5 Great iPad Cases for Kids


5 great ipad case for kids

Looking for an iPad case that will work well with kids?  We’ve rounded up the best in fun and protective cases that work well with children.

Check out these 5 Great iPad Cases for Kids:

Speck Products iPad 2 iGuy

speck iguy iPad case

If you are looking for a case with tons of personality, check out the iGuy from Speck. The iGuy is an iPad accessory perfect for kids. This freestanding foam case fits both the original iPad and iPad 2.

The iGuy is easy to hold, lightweight and he can stand on his own two feet!

Purchase the iGuy at Amazon 


Big Grips Frame

big grips frame for ipadBig Grips Frame was designed specifically for kids!  This frame is made of a soft, squishy and easy to grab foam that’s perfect for little hands.  The squishy foam is made to help cushion a fall, should your kids ever HAPPEN to drop your iPad (I am sure that’s NEVER happened!).

Purchase the Big Grips Frame for iPad
Purchase the Big Grips Frame for iPad 2
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Etch a Sketch iPad Case

etch a sketch ipad case

A childhood classic toy as an iPad case? Yes please! Meet the Etch a Sketch iPad case. Made of impact resistant plastic, the Etch a Sketch iPad case will help protect your iPad while looking fun and cute.

The Etch a Sketch iPad case has rubber feet, felt backing and a retractable stand that allows you to etiher lay your iPad flat or angle it for use with a keyboard.

Purchase the Etch a Sketch iPad Case
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Cars 2 iPad Case

cars 2 ipad caseThe Cars franchise has expanded it’s way to iPads. The Cars 2 iPad case includes a pass-through touch screen to help protect against scratches and sticky fingers. A nylon strap secures the iPad to a car headrest or for easy holding as a carry strap.  A themed stylus is included.

The Cars 2 iPad kit will fit both iPad and iPad 2.

Purchase the Cars 2 iPad Case



Otterbox Defender iPad Case

ipad defender caseIf you are looking for the best in the defense for you iPad, go with the Otterbox Defender.

The Defender line by Otterbox is awesome. It’s built for defense. While this case is bulky, your iPad will be protected and you can worry a little less about your digital investment.

Purchase the Otterbox Defender iPad Case


How Often Do Your Kids Play with Your iPad?

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