this threads meme shows the logo looks like squiggles, Homer Simpson’s ear or perhaps a mis-sliced pizza.

what the threads logo looks like
threads logo meme funny

Logo design is my passion.

threads logo meme logo design is my passion
threads logo meme

Funny Thread Meme

It’s the early days for the Threads app, but Backstreet Boys have nailed their entrance into the Threadverse. “We’re back again” is how BSB does an intro.

thread meme backstreet boys
thread meme

Twitter Bots Meme

One thing we all hate about Twitter is the bots. Here’s a funny Twitter bot meme about what’s really up with the bots now that there is a new platform to troll.

twitter bots figuring out how to sabatage thread
twitter bots meme

Joining Threads by Instagram Meme

To join or not to join is the question. And if you do, will you finally say good bye to Twitter or did you do that a while ago. Speaking of, we have Quitting Facebook memes for those who said bye to FB.

not sure if i should join threads quit twitter meme
quit twitter meme

If you do join Thread, will your feed and profile be the exact as your Twitter account?

recreating my exact twitter account on threads
threads account meme

Yet another social media account to manage, thanks Meta!

me trying to manage my social media
managing social meme

Threads vs Twitter Meme

This Margot Robbie Threads vs Twitter meme is spot on. A little evil on Twitter, but Threads is an Instagram like product so instead of Harley Quinn, you are Barbie. See our Barbie memes!

me on twitter vs me on threads
threads vs twitter meme

Nah Twitter, yay Threads. Maybe, time will tell.

twitter vs threads meme
twitter vs threads meme

This RIP Twitter meme is just too funny not to share.

twitter threads meme funny rest in peace twitter
twitter threads meme funny

What is Threads?

Billed as the friendly version of Twitter. Here’s the exact Mark Zuckerberg quote from the birds mouth (or should I say wad of string’s mouth?)

meta meme
meta meme

The vision for Threads is to create an open and friendly public space for conversation. We hope to take what Instagram does best and create a new experience around text, ideas, and discussing what’s on your mind. source: @Zuck via Threads

The vision for Threads is to create an open and friendly public space for conversation We hope to take what Instagram does best and create a new experience around text ideas and discussing what's on your mind. source: @Zuck via Threads
zuck meme

We did Elon Musk memes a while back when he bought Twitter – so we knew we had to introduce you the the new Threads app from Mark Zuckerberg and the META team.

Threads Twitter Memes

Features of Threads App

Wondering what the advantage to using the Threads app vs Twitter. Let’s look at the Threads features that you will want to know about.

Close Friends

One of the most anticipated Threads features is the new social media app lets users to message Instagram’s close friends as well as share photos and videos directly to your feed.

joining threads by instagram may the odds be in your favor
instagram threads meme

Messages will be sync’d between Threads and Instagram. Threads allows users to message Instagram’s “Close Friends,” a customizable list of people designated by the user.

Auto Status

The other major Threads app feature is called “Auto Status” which allows you to set a precise location to show your friend where are you are. This not only allows your friends to know where you are but advertisers too. Though META/Facebook says that they won’t use precise location information for auto status for ads, we shall see.

Data Collected by Threads

This Threads meme is circulating via Tweet ironically posted by Jack, Twitter’s founder and former CEO. If you are interested in what data collection Threads app will have access to, here you go.

There are 4 more access points than Twitter receives – but those data points are kind of critical.

twitter and threads have the data meme
twitter threads data meme

Here are the 4 additional data links that the Threads app collects that Twitter does not.

  • Financial info
  • Health and fitness
  • Sensitive info
  • Other data

I wanna know if Threads be tracking my cycle for me, letting my friends know via “auto status” what’s going on? I’m kidding – kind of sort of.

funny threads data meme me speculating all the ways thread is going to use my data
funny threads data meme

We all give a LOT of data away, more than 99% of us know. So while yes, it is concerning – it is unfortunately the norm now.

threads data meme
threads data meme

The data is used for an array of things, mostly to feed the social media algorithm monster which delivers you relevant content and ads.

social media companies when they get your data meme
social media data meme

Followers on Threads

What makes Threads different than other social media profiles, if you have an Instagram following – you already have a built-in audience.

adding my ex's thread account as another social media platform that i stalk him on
social media stalking meme

So while Threads is new, you can retain and grow your audience with your current “fan” base.

Mark Zuckerberg Memes

Listen Zuck – it’s nothing personal. While I do appreciate META, we love our Oculus Quest 2 and Instagram is my therapy – there’s just something that doesn’t sit right with me.

mark zuckerberg elon musk meme
mark zuckerberg elon musk meme

And it’s not just Mark, Elon who we use to admire has just kind of gone too big in the head for my liking. Yes, we own a Tesla – no we don’t like evil. This Mark Zuckerberg meme of him sewing with thread (hence the Threads by Instagram app) slays.

mark zuckerberg sewing threads
mark zuckerberg threads meme

So Enjoy the Mark Zuckerberg memes, and yes – if the boxing match between Elon and Mark ever happens – I’ll watch.

funny elon meme
funny elon meme

Threads by Instagram App Details

So want to know what is Threads by Instagram? Here is the low down on what it is, what you need to know and how to use it.

elon musk threads seeing everyone join
elon musk threads meme

When is Threads launching?

META’s new Twitter clone social media app Threads is launching on Wednesday, July 5, 2024.

What is Threads by Instagram?

Threads by Instagram is a new app from META. Mark Zuckerberg launched Threads as a direct competitor to Twitter, offering a similar interface but it’s integrated with Instagram. This is why it’s often called Threads by Instagram.

How do I access Threads.net without the app?

If you go to threads.net you will be prompted to download the new Threads by Instagram app via a QR code. If you are just wanting to snoop a public Threads account, you can access it by going to threads.net/@username.

How do I use Threads Instagram App?

If you are looking how to use Threads Instagram app, we’ve got you. You will need an Instagram account as the profiles will be linked.

You will need to decide if you want a public or private profile. For a public profile, people will be able to see your Threads feed without logging on or being your friend. They can view Threads profil thru the web.

If you have a private account, only your friends will be able to see your feed.

After setting up your Threads Instagram account, you might notice it’s very similar to Twitter. In fact, Threads app is a Twitter clone/competitor. You will be able to seamlessly share your Instagram photos to your Thread Instagram feed.

How many users does Threads by Instagram have?

Mark Zuckerberg stated on 7/5/23 via his Threads account that the new META app has over 2 million sign ups in the first 2 hours after launch. The latest stat has 5 million sign ups in the first 5 hours. We will update as soon as the Threads user count is live and verified.

The most recent 2024 social media user states show that there are currently 2.3 billion Instagram users and 2.9 billion Facebook users. YouTube has 2.29 billion users and What’s App has 2 billion users. What’s App, Facebook, Instagram and Threads are owned by META (ran by Mark Zuckerberg.) Stats via demandsage.com.

Do I have to Download Threads an Instagram App to Use?

Yes, currently in order to use Threads app – you will need to download. It is available via both the Apple app store and Android app store.

How do I access Threads Desktop?

Threads Desktop is available for viewing only and the account you viewing must have a public account. Threads private accounts are only viewable on the app to friends of the account holder. Whereas Threads public accounts can be viewed on a computer or web browser.

To use Threads Desktop to view a public account, visit https://www.threads.net/@username.

Can I Delete a Thread?

Currently, you can only delete individual posts not Threads. Surely this is an early bug, but time will tell.

How Do I See My Threads Followers Feed?

By default, Threads algorithm shows you what it thinks you want to see – kind of like Instagram. Annoying? YES. Fortunately, there is a fix. Go into the Threads by Instagram app, then settings and threads to select organize the feed by followers first.

Social Media Manager Memes

For all the social media managers who are setting up Thread accounts, learning how to use the app and doing the testing game on how to make this new social platform work for business – we’re here for you.

every social media manager right now
social media manager meme funny

Enjoy these funny social media manager memes about the launch of Threads Instagram app.

social media managers everytime a new social platform launches
social media managers meme

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social media funny meme
social media funny meme

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