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Moving Made Fun: Top 20 Memes to Lighten the Load


With the real estate market as hot as it is, these funny moving memes are perfect for anyone who is taking the plunge and making the move. As a self proclaimed gypsy, the thought of moving is exhilarating. Then the reality hits that I have 4 kids in school with friends and a home that we love and the thought of moving brings on all the anxiety.

Best Moving Memes

If you are on the move or know someone who is, these funny moving memes will be relatable. Whether you are moving to work or are moving to Texas, congrats – and bless.

moving memes

Let’s take you thru the stages of moving. Before you move, first comes..

Packing Memes

First thing, we gotta pack up the house. If you think moving sounds like a great idea, lets laugh at these packing moving memes. This is really how it goes. You start with packing all the things and it quickly moves to throwing out or giving away all the things.

moving packing meme
packing moving meme

Then comes the part of packing boxes where you just try to forget about the fact that you are moving.

moving packing meme
moving packing meme

But you have to like what Dory would say… just keep packing.

just keep packing meme

Then if you have ADHD like me, you forget about packing again – and prefer singing in the hills.

not packing meme moving

You find better things to do than pack moving boxes because lets face it, there is literally EVERYTHInG to do that is better than packing.

moving house stress meme

Friends Helping Move Memes

Here are some truths about the early years when my husband and I moved often.

We learned that we better make lots of friends to help us move since family quit (which we don’t blame them) during our 3rd move in a year. Check out these moving tips.

moving furniture meme

And then later in life you become the friend who goes to help your friends move but complain the entire time in hopes they don’t want your help.

funny helping friends move meme

Funny Moving Day Memes

Maybe you are like me and wait until the last minute to pack. Like so last minute that friends, family and the movers who aren’t suppose to be packing are the ones packing. The time does finally arrive, yes moving day memes for the big day!

moving out meme

Look at those finally packed moving boxes. Oh a moving tip – we used these moving bags from Amazon last time. There were some boxes used, but for clothes the moving bags were awesome.

excited moving day meme

Brace yourself, moving day is here.

moving day meme
moving day meme

Now a days, as much of an expense it is, we hire the moving company. Movers aren’t cheap, but neither is a hurt back.

moving company meme

Funny Moving Furniture Memes

These funny moving furniture memes are too hilarious. This is what happens when you let friends move you. Kidding, sometimes it’s a creative husband who tries to complete the move in one load without a moving truck.

furniture moving meme funny

Real men move in one trip. Not really, don’t try this please.

funny moving furniture meme

Moving Boxes Meme

Then after moving day is the aftermath. The moving boxes meme should have been printed and hung in our garage for the first 5 years that we lived in this house.

moving boxes meme
moving boxes meme

Then you move.

moving away meme

Yay memes because it’s over!

moving meme on the internet

Not sure which day is worse, moving day or the day after moving.

moving day funny meme

And just when you think you are never moving again – a new opportunity shows its face.

moving again meme

Moving on Up Memes

And in honor of these moving memes, we give you moving on up memes. Who didn’t just adore George Jefferson on the Jefferson’s.

moving on meme
moving on up meme

I can’t see the words Moving On Up without singing the Jefferson’s theme song in my head.

moving on up meme

Share the Memes About Moving

We hope you enjoyed these funny moving memes and that your move goes a lot easier and less stressful then shown in these memes.

funny moving meme

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