2018 BEST Laundry Memes! This Post is for People Who Hate Laundry

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Laundry memes - because moms know the pain of laundry and if you don't laugh - you will cry. 

Are you one of those who knows how to juggle laundry? Laundry is something I loathe. I continually joke about Mount Washmore - which is the growing pile of clothes that just won't stop escalating in height. 

See here is the deal. I have learned that washing clothes really isn't all that bad, it's just folding and putting them up that I suck at. I have tried teaching the children. I have tried coming up with creative laundry solutions - nope, not happening. With 4 kids, it's a never-ending cycle of hell. 

Like all things hellish, there are 2 things I do to get thru them. I make jokes and I just do it. So laundry hating moms, this post is for you. 

Funny Laundry Memes 

Here are 25+ of the best laundry memes for 2018. If you hate laundry, you will LOVE these funny laundry memes and laundry puns. Share and enjoy these funny pictures on Facebook - and make sure to pin this post!

BEST Laundry Memes funny pictures about doing laundry

Target over Doing the Wash

Confession. I have gone to Target way too many times to admit to buy new clothes in order to not have to think about doing laundry. This especially works well with clearance kids clothing, Just saying. 

target laundry meme - it's time to do laundry which means i need to go to target to buy some new clothes

Laundry Humor

A little laundry humor never hurt. Throwing laundry away, maybe not that - but I will admit that instead of folding clean laundry - if it won't fit my kids for too much longer, it TOTALLY goes in the donation pile. And sorry Good Will, I will give you clean clothes, but they will NOT BE FOLDED.

funny laundry graphic about throwing laundry away have you ever looked at the last few loads of dirty clothes and considered throwing them away

Washing New Clothes

Biggest parenting peeve, washing clothes to find NEW TAGS ON THE CLOTHES because in teen needed to clean room and threw ALL THE CLOTHES into the dirty clothes pile. UGH.

laundry best meme - based on the amount of laundry i do a week, i am pretty sure there are people who live here that i havent met yet.

Best Neverending Story Meme

After seeing this, I totally hum the tune to NEVERENDING STORY when I do the laundry. 

neverending story laundry meme the neverending story as an adult

Laundry Mildew and Adulting

Make sure you read our post on how to remove mildew smell from laundry! We are TOTALLY AWESOME at making laundry smell like mildew in our house!

laundry win at adulting meme

Drinking Wine Doing Laundry

The BEST wine for laundry is moscato for me! And if the laundry pile is too big, chase it with a shot of vodka. Now vodka and laundry, that sounds fun - and funny. funny wine meme - what type of wine goes best with laundry

Note From Your Laundry

If only this worked.

dirty laundry meme i'm feeling a little dirty please do me

Best Wedding Gift Idea Ever

Best wedding gift idea EVER! I have 4 kids, so not sure if I should just create a massive jar and separate into 4 buckets or what - but LOVE THIS laundry gift idea!jar filled with everything from pockets when mom was doing laundry best wedding gift idea

Laundry Pun

NO MORE TOWELS, PLEASE! How about a laundry pun? It's pretty punny, admit it. 

a laundry pun - i was going to throw in the towel but then remembered how much laundry i already have

Nap or Laundry

Yep, all the time - and then it falls off the bed, the dog lays on it and the never-ending cycle of laundry repeats itself. 

laundry nap meme - nice try, laundry i'm still going to nap

Laundry Motivation

True story. No motivation to do laundry, ever - especially after 3 hours.
laundry motivation graphic of bear spends 3 hours doing laundry no longer has the motivation to put laundry away

Wash Dry Fold Put Away

I just don't understand people who can wash, dry, fold AND put away laundry in the same day. 

wash dry laundry meme - if you can wash, dry, fold and put away your laundry in one day, i'm not sure if we can be friends.

Laundry Method

We have named our laundry pile Mount Washmore. It grows daily. Yes, that's our laundry method. 

laundry method if its clean it on the floor if its dirty is on the floor

Breeding Laundry

Like dust bunnies, laundry totally breeds in this house.

breeding laundry meme

Waiting on Laundry

I always put off doing laundry. No shame in my game.put off doing laundry meme with dos equis

Laundry Win

This funny laundry meme made me chuckle because its so true!

laundry lottery graphic finding a five dollar bill in a pants' pocket while doing laundry is what i imagine winning the laundry feels like.

Fun Weekend

A fun weekend DOES NOT include laundry, ever. 

fun weekend laundry meme

Burning Clothes

Who else has thought about throwing the laundry in the fireplace? ME!!!! burn laundry graphic - i finished you laundry the ashes are in the fireplace

Clothes on the Chair

The chair of clothes. I mean, what else does the chair do? I mean, people will still sit in it - even with all of the clothes. This also applies to my dresser. 

clothes on chair laundr

Laundry Everywhere

That's right Buzz Lightyear.... LAUNDRY... LAUNDRY EVERYWHERE...laundry everywhere

Laundry Day

I know I am not alone on this!

laundry day meme

Giant Laundry Pile

Laundry is never fun and games! What mom can't laugh at this giant laundry pile and relate. funny graphic of a giant laundry pile says it's all fun and games until the laundry has to be done

Fill My Bank Account

We would all be RICH if our bank accounts filled up as fast as our laundry baskets!bank account laundry

Check Your Pockets

Too shay. austin powers laundry graphic i noticed you didn't check your pockets before doing laundry i like to live dangerously too

Laundromat Meme

I love my husband, but laundry is not one of his skills either.Laundromat meme - asked my husband to do laundry i'm not made to be folded

This feels 100% accurate.laundry funny

I Hate Laundry Meme

I can wash all day, it's just folding clothes - nope!just finished doing laundry have to fold clothes sarcastic i hate laundry meme

Dryer Procrastination

That's right dryer!laundry procrastination


Pile of Laundry

It sure the hell does. It doesn't make the laundry do itself, unfortunately - but it does help!laundry pile meme


Let's not even get started with talking about bleach. laundry bleach meme


Funny Laundry Pictures

Since we all can agree that laundry sucks, I hope that these funny Laundry Pictures gave you a chuckle! Don't forget to share and pin this post! 

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