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20 Funny Big Brain Memes and GIFs for Genius Smarty Pants


For those smart moments or people, big brain memes are the comeback you need. For those times that you are feeling smart. Or perhaps when your spouse has a brilliant idea. Even better, when your kid thinks big. Celebrate the smart moments!

The first time I heard someone joke about “big brain” the image of the alien dude with a huge brain popped into my head.

big brain alien meme

We all know that intellectual who deserves one these big brain memes.

big brain moment

Big Brain Moment

The perfect big brain meme to respond to a smart move, or even better a not so smart move.

funny big brain meme

This is the perfect meme to share with the kids when they should be studying. Drop them this in a text as a simple reminder to stop playing their game and study for that test!

big brain time meme

Even better, teachers – use this to help encourage your students to think BIG! (Also, we love teachers, and for you we have teacher memes)

Migraine Brain

When your brain is big not because you are smart but because it feels like its going to explode. Thanks migraine!

migraine brain meme

Feeling Kind of Smart

Who else feels smart when their kid gets a good grade because of your help. I mean, this math they are teaching kids these days is NOT the math we learned.

mom big brain meme

Parenting memes, FTW.

Sarcastic Smart Memes

Gotta love a sarcastic meme especially one that flexes your enlarged brain size.

big brain you me meme

For the person who knows it all, this cat smart meme.

cat smart meme well ain't that smart

Or a sarcastic meme because you know, you are smarter than the average bear.

sarcastic big brain meme
what ended in 1896 1895

A yoda smart meme for the very smart. (See our Star Wars memes!)

yoda smart meme very smart you are

Small Brain vs Big Brain Meme

This small brain big brain meme speaks so much in our current world. Want to make your own?

small brain big brain meme this is why i dont argue back
small brain big brain meme

Check out our blank small brain big brain meme template below.

Big Brain Alien Meme

THIS is the image that pops in my head every time someone says “big brain.” It is the alien from the February 1965 Star Trek pilot, titled “The Cage.” These big headed aliens, Talosian aliens captured Captain Christopher Pike.

work big brain meme alien

But alas we know them as the guy from the big brain alien meme. Use this or any of our other work memes to share with your co-workers.

zoom big brain meme alien

For when you or someone you know does something simple but is smart. Like that one and only one co-worker that knows how to use screen share on Zoom.

This is Big Brain Time Meme

While there are multiple versions of the big brain time meme, have you ever wondered where did it come from?

this is big brain time meme when i remember my work password on monday morning

Anyone else feel big brain on a Monday? If not, join the club with these Monday memes.

Meme Origin

Here is the Big Brain meme origin story. Don’t worry – I’ll make this quick. Let’s roll back to April 2019.

Big brain time is the time when you are in a dire situation, everything depends on you, and you have to unleash the brain with a big B. The most renowned “big brain time” is an edited image of Youtube user Markiplier.Quote from slanglang.

it's big brain time meme

Who would have thunk! And here is the video of Markiplier saying “yeah this is big brain time” that has been watched over a million times. Watch Markiplier video.

Bobby Hill Big Brain Meme

Many instances of using the slang big brain have resulted in many funny memes, such as this one of Bobby Hill from King of the Hill.

bobby hill big brain meme

Who else is playing the Wordle game? And if you do, we have so many more Wordle memes for some LOLs.

Watch the Galaxy Brain Bobby Hill video on YouTube.

Know it All Meme

Did you know some people know everything? These know it all memes are to share with those people.

funny know it all meme a know it all is someone who knows everything except how annoying he is

You gotta love when you have a know it all co-worker! Here are more work memes to share with your team.

know it all meme when your co worker thinks they know it all
know it all meme

More Brain Memes

This brain sleep meme is perfect for the insomniac who has a brain that talks to you all night long. If this is something your brain deals with – then check out our sleeping memes.

brain sleep meme are you going to sleep yes i am now shut up
brain sleep meme

This my brain meme is relatable. Who else thinks of memes, tacos, dogs and Star Wars often?

my brain meme
my brain meme

Big Brain Meme Template

Use our free big brain meme template to create your own version of this hilarious meme! Here are several blank big brain memes.

Make Your Own Brain Meme

Download the image of the blank big brain meme template of your choosing.

blank this is big brain time meme template
blank this is big brain time template

Use your favorite graphic tool, we love Canva. It’s an easy meme generator to make your own version of any of these blank brain memes!

blank bobby hill big brain meme template

Share your version with us on the Digital Mom Blog Facebook page so we can share!

blank small brain big brain meme template

Expanding Brain Meme

And while not the big brain memes we’ve been sharing, this felt similar. How about an expanding brain meme?

This is an accurate insomnia expanding brain meme that is a great visual of what my brain is doing when I should be sleeping. But no, it has thoughts to think. See sleeping memes for more sleep and insomnia humor.

expanding brain meme sleeping

Perfect for when you are an ADHD procrastinator. Who else procrastinates because their expanding brain or should I say exploding brain can process and work best right before a deadline? Anyone, Bueller?

expanding meme procrastination an hour before a project is due

Big Brain GIFs

While of course, I love a good meme – but how fun are these big brain gifs! All the big brain fun but in motion.

big brain gif alien

Perfect big brain gif for a reaction to a smart comment.

big brain gif

For when someone has a smart moment, this big brain moment gif.

big brain moment

When you need a brain exploding gif – well here you go.

big brain gif funny

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big brain einstein meme before big brain was cool

If you enjoyed these big brain memes, chances are you will love our other hilarious memes. Happy memeing!

Big Brain Memes are part of the Digital Mom Blog series of Funny Memes

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