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Lifeproof Case: Toddler Proof Your Phone

otterbox defender vs lifeproof

For the last several years, I’ve kept my iPhone in an Otterbox Defender case. I love the case, and with toddlers who tend to accidentally throw my phone, it’s a must. My Otterbox case was approaching the year mark and it started to fall apart and knew it was time to buy a new one.

otterbox vs lifeproof

At CES this year, I was introduced to the Lifeproof case. I had heard rave reviews, but hadn’t gotten my hands on one until Vegas. The case was SO thin and if it did what it said it does in way of protection, I was SOLD. I bought a case on Amazon and haven’t regretted it one second, here’s why.


otterbox defender vs lifeproof

The Lifeproof FRE case is so thin. It fits my iPhone like a glove. I can actually slide my phone into my back pocket, something I never could do with my Otterbox iphone case.

lifeproof case reviewProtection

The case protects my phone just as well as the Otterbox did without the bulk.


Another bonus with the Lifeproof case is it is also waterproof. That’s right, I can take my phone in the pool or swimming with the dolphins. I haven’t tried out this feature yet, but I am sure it will be put to use this summer.


The Lifeproof case is designed to work with the Apple charging cord – note: it will not work with Amazon’s certified Apple cord.

More about the case:

1. Design: The thinnest, lightest, toughest, most advanced phone case ever envisioned, designed, and crafted
2. Function: Complete access to every function, button, control, and port
3. Optics: CrystalClear optical-glass lens ensures distortion-free photography
4. Aesthetics: Transparent window showcases the beauty of the Apple design
5. The Four Proofs: Water proof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof seals on all ports, plugs, and buttons
6. Profile: Slim, sleek silhouette stays true to the iPhone 5’s thin design and precision lines
7. Acoustics: Enhanced speaker ports deliver maximum acoustic output and clarity. Channeling sound through the back of the case produces improved base and mid-frequency sound
8. Technology: Packed with everything we already knew about device protection, plus everything we needed to invent, imagine, and create to make it better
9. Materials: Crafted from the most advanced materials available for optimal protection, rugged durability, and long-lasting style