How to Embed Instagram Video Into a Blog Post


So you want to embed Instagram video into a blog post – let me show you how!

Put an Instagram Video Into a Blog Post

put instagram video into blog post

Revised: 7/10/13 with new Instagram update

Instagram announced that there is now a built in share feature allowing you to easily embed Instagram video and Instagram photos into your web pages and blog posts!

How to Embed Instagram Photos

Go to your web profile page – note: if you have a private account, you cannot embed photos or videos from Instagram until you make your account public.

Here is an example of a web profile page:

Click on the photo or video you want to embed.  On the right side under the heart, you will see a share button. Click that button and copy the code into the HTML on your blog post or web page.

How to Embed Instagram Video

That’s it! This is a new update as of July 10, 2013 — if you want to do more work, continue reading….

This is the orignal technique for embedding Instagram videos into blog posts ->

First you want to grab the code for the Instagram video.  Here is how you can find the code.

Visit Instagram Profile Page

Visit the Instagram page of the video you want to embed.  For this example, I will be using my own Instagram page:

how to embed instagram video

Click Instagram Video

Click on the video you want to embed – a page with the video and comments will show.

Visit Instagram Video Page of Selected Video

View Page Source

Right click and get to the menu where you can view page source.

View Instagram Page Source

Copy Instagram MP4 Code

From the page source page – you will be looking for a line of code similar to this:

<meta property=”og:type” content=”video” /> <meta property=”og:video” content=”

The URL after the content=” that ends with .mp4 is what you will want to grab.  Copy that URL.

embed this instagram video mp4 code

Add Code to Blog Post

Next, go to your blog post that you are wanting to Instagram video to be embedded into and paste the following into your TEXT screen (where you drop HTML – this will not work on VISUAL!) — replace the INSERTYOURURLHERE – with the url you have copied featuring the .MP4

You can adjust the height, or also add a width =”xx” if you’d like.  Whatever makes your face smile.

There you have it – that is how you embed an Instagram video into a blog post.  This will also work with a standard HTML page – I personally use Wordpress, not 100% if this will work for Blogger .

Putting Instagram video in blog post

Easy Embed

Let’s hope that in future releases, Instagram video is easy to embed – like it is in now with video from Vine.

YES, it auto plays – unfortunately it will do that since I can’t control the MP4. Thankfully Instagram has a built-in embed feature now!
Side Note: When embedding with an iFrame – the video will NOT show in preview – only when the URL is full published… This tidbit may save you a headache.

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