Texas Heat Humor

Why is it so hot in Texas? Let's laugh thru our summer heat wave misery with these memes.

How HOT is it in Texas?

No rain, high temperatures has all Texans during the summer months feeling like these candles.

Texas Heat is This Hot!

It's too hot in Texas, y'all. Corn husks be popping popcorn in this hot Texas weather.

2 Seasons in Texas

We have 2 seasons here in Texas. There is summer and then winter though usually they alternate days during the same week.

2 Seasons in Texas

Fear not, we have the Texas Winter memes for when that cold weather blows in. For now, we will keep complaining about the heat!

100+ Degree Days

Did you know in 2011 - Texas had 40 consecutive 100 degree plus days. We had 71 total summer days with temps over 100 degrees!

In summer 1980, Texas had 42 consecutive days between June 23 - August 3, 1980 that were over 100 degrees!

So when you hear Texans complaining about the heat, know this is why!

Texas Power Grid

Let's not forget, Texas has an unstable power grid. ERCOT is encouraging Texans to conserve energy in 100 degree temperatures. #FixTheGrid

No Rain

North Texas had 40 days with no rain this summer. It's time to start praying for rain and doing rain dance!

Summer in Texas

Texans be like, it wasn't this hot last summer. Every year we say it, and yet the following year feels even hotter than the one before.

Hot and Humid

Hot and humid, Texas is like a sauna during the summer months. See all of our funny Star Wars memes for more Yoda humor!

So Hot in Texas

It's so hot in Texas, we installed these outdoor fans. Does it work, no. But they do help the Texas grid failing (for now.)

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