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Trick or Treat Guide for Parents – Everything You Need to Know About Halloween with Kids

Trick or Treat Guide for Parents

This will be our 17th Halloween with kids. We have 4 kids, so the Halloween season is never boring. 

Each year, it never fails that social media is filled with questions and controversy surrounding the Halloween holiday. Hopefully this Parents Guide to Halloween will answer all of your questions in regards to what to expect and general rules to follow. We will update this each year, to ensure as things change – you are in the know. Some of these Halloween topics may be things you don’t agree with. I’m sharing this info from what I have learned over the last 17 years of parenting and doing the trick or treat thing on Halloween.

trick or treat parents guide

Halloween is October 31st

Let’s just start by stating the obvious. Halloween is Thursday, October 31, 2019. Thursday is a school night for most districts – so people in your area may be asking…

When is Trick or Treating?

While most people still honor the time old tradition of trick or treating on Halloween (Thursday, October 31st) – there are some communities that are changing the date due to it being a school night. Check with your local community to see if there is an alternative Halloween date. This trend hasn’t caught on everywhere. Make sure that you have your candy ready, if the trick or treating date is changed in your area!

What Time Does Trick or Treating Start?

Trick or Treat times vary typically depending on the age of the child. In our neighborhood, we see little kids starting around 6:00 pm. When it gets dark at sun down (around 6:45 pm here in Texas) – is when the bulk of the Halloween door hopping happens.

trick or treat hours

Our trick or treat time usually begins around 7:30 pm and goes until 9:00 pm. The last round of the kids trick or treating, usually happens around 9:15 – 9:30pm. 

How Old is Too Old to Trick or Treat?

Let me ask this, how young is too young to trick or treat? I had my baby out when he was just a few months old. So how old is too old to trick or treat? My opinion – after high school. I know this is a hot topic, interestingly – it seems that its mostly parents of young kids who are most vocal about teenagers out on Halloween.

At one time I too thought it was weird when a 6 foot mummy showed up at our door, but as my kids have gotten older – my opinion on the how old is too old to trick or treat topic – has changed.

Teens Trick or Treating Age Limit

As a mama to 2 teenagers who both want to trick or treat this year, I say – let kids be kids. As crazy as the world is for our teens – if they want to dress up and have fun on Halloween – let them! That said, make sure your teenagers are being respectful, polite and trick or treating during normal hours. 

trick or treat age limit

Our oldest teen and her friends go out on a golf cart and trick or treat. We live in an area with acreage so house hopping takes work. They make it a fun night, respect others and just are enjoying themselves – which they should! Before you know it, those teens will be graduated and out of your house. Let them create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Trick or Treat Bags

Our favorite Trick or Treat bags are pillowcases. Call us old school, but the nostalgia of grabbing a pillowcase as a trick or treat bag is just gold! 

What is Trunk or Treat?

Trunk of Treat is a Halloween activity for kids, typically held at a church as an alternative to Halloween trick or treating. Interestingly, this seems to be more of a southern thing! These local trunk or treat Halloween events are typically held close to the date of Halloween. Parents decorate their car trunks, truck beds or SUV backs and hand out candy. Kids come dressed in costume and go from vehicle to vehicle, like they would door-to-door if they were trick or treating – to gather candy and treats. 

For amazing Trunk or Treat ideas, my friend Mariah always knocks it out of the park with here amazing ideas!

Meaning of Teal Pumpkins

In recent years, you may have noticed that teal pumpkins are on porches – but do you know the meaning? Yes! There is a meaning of teal pumpkins, it isn’t just a trend! By putting out a teal pumpkin, you are letting parents know that the you are handing out Halloween treats that are non-food related, typically a trinket or a toy.

teal pumpkin meaning

Why? Food allergies! A number of children have food allergies. The Teal Pumpkin Project was started to help all kids, enjoy the holiday – regardless of food allergies. Read more about the project here. 

Trick or Treating with Little Kids

If you are trick or treating with little kids – here are a few things I recommend bringing. 

trick or treating tips
  • Wagon (or you will be carrying them!)
  • Flashlight
  • Water Bottle
  • Patience (just keeping it real!)

Something else to think about is costumes for kids. I’ll never forget the year we built our toddler a robot costume, with functioning lights and all! The problem, it was totally uncomfortable and he didn’t last wearing the costume for very long! Remember to choose your kids’ costume wisely!

Popular 2019 Costumes for Kids

If you are looking for a popular 2019 costume for kids, heres what we expect to see at our door this Halloween!

best costumes for kids

Inflatable Dinosaur

The inflatable dinosaur costume is one of those epic costumes for kids that won’t die (unlike dinosaurs!). 

Available on Amazon

Wavy Arm Tube Man

We actually did a DIY tube man costume a few years ago, but this wavy arm tube man costume doesn’t require the DIY!

Available on Amazon

Forky from Toy Story

The beloved fork, Forky from the Toy Story 4 movie will sure to be a top 2019 costume! View all Toy Story 4 Costumes.

Available on Amazon

Descendents 3 Costume

With the popularity of the Descendents 3 movie – I suspect many kids will be wearing either Mal, Aubrey, Evie, Uma or Celia costumes!

Available on Amazon

E.T. Costume

ET Phone Home – This E.T. costume just needs a special glowing finger to complete the look.

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Halloween 2019 Guide

I hope this answers parents’ questions about trick or treating, and general info about Halloween 2019. Enjoy this fun holiday with your kids, they grow up way too fast!

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