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Best April Fools Memes

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It’s APRIL FIRST – which means I must share my favorite APRIL FOOLS MEMES!


April Fools Memes and Jokes for Kids

As both a meme lover and joke pranker, April 1st is one of my faves. This year, we are all stuck indoors, homeschooling kids unexpectedly, washing our hands, staying at home, watching Tiger King.

It’s been a year.

While I will be limiting my pranks, the April Fools memes will go on!

Easy Kids April Fools Joke – Brown Es

Here is a simple April fools prank for kids.

I woke up early (which is a joke in itself) and made my kids and the husband Brownies – I mean BROWN Es.

brown e - kids april fools joke

My poor kids are stuck with a silly mom playing dumb jokes on April first. No brownies, just brown paper cut out into an e.

Funny April Fools Day Memes

You guys know I like LOVE ME SOME FUNNY MEMES – and today, we are sharing our favorite April Fools Memes. 

april fools day memes - rent is due april 1

It maybe April Fools Day – but it’s also April 1. Rent is due.

international man jokes on april first

Oh Joel. We could dedicate a whole series of April Fool Memes with him.

joel olsteen april fools meme - gives his mansion to the poor

FOOL! If you don’t know Mr. T – you need to know about Mr. T.

mr t april fools day memes

Who needs a April Fools when your whole life is a joke. Ouch burn.

will farrell april fools meme

Today is April Fools’ Day. Believe nothing and trust no one. Just like any other day. Share this with your grumpy grandpa who doesn’t trust anyone.

aprils fools day trust

Say April Fools ONE MORE TIME – Okay, Samuel Jackson – we get it.

pulp fiction april fools meme

Steve Harvey has made himself into a meme for all the holidays.


Game of Thrones new season is coming! April 14th – that’s no joke. 

game of thrones – april fools meme

April Fools Day Memes for Dallas Cowboys Fans

As a Texan, of course I love THEM BOYS. Share themes April Fools memes with your favorite Dallas Cowboys fans.

dallas cowboys meme

You know SOMEDAY the Dallas Cowboys will win a Super Bowl. 

jerry jones meme - jerry jones retiring - april fools

Sorry folks, if Jerry Jones retires – it’s his kids that will take over!

April Fools Donald Trump Memes

These next April Fools Memes are themed around Donald Trump. Whether you are a fan of MAGA – Donald Trump – or whether you can’t stand the man, he is our President.

trump putin april fools meme

And like all Presidents that have been in office during the internet years, he too has some hilarious images. Get ready to LOL at these Donald Trump Memes for April Fools Day. 

donald trump april fools meme

Sorry folks, it’s fake news – but pretty funny fake news!

trump april fools day

Donald Trump – April Fool!

trump meme resigns april fools

What if Donald Trump resigns on April 1 and no one believes him?

trump april fools day meme - my only hope for April Fools Day is that Trump announces that this has all been a monumental prank

Here’s another MAGA Meme for April Fool’s Day.


fixing to turn in my guns april fools memes

Annoyed at April Fool’s Day Memes

If you are annoyed at April Fools Day – here are the memes just for you!

not sure if april fools

Hey Batman, the joker is rigged. Nope, not another April Fools meme.

batman april fools memes

Easter April Fools Memes

With Easter right around the corner, these Easter memes themed to April Fools are perfect. Don’t miss our Easter Memes.

easter memes april fools

YOLO Jesus! Don’t miss our funny Jesus Memes – just in time for Easter.

jesus april fools meme

April Fools Day in the Office is Never Fun

The perfect April Fools Day memes to share with your co-workers. Don’t miss our work memes for sharing with co-workers.

Taxes on April Fools

You guys, don’t cheat the government or on your taxes – but this tax meme about April Fool’s Day is pretty hilarious.

doing taxes on april 1

Birthday April Fools Memes

I have 4 friends according to Facebook that have April 1 birthdays.

birthday april fools joke meme

Here are the perfect April Fools Birthday Memes. Share these April 1 birthday memes to celebrate their joke of a bday!

If you want to keep it standard but funny, share one of our other Birthday Memes.

birthday meme april fools joke

One does not simply wish someone’s birthday on April Fool’s day.

april 1 birthday meme

Conceived on April 1st

I’m sorry that your January Birthday means you were probably conceived on April Fool’s Day. HAHAHAHA

Share April Fools Memes on Social

Well there you have it. Our collection of hilarious and funny April Fools Memes.

Have a great day trying to avoid being pranked! Feel free to share these April Fools Day Memes Please either tag us on social @digitalmomblog or link back to Share away and make someone’s day. 

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