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35 Happy Belated Birthday Memes Images for People Who Forget

As well intended as we are, let’s face it these happy belated birthday memes might just help you save face.

If this is you, then as I type this – you are who I am thinking of. Because to tell you the truth, I am you. You are my people.

Best Happy Belated Birthday Memes

Yes, you. If you identify as a person who loves people and cares deeply but perhaps life is crazy, maybe you have a house full of kids or a tad bit ADHD and birthdays slip thru the cracks, we got you with belated birthday memes and images!

happy belated birthday memes late
funny belated birthday memes

If you are coy and want to downplay your late bday greeting, you can always share one of our standard (but funny) birthday memes.

your birthday it was forgot it i did
yoda belated birthday meme

But if you admit you are you and are late, these happy belated birthday memes are perfect for sharing when you forget someone’s birthday! Better late than pregnant, they say.

better late than pregnant happy birthday
late birthday meme

Funny Belated Birthday Memes

We are bringing the funny belated birthday memes so don’t feel bad you were just delayed.

funny belated birthday meme you know im never on time
funny belated birthday meme

Nothing is worse than a busy week, where you are so productive you aren’t even on Facebook. You get some downtime – login to the face of books to find out that you forgot your aunt’s birthday who also shares a birthday with your next door neighbor.

its nacho birthday funny belated meme
nacho belated birthday meme

Hi, I know you but it’s okay – people will forgive you – just admit being late with one or some of these happy belated birthday memes!

little behind birthday meme
happy belated birthday memes – i’m a little behind

Word to the wise – these funny happy belated birthday memes are perfect for co-workers. Especially if your coworker had a bday over a weekend, make sure to send a meme!

guess who forgot to wish you a happy birthday
forgot birthday meme

When I was in corporate America, I loved printing out memes and taping them to my co-worker’s desk! Yes, ironic but that was totally the point!

it was your birthday and guess who forgot it
belated birthday meme

This tactic also works well for every day use, especially when stress in the office is high. Check out our work memes to help make a day better!

Late Birthday Memes Are Fine

Rather than being trendy and wishing your friend a happy birthday on their actual birthday.

happy belated birthday cheers to another year
belated bday meme

I mean, who really wants the gifts and cake covered in confetti when you can just gift your friend a funny belated birthday meme.

late birthday meme - i decided to not be trendy and wish you birthday a day late
be original – sending birthday wishes late

Everyone is sending birthday wishes on the actual date of someone’s birth is fine. But what really matters is when you are late and no one is thinking of your friend or loved one but you are. Because you are late.

late birthday leonardo dicaprio
i’m thinking of you today

Slow to Wish Happy Birthday

When you are slow it’s best to just call it out. If your friend or family member knows you well, chances are that they know that you are slow and they totally didn’t expect to get an on-time bday greeting from you anyways.

happy late birthday turtle slow meme
a little slow but happy birthday

So own your slow with these funny belated birthday memes!

happy belated birthday meme sloth
late birthday sloth meme

Better Late Than Never

We are all busy and unless your friend is a real well let’s just say a not very graceful person, they will forgive you.

happy belated birthday meme late funny
happy late birthday meme

Birthday greetings are better late than never. Just send the belated meme and ask for forgiveness, also don’t be mad at your friend if they are late or forget your special day next year!

better late than never birthday meme
better late than never

Forgot Your Birthday Meme

Don’t you hate when you remember that you forgot an important date? I’ve started putting people’s birthdays in my phone calendar but you have to remember to make it an annual event!

funny happy belated birthday meme forgot
i remembered that i forgot your birthday meme

Or you could just ignore that you are late and reframe it as something else. Donald Trump would!

happy belated birthday trump meme
donald trump belated birthday meme

Now Chuck Norris on the other hand, he would just change the date to today.

belated birthday chuck norris meme
chuck norris happy belated

Happy Belated Birthday Images

If none of the other happy belated birthday images tickle your fancy, fret not we have more.

don't hate me because i'm forgetful. happy belated birthday!
happy belated birthday image

Nobody needs a mainstream friend. Keep it weird, be late.

belated birthday mandalorian birthday
didnt want to be main stream

Sad and chocolate – this belated birthday image of a sad chocolate bar has me dying laughing. This is just too funny and if this doesn’t say I AM SORRY FOR FORGETTING YOUR BIRTHDAY – I don’t know what will.

funny belated birthday meme
sad happy belated birthday

Have a friend that loves the Muppets or Beeker? This belated birthday meme is for them.

cant believe i missed birthday beaker meme
missed your bday

For the Yoda or Star War lover – I mean, with this how could you not be forgiven for forgetting someone’s day of their birth? Don’t miss our Star Wars birthday memes.

belated birthday yoda meme
belated yoda birthday meme

We all have that special friend who either does this face or that you make this face for. And if you don’t, you need to find that friend and not forget their bday. But if you do, make sure you send them this.

belated birthday special friend meme
from your special friend

I think the kids call this happy belated birthday image, “late.”

happy birthday late
funny belated birthday image

Not Late – Just Early

When you aren’t necessarily late, you are just early for the next year.

happy birthday late meme
belated birthday greeting

3 Tips for Remembering Birthdays

Here are 3 tips to help you remember someone’s birthday so next year you can just send a regular birthday meme and not have to *face palm* send a happy belated birthday meme.

always late birthday meme
happy birthday a few days late

Using technology, here are 3 easy and helpful ways to not be that person who is late or forgetful. And if you are that person, don’t worry. Do as I say, not as I do.

gnome belated birthday
funny belated gnome birthday meme
  1. Phone Contacts – Put your friends and family birth dates in your contacts on your phone. By doing this, you will get a notice on your phone’s calendar on their bday.
  2. Facebook – Yes, I know. We all have a love hate relationship with FB. This is the only way that I have any recollection of birthdays – yes family included. You can actually see birthdays now a few days in advance on Facebook home screen’s right sidebar when on your computer.

    This is helpful to know and has saved me many times when someone special is about to turn a year older! (If you have quit Facebook – Facebook quitter memes are perfect for those who have quit the book of faces.)
  3. Family Google Calendar – get that Type A person in your family to create a family Google calendar featuring all of your family members’ birthdates. Add in your friends dates as well. Make the Google family birthday calendar shareable so now there isn’t an excuse when you forget your sister’s birthday.

Share the Happy Belated Birthday Memes

Happy Belated Birthday Memes are meants for sharing. I mean, if you are forgetting dates or being late – and can’t get a birthday gift to your friend, family or loved on – yo

belated birthday morgan freeman meme
morgan freeman birthday voice – you know your heard him say this

As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these happy belated birthday memes help you wish someone a special greeting on their day or get you out of trouble for forgetting.

this was me knowing i was forgetting something... i forgot your birthday!
forgot your birthday meme

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