STEM Gifts for Kids – Best Ideas For S.T.E.M. Gifting

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It’s that time of year and we have STEM gift ideas for kids to help make your shopping easy!

STEM Toys are a hot item this year for Christmas – but let’s talk about STEM (actually, I should say S.T.E.M.)

STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  STEM Toys encourage learning, playing, thinking in each of those elements.

Stem Gift Ideas for Kids
stem gift ideas for kids

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STEM Gift Ideas for Kids

Two of our boys are already showing interest in engineering. Our oldest son, after watching a Rube Goldberg machine on Youtube – he has been on a mission to create various versions of his own.

While I love his creativity and desire learn how to see this chain of items react – if he could just find the say love with maybe toys and not household items, that would be fabulous.

Here’s a large collection of toys that help foster STEM skills and hopefully help cultivate a love for your child to learn more through play.

App Controlled Robots

I saw these app controlled robots at CES 2014, and I thought “GET OUT OF HERE! MY SON SO NEEDS THIS!” Sphero has created (so far) 2 amazing products that will get your kids playing and learning.

These robots are controlled through an app on your smart phone. And to make this an even cooler tech gift for you kid, these robots can teach your kids to code.

App Controlled Robots
STEM gift Ideas for kids – app controlled robots

Ollie Robot by Sphero

The Ollie robot by Sphero rolls at speeds of up to 14 mph and connects instantly to your device via Bluetooth LE with a range of up to 100 feet. Turn on a dime with the included Nubby Tires or take them off to drift like a street racer.

ollie robot stem toy
STEM Toy – Ollie Robot

Powered by USB charging, Ollie glows in millions of colors and is ready to roll out.
Buy an Ollie

Ollie is an app-controlled robot that is built for speed, doing tricks and having fun while learning STEM. This robot can drive up to 14MPR. It can crash, jump, spin and drift. Thanks to Ollie’s durable shell, it can handle almost anything your kid puts this robot thru!

By using the Sphero Edu app with Ollie – your kid will be able to program using Scratch blocks and writing Javascript.

Ollie comes with 2 blue nubby tires and 2 prime hubs that allow it to drive on all terrain.

With USB charging, Ollie can play for an hour. It connects thru Bluetooth and has a 100 feet range.

Sphero Mini 

The latest addition to the Sphero line of STEM robots is the Sphero Mini. With the Sphero Mini app – your kids will enjoy playing and learning! This little robot is packed with big features. The Sphero Mini is the size of a ping-pong ball. Drive, play addicting games and get the ball rolling by just using your face! 

sphero stem toy gift idea
STEM Toy – Spehero Mini Programmable Robot

This little robot provides hour of fun! The Sphero mini is a small programmable robot. It comes equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and colorful LED lights.

Help your child learn to code with the free Sphero EDU app. The app and Sphero allows you to create and customize games and code your Sphero Mini. You do this by drawing on your screen, using drag and drop coding blocks or writing Javascript.

Sphero helps inspire a new generation of inventors and change makers through hands-on applied learning of coding, science, music and the arts.


GoldieBlox hit the scene last year, with a goal to get girls building.

goldieblox stem toy gift idea
STEM Gift Ideas – GoldieBlox

Goldie Blox and The Builder’s Survival Kit – With more than 190 pieces, GoldieBlox and the Builder’s Survival Kit offers hours of fun and endless possibilities.

Magna-Tiles and Magformers

The boys received a huge set of Magna-Tiles last year for Christmas from my in-laws and these toys are still played with every single day. We have 3 boys, ages 3, 4 and 9-years-old and each will spend hours building with these things.

Sure, we’ve lost several (which means, THIS is what my toddlers’ big Christmas gift will be!) – but I can’t stress enough how durable Magna-Tiles are. Magformers are similar to Magna-tiles – read our Magformer Review.

Magnatile - STEM Gift Idea
STEM Gift Ideas – Magformers

We all hear about magnets and babies or toddlers and how dangerous they are, but these things have been thrown off the balcony from the second story and survived the fall. We have never had a magnet come loose.

Our boys LOVE building towers, and LOVE swiping and destroying the towers that they build. So these blocks go FLYING and we’ve never had one break.

To make any large structures – you will need at least 100 Magna-Tiles, but the smaller packs work as well.

Snap Circuits

Another one of our kid’s favorite on our STEM gift ideas list is Snap Circuits (available on Amazon).

We love visiting Science museums and during a visit our boys discovered Snap Circuits. The idea is that you snap together circuits in an effort to make something happen. Snap Circuits are recommended for ages 2nd grade and up. 

snap circuits stem gift
STEM Gift Ideas – Snap Circuits

Here is what you need to know about Snap Circuits:

  • Build over 500 experiments with 76 Snap Circuit pieces
  • Snap Circuit experiments include: digital voice recorder, AM radio, digitally tuned FM radio, AC generator, screaming fan, whistle switch and much more!
  • The circuit parts included in this circuit set are: snap wires, slide switches, resistors, an FM radio module, and a 7-segment LED display
  • Don’t worry, this is kid friendly. There is no soldering and no tools – it’s a snap! Snap Circuits parts require no tools and and click together to ensure solid electrical connections
  • This STEM gift idea is AWARD-WINNING!Snap Circuits supports a vigorous STEM/ STEAM educational curriculum
  • Snap Circuits are for ages 8 and up.

Science Kits

Next in our guide to the BEST STEM Gifts for Kids, we have science kits! These are great gifts that kids will love and make a great alternative to screen time. Get the kids experimenting! These also make great family activities. 

Science Kits - STEM Learning
best stem gifts for kids – science kits

View our list of Science Kits for Kids!

Happy Shopping! I hope these STEM gift ideas for kids at least help you get a little start on your gift shopping!

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