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22 Taylor Swift Memes That Swiftie Fans Will Love

Where are all the Swifties at? Enjoy these 22 Taylor Swift Memes to celebrate to honor Tay Tay!

Holy takeover. If you are a Swiftie forever or #TeamTaylor – then you know how Tay Tay can create that buzz. Of you happen to live in a hole, first lucky you (and make sure to check out our introvert memes) – any who.

Funny Taylor Swift Memes

What better way to honor this force of nature than a collection of funny Taylor Swift memes, over 22 of course. It was either that or 13, but we couldn’t just stop at 13!

taylor swift memes
funny taylor swift memes

Leave it for TayTay to announces a new album, Midnight that is set to release on October 21, 2022. If anyone knows the Easter eggs and hints that Taylor leaves, that date is quite interesting. It so happens to be Kim Kardashian’s birthday. Also can we talk about the VMA dress?

taylor swift midnight meme - wishing all swifties a happy midnight
taylor swift midnight meme

From the All to Well sage with Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal to Taylor Swift birthday memes to more that those who know will love. Let’s celebrate Red Taylor’s version, learn what that means and more about this musical icon.

taylor swift queen meme - all hail our queen
all hail queen Taylor

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Red Taylor’s Version

If you are listening to the Taylor’s Version of Red and thinking to yourself, wait – I think I’ve heard this album before. Yes, you have – well kind of. See the original Red Album was released in October 2012.

In 2019, Scooter Braun (talent agent to artists like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande) acquired Swift’s former label Big Machine Label Group. In doing so, he purchased the recorded masters and ownership of Swift’s first 6 albums. (Read Taylor’s side in her Tumbler post about the music acquisition.) Taylor was not offered the opportunity to buy back her masters.

taylor swift power meme - never underestimate the power of Taylor
The power of Taylor Swift meme

In typical Taylor fashion, you don’t get even – you win. And that is what Swift has done. She put on her red lipstick and slayed.

red lipstick taylor swift meme - be like tay put on red lipstick and slay
Red Lipstick Taylor Swift Meme – see more makeup memes

One way Taylor was able to regain control of her music was she could re-record the albums. And that is exactly what she has done with 2 albums so far. In April 2021, Fearless Taylor’s Version released (available on Amazon.)

taylor swift hate meme - when the haters hate watch Taylor create
Taylor Swift memes – haters gonna hate

On November 12, 2021 Red Taylor’s Version dropped (also available on Amazon.)

Taylor Swifting Memes

Enjoy these Taylor Swifting memes.

taylor swifting meme be quiet i am praying
taylor swifting meme

Well rumor has it that our Taylor is engaged. This Taylor Swifting meme maybe old, all fingers crossed her engagement to Joe Alwyn has her walking down the aisle. You know she will slay that bridal dress with her eclectic, yet elegant style.

funny taylor swifting meme please date me i need a new song
funny taylor swifting meme

All Too Well 10 Minute Version

So there you have it, the short and sweet backstory of Red Taylor’s version. Now if you watched Taylor Swift on SNL – maybe you are all wondering what is this All too Well 10 minute version.

funny taylor swift meme write a song
revenge meme – taylor swift

On November 12, not only did Red Taylor’s Version drop, but so did a 10 minute short film based on All Too Well song. Yes, 10 minutes and are there easter eggs, hints and clues about the Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal saga, yes. In fact, SO many yeses to that.

Easter Eggs in All Too Well

If you haven’t watched the short film/music video (watch here) – do it and look for the All Too Well Easter eggs. Here are just a few of the hidden easter eggs in Taylor Swift All Too Well short film:

  • 13:38 – Jake Lyon – read that name out loud.

Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Swift Memes

Speaking of. Of course we have Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhaal memes.

jake gyllenhaal taylor swift meme
Taylor Swift Jake Gyllenhaal meme

Does anyone else wonder why Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t just return the scarf? Is it still at his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal’s house or is it really in a drawer? So many questions and I don’t even like celebrity gossip but thanks to the TikTok algorhitm – can’t stop with the funny about this scarf.

jake gyllenhaal taylor swift meme scarf
Jake Gyllenhaal Taylor Swift Meme – The Scarf

Also did you know you can buy this All to well scarf on Taylor’s website?

Taylor Swift Birthday Memes

Here are Taylor Swift birthday memes to share with your favorite swifties on their bdays. (see our entire collection of funny birthday memes!)

happy birthday taylor swift meme
birthday taylor swift memes

This music legend has given us so much in her 31 years of life. Taylor Swift’s birthday is December 13, 1989. For your favorite aging Swiftie, we maybe getting older but we never go out of style.

taylor swift birthday meme - we maybe getting older but we never go out of style.
taylor swift birthday meme

Based on Taylor Swift Style lyrics – we never go out of style.

Taylor Swift’s Cat

I feel like since we are talking Taytay, we should address the cat lady vibe she so proudly owns. She has 3 cats named Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button. In my next life, I want to come back as one of Taylor Swift’s cats.

taylor swift cat meme - I want to come back as one of Taylor Swift's cats.
Taylor Swift cat meme

Kanye Taylor Swift Meme

Remember that time in 2009 when Taylor accepted her VMA for Best Video by a Female Artist and Kanye stormed the stage to say “I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!” (If you are too young or want to remember the moment, VOX has a great piece on it.)

pete davidson taylor swift kanye meme
Kanye’s Faves – kanye taylor swift meme pete davidson

Fast forward, to a few weeks ago Kanye’s soon to be ex-wife Kim Kardashian is dating Pete Davidson.

Then the Taylor Swift Saturday Night Live happened and who is on the screen together? 2 people that we are sure Kanye love. Kanye’s faves? probably not but funny none the less!

Shake It Off Memes

Who else gets an ear worm everytime you hear Shake it Off? If so, you will love these Shake it Off memes.

taylor swift shake it off meme
shake it off meme taylor swift funny

Parents of toddlers who are potty training or have a tot that loves Elmo will love this Elmo Shake it Off meme (and these funny toddler memes.)

elmo shake it off taylor swift meme
elmo shake it off meme

More Swiftie Memes

The Taylor Swift memes part isn’t stopping there. Here’s more Swiftie love in the form of funny memes.

work taylor swift meme
when your boss tells you to work overtime – see more work memes

Perfect for sharing with your beloved Swiftie.

valentines taylor swift meme
You’re the king baby i’m your queen. (Perfect valentines meme for a swiftie!)

Continuing on with the Taylor Swift memes, this one might hit too close to home *cough* John Mayer *cough* Taylor Lautner *cough* Conor Kennedy *cough* Calvin Harris *cough* Tom Hiddleston *cough* Jake Gyllenhaal *cough*

taylor swift ex boyfriend meme - You're so vain you probably think this song is about you
You’re so vain you probably think this song is about you – ex-boyfriend taylor swift meme

When you are a Taylor Swift fan – whether new or old, Swiftie forever.

swiftie meme
swiftie meme

This expression from Taylor just looks like the face that a mom or dad makes when their kid’s teacher tells them how well behaved their child is. Mom memes and parenting memes – if you can relate.

mom taylor swift meme

Based on the beloved Taylor Swift Champagne Problems song, ask yourself is this a champagne problem? And if you are wondering – yes Katy Perry has a song titled Champagne Problems as well.

taylor swift champagne problems meme - is this a champagne problem?
taylor swift champagne problems meme

Rolling into the weekend, may your days off have you living the best life, like Taylor in a pool, pink fur coat and a cocktail.

taylor swift meme funny
Taylor Swift weekend meme – see more weekend memes

Tis the season, y’all. Enjoy this Christmas Taylor Swift meme – Merry Swiftmas and many more 2021 Christmas memes (and clean Christmas memes) that we have for your enjoyment and sharing.

christmas taylor swift meme
Merry Swiftmas – Taylor Swift Christmas meme

There you have it, 22 Taylor memes for you Swifties. If you aren’t following Taylor on TikTok – make sure you do and if you are sharing her songs, ensure they are the Taylor’s version so that she gets the cred.

And get ready for it. If you love you some female power, just wait until when Adele drops her new album later this week. And yes, we have Adele memes for the occasion.

Share the Memes About Taylor Swift

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Here’s hoping she announces a Taylor Swift tour 2023.

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