Stop Your Toddler From Pushing the iPad Button!

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Does your toddler push the iPad home button?  This week on Toddler Talk, we have a solution for button pushing madness!

While my toddlers LOVE the Apple iPad and the iPhone, the thing is I would sit my 2-year-old Izaiah down to watch a movie on the iPad, and what did he do – he pushed the iPad home button! No more movie, a screaming toddler and mommy frustrated!

Toddler Pushing iPad Button Solution

After searching Google up and down, for Toddler Pushing iPad Button –  I found a solution that is working for us the majority of the time! I’ll explain majority later, but let me introduce you to the solution.

Bubcap Review

bubcaps ipad toddler button

No more toddler pushing iPad button with Bubcaps! Bubcaps are hard stickers that you place over the iPad home button so your toddler can’t push it! The stickers stick pretty well. The reason I say this works the majority of the time is because it never fails that the toddler gets bored and starts picking at the sticker and finally makes it budge.

More about Bubcaps

Toddlers are obsessed with pressing buttons, in particular the home button for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Unfortunately when toddlers press this button, it takes the toddler out of their apps!  

stop toddler pushing ipad button

My toddler has called business associates in my contacts, texted weird things and filled my photo album with toddler selfies.  Keep your kids in their toddlers app with the Bub Cap!

bubcaps on ipad
Toddler can’t push the ipad button on the ipad because of Bubcaps!

BubCap adhesive-backed home button cover is the solution to this problem. BubCap home button covers are adhesive-backed, semi-rigid tabs. BubCaps are just rigid enough to keep toddlers from pressing the home button, yet flexible enough that adults can activate the button with a firm push. There are two strengths of BubCap to help fit most family’s needs. The standard BubCap is perfect for younger toddlers, particularly for use before the child has developed an inclination to press the home button. The thicker BubCap Ultra is for older toddlers or those children who are extremely driven to press the home button. The BubCap Ultra also tends to work better than the standard BubCap on the iPad, due to a slightly shallower activation depth on the iPad home button.

On the kid’s iPad we use an Otterbox Defender iPad case. It’s great – this iPad has been thrown down stairs and never suffered a ding!  The Bubcaps works great on this kids iPad case.

Bubcaps are available at Amazon for $6.99

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