50 Funny Laundry Memes: From Sorting to Suds


Welcome to the world of laundry memes, where the struggles of sorting, washing, and folding clothes are met with laughter and humor!

Laundry day may be a chore, but these memes add a dose of levity to the mundane task, offering a shared experience that brings a smile to anyone who’s ever faced a towering pile of dirty clothes.

laundry memes

Laundry Humor

Join us as we dive into a collection of memes that perfectly capture the chaos and comedy of laundry day.

funny laundry memes

Last year, I was in the middle of folding clothes and decided screw this – I’d rather put together a list of funny laundry memes. So that is exactly what I did.

Are you one of those who knows how to juggle laundry? I continually joke about Mount Washmore – which is the growing pile of clothes that just won’t stop escalating in height.

Based on the amount of laundry I do a week, I am pretty sure there are people who live here that I haven’t met yet.

based on the amount of laundry I do a week I am pretty sure there are people who live here that I haven't met yet.

If you hate laundry, you will LOVE these funny laundry memes and puns.

laundry nudist meme every time i consider being a nudist but then i realize what i look like naked and the urge passes

Every time I think about becoming a nudist… but hey, no laundry needed – except sheets. Nudist use sheets, right?

laundry time meme it is time to do laundry which means i need to go to target to buy some new clothes

DID YOU KNOW: The infinity symbol also serves as the international symbol for laundry. This never ending laundry symbol meme is exactly what it feels on week 2 of not doing wash.

laundry meme funny The international symbol for laundry

If only there was an Alexa skill for folding clothes and doing laundry. Amazon – make this happen and every home will have an Alexa device!

alexa laundry meme alexa do the laundry

Okay, who else sang the Neverending Story theme song when seeing this never ending laundry meme?

neverending laundry meme

If you have never seen the Neverending Story – watch it!

Funny Laundry Puns

Gotta love a funny laundry pun to go with these funny laundry memes. Enjoy this clean humor.

laundry pun meme the local laundromat had been robbed Police say robber made a clean getaway

The laundry is looking at me dirty again.

laundry pun the laundry is looking at me dirty again

We told you we loved stupid funny laundry puns, right? Couldn’t not include the iron.

oh the irony laundry pun meme

NO MORE TOWELS, PLEASE! How about another laundry pun? It’s pretty punny, admit it. I was going to throw in the towel, but then remembered how much laundry I already have.

throw in the towel laundry pun I was going to throw in the towel but then remembered how much laundry I already have

Dirty Laundry Jokes

We keep it clean around here, but couldn’t pass up this funny laundry pun / dirty laundry joke! Print out this meme and place it on top of the overflowing laundry basket. Maybe your husband will get the hint.

dirty laundry joke im feeling a little dirty will you do me

Drinking Wine Doing Laundry

The BEST wine for laundry is moscato for me! And if the laundry pile is too big, chase it with a shot of vodka.

funny wine meme what type of wine goes best with laundry

Now vodka and laundry, that sounds fun – and funny.

Mom Doing Laundry

This mom laundry meme is just the sweetest. Also, this would be the best wedding gift for your kids! I have 4 kids, so not sure if I should just create a massive jar and separate into 4 buckets or what – but LOVE THIS laundry gift idea!

mom laundry meme This lamp has everything my mom found in my pockets when doing my laundry when I was little She gave it to my at my wedding I will treasure it forever

This lamp has everything my mom found in my pockets when doing my laundry when I was little. She gave it to my at my wedding. I will treasure it forever.

Yep, all the time. You place laundry on the bed. Then you need to nap or go to sleep so you push the pile of clothing to the other side of the bed. It never fails that the clothes fall off the bed or the dog lays on the clean pile of clothing which means it is time to repeat the laundry cycle.

laundry nap meme nice try laundry i'm still going to nap

Hey moms, don’t miss our funny mom memes so we can laugh at all of the things we want to cry about.

Folding Laundry

I just don’t understand people who can wash, dry, fold AND put away laundry in the same day.

folding laundry meme if you can wash dry fold and put away your laundry in one day i am not sure if we can be friends

I just don’t understand how people can folder laundry right after they get it out of the dryer.  I am NOT gifted at doing laundry!

laundry folding meme

True story. No motivation to do laundry, ever – especially after washing and folding for endless amounts of hours.

laundry motivation graphic of bear spends 3 hours doing laundry no longer has the motivation to put laundry away

We have named our laundry pile Mount Washmore. It grows daily. Yes, that’s our laundry method – but I do enjoy this method. If it is clean, its on the floor and if it is dirty laundry it is on the floor over there.

dirty laundry meme my laundry method is simple If it is clean its on the floor and if it is dirty laundry it is on the floor over there

Doing Laundry

There’s no need to do the laundry, she said…

funny laundry meme no need to do laundry she said That shirt no one will see you

Funny Laundry Quotes

Here is some more humor about doing the wash. Enjoy these funny laundry quotes.

Like dust bunnies, laundry totally breeds in this house. I am pretty sure my laundry breeds while I sleep.

funny laundry quote i am pretty sure my laundry breeds while I sleep

A fun weekend DOES NOT include laundry, ever. If there is laundry, my weekend is a waste. (Don’t miss our weekend memes!)

funny laundry quote A fun weekend does not involve laundry

This laundry quote feels personal after having to re-wash a load of clothes in the washing machine for the second time this morning. Make sure you read our post on how to remove mildew smell from laundry! We are TOTALLY AWESOME at making laundry smell like mildew in our house!

laundry quote how to win at adulting Get the laundry into the dryer before it smells like mildew

How to win at adulting. Get the laundry into the dryer before it smells like mildew.

Burning Clothes

Who else has thought about throwing the laundry in the fireplace? ME!!!! 

burn laundry graphic i finished you laundry the ashes are in the fireplace

Laundry Day

I am convinced that the only people who are organized enough to have a laundry day are single, have a ton of help or are retired. This laundry day meme makes me yearn for the day that I can just worry about doing laundry and playing Bingo.

laundry day meme wash is done time to head to bingo

I know I am not alone on this! Who else can relate to this laundry day meme? My laundry day is the day when I hate nothing to wear but my wedding dress.

laundry day meme funny my laundry day is the day when I have nothing to wear but my wedding dress

International Folding Laundry Day

Did you know that there is an international folding laundry day? Yes! On March 30th of every year, someone created the stupid holiday of international folding laundry day. This is a day I will not be celebrating nor participating in. In fact, as an act of boycott – I will not do wash ever again on March 30.

More Memes about Laundry

The chair of clothes. I mean, what else does the chair do? I mean, people will still sit in it – even with all of the clothes. Who doesn’t have a laundry chair or maybe a laundry dresser? This laundry chair meme is for those of us who have that chair that holds the pile of semi-clean clothes.

laundry on chair meme clothes that are too clean for the closet but not dirty enough to wash live on the chair

Laundry is never fun and games! What mom can’t laugh at this giant laundry pile and relate.

its all fun and games until the laundry needs to be done funny laundry meme

We would all be RICH if our bank accounts filled up as fast as our laundry baskets! If you love these yellow guys, check out our collection of Minion memes!

minion laundry meme i wish my bank account filled up as fast as my laundry basket

For those of us who don’t check pockets before starting the wash… too shay.

laundry meme with austin powers says i noticed that you didnt check your pockets before doing laundry i too like to live dangerously

I love my husband, but laundry is not one of his skills either. This man doing laundry meme is exactly what would happen if he was tasked with folding a fitted sheet.

Laundromat meme asked my husband to do laundry i'm not made to be folded

This feels 100% accurate. Need help organizing kids clothes? We got you: learn the best way to organize kids clothes.

laundry washed meme i got my laundry washed now to get it dried

This laundry dryer meme cracks me up. Celebrate when the dryer procrastinates. I admit I get a small rush of joy when I open the dryer to find the clothes still damp. it’s like the dryer is procrastinating for me.

laundry dryer meme i admit i get a small rush of joy when i open the dryer to find the clothes still damp it's likethe dryer is procrastinating for me.

Let’s not even get started with talking about bleach

tiger telling white tiger not to use bleach meme

I question the sanity and truthfulness of anyone who says they enjoy laundry. I love doing laundry, said no one ever.

i love doing laundry meme said no one ever

Missing Sock

Can you do a load of wash without losing a sock? I don’t think it’s possible. Our missing sock collection lives in a laundry basket. Yes, it’s that massive. It’s quite sad like these funny missing sock memes.

missing sock meme You guys maybe all of our missing socks are at Area 51

Did laundry without losing a sock – guess I haven’t had a good day yet! Ice T and this missing sock meme,

funny laundry meme showing ice cube driving caption when you do laundry and you have no odd socks today was a good day

When life will be all about laundry and bingo. Here is a laundry tip if you have kids and keep forgetting to change the clothes from the washing machine to the dryer: How to Remove Mildew Smell From Laundry.

I Hate Laundry

These I hate laundry memes are for those of us who can find literally ANYTHING better to do with our time then washing and folding clothes.

i hate laundry meme me doing anything but washing and folding clothes because i hate laundry

Just finished doing laundry, now I hate to fold clothes. This I hate laundry meme is just another reason I hate washing clothes! After you do the work to wash and dry the clothes, you still have to fold AND put away the clothing. This folding clothes meme is just another reason I hate laundry!

when you finish washing the laundry and now you have to fold them

A Laundry Haiku

Yes, you guys. Instead of actually DOING my laundry – I wrote a Laundry Haiku. Yes, that is how much I hate laundry.

LAUNDRY HAIKU a haiku about laundry that laundry haters can appreciate

Just in case you are ever wondering what to do when procrastinating laundry – consider writing a haiku about laundry. I did, and let me tell you – it unfortunately didn’t help my laundry situation.

Dirty Laundry Humor

We don’t do dirty humor online, but we do dirty laundry humor.

have you ever looked at the laundry and contemplated just throwing it away

A little laundry humor never hurt. Throwing laundry away, maybe not that – but I will admit that instead of folding clean laundry – if it won’t fit my kids for too much longer, it TOTALLY goes in the donation pile.

And sorry Good Will, I will give you clean clothes, but they will NOT BE FOLDED.

Washing Machine Jokes

Want to hear a few washing machine jokes? Here are 5 washing machine jokes that spin well with our laundry memes.

funny laundry meme captioned flipping off laundry doesnt get it done faster but it sure does make me feel better
  • What’s a washing machine’s favorite state to live in? Washington.
  • What’s a washing machine’s favorite song? Twist and shout.
  • I hate putting my clothes in the washing machine…they always seem so agitated when I take them out.
  • What is a politician’s favorite setting on a washing machine? The spin cycle.
  • Today I accidentally put my wallet in the washing machine. I suppose I am now a money launderer.

Funny Laundry Pictures

Since we all can agree that laundry sucks, I hope that these funny Laundry Pictures gave you a chuckle! Don’t forget to share and pin this post! For the other type-b mom‘s you are seen.

husband doing laundry meme

Sharing is Caring

As we bid adieu to our laundry meme escapade, may the laughter continue to brighten your laundry days and make the chore a little less daunting. Remember, whether you’re battling with stubborn stains or attempting to conquer the mountain of clothes in the hamper, you’re not alone in your laundry struggles.

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So, the next time you find yourself knee-deep in socks and underwear, take a moment to chuckle at these memes and find joy in the shared experience of tackling laundry day.

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