5 BEST iPad Cases for Kids

    best ipad cases for kidsLooking for an iPad case that will work well with kids?  We have 2 iPads for our 2 toddlers and we learned early on that in order for them to be able to play with the iPads, we would need to invest in nice iPad case.  If you are in the market for an iPad case for kids or for toddlers – here are a few that we recommend.

    Updated: April 25, 2014

    Check out these 5 Great iPad Cases for Kids:

    Otterbox Defender iPad Case

    ipad defender caseIf you are looking for the best in the defense for you iPad, go with the Otterbox Defender.

    One of the features that I appreciate about this case is the built-in screen protector. I had purchased a separate screen protector and had it on the device. When we upgraded to the newer iPad, I didn’t worry about the screen protector film, this case protected the device enough.

    The Defender line by Otterbox is awesome. It’s built for defense. While this case is bulky, your iPad will be protected and you can worry a little less about your digital investment. We have a Defender on one of our toddlers iPads and had another on an older iPad that we sold.

    Purchase the Otterbox Defender iPad Case

    Griffin Survivor Case

    Griffin iPad Case for KidsI wasn’t sure how the Griffin Survivor case would match up to the Otterbox Defender. We had purchased our second iPad and were needing a case. I decided to try out the Griffin. It had come recommended by another mom and it was cheaper than the Otterbox Defender. I went for it and we still have a protected iPad! The case works great, is very similar in protection to the Defender – would definitely recommend it.

    The Survivor iPad case comes with a built-in screen protector like the Defender.

    Purchase the Griffin Survivor Case


    Lifeproof ipad Case

    lifeproof ipad case for kidsWhile I haven’t used the Lifeproof iPad case, I am sure it will impress. I recently switched my iPad case from an Otterbox iPhone Defender case to the Lifeproof case and WOW, this thing is impressive!  I talked with the team at CES this past year and saw this case first hand. It is super nice!

    If I was a bath person, or had a pool – I would totally invest in one of these. The Lifeproof iPad case, like the Lifeproof iPhone case is WATERPROOF! And in addition to waterproof is drop proof, you can drop the iPad and no harm done to your tablet. Lifeproof even sales a Lifeproof Life Jacket to keep your device afloat in the pool.

    Purchase the Lifeproof iPad Case


    Speck Products iGuy

    speck iguy iPad case

    If you are looking for less protection and more personality with a case, , check out the iGuy from Speck. The iGuy is an iPad accessory perfect for kids. This freestanding foam case comes in various sizes to fit the various iPad versions.

    The iGuy is easy to hold, lightweight and he can stand on his own two feet!

    Purchase the iGuy


    Big Grips Frame

    big grips ipad frameBig Grips Frame was designed specifically for kids!  This frame is made of a soft, squishy and easy to grab foam that’s perfect for little hands.  The squishy foam is made to help cushion a fall, should your kids ever HAPPEN to drop your iPad (I am sure that’s NEVER happened!).

    One of my good friends swears by this iPad case. My toddlers are a little too destructive for me to feel that the iPad would be safe with this case, but you never know! Her child’s iPad has yet to be damaged!  I would recommend a screen protector film if you do opt for this case.

    Also Big Grips offers a Big Grips Stand – which will let your iPad stand up! Perfect if your little ones watch movies on your device.

    Purchase the Big Grips Frame

    Do you have an iPad case that you prefer for kids?

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    • iPad Stands

      All the iPad Cases are great specially iPad 2 iGuy is the perfect accessory for kids.

    • Frely Du

      I like the F1 ipad cases~~~

    • Marilyn K

      Speck iGuy all the way. My little one loves it!!

    • alexchen

      These products are perfect! Thanks for sharing!

    • Nicole

      We have a Gumdrop case and just love it. So sturdy.

    • Alison Nicolson

      I absolutely love this new case that’s on the market called fatframe. It feels lovely to touch and has easy carry handles for my son. We popped a screen cover on it to give some protection from scratching. Boy does it bounce…..


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