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Tornado Memes – 12+ Funny But Not Images About Twisters

When the weather gets crazy, we share the tornado memes.

After weeks of zero rain, the weather did a complete 180. Good ol’ Texas went from drought conditions to tornado watches and warnings. Rather than fret the crazy, we are sharing the twister humor.

Funny Tornado Memes

We are on hour 18 of non-stop rain. The water is trying to creep into the house, the clouds are turning black, wind is blowing hard and the severe weather warnings have started.

tornado memes
funny tornado memes

Do you know what’s funny about tornadoes? Absolutely nothing but these funny tornado memes.

tornado sirens dads in the south be like
funny tornado meme

Tornado Season Memes

Let’s get ready to rumble, or hopefully not. Here are the tornado season memes for when the weather starts to stir crazy style.

brace yourself tornado season is coming
tornado funny

Tornado season here in Texas runs January thru December. Okay, maybe not. The peak “tornado season” for the southern Plains (e.g., Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas) is from May into early June.

get ready for tornado season my pretties
tornado season meme

On the Gulf coast, it is earlier in the spring. In the northern Plains and upper Midwest (North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota), tornado season is in June or July. (source:

tornado weather may the odds be in your favor
tornado meme funny

When the Next Door app is having a massive debate and the moderators either delete the thread or stop comments all because people are arguing over whether it was high winds or a F1 tornado.

storm it was tornado it was not
storm meme

Don’t miss our Texas memes and yes, Texans are totally like this. Just follow our local news channels on Facebook to check out all of the “viewer submitted tornado videos.”

texans during tornados be like better go outside to get video so i can post on facebook
texas tornado meme

First put on the ruby red glitter slippers. Next, close your eyes and click your heels together, darling and repeat after me. There is no place like home. There is no place like home. There is no place like home. Then you remember what home looks like.

remember there is no place like home
wizard of tornado meme

Parents with toddlers who have survived those years will understand this toddler tornado meme. Don’t miss our toddler memes.

toddlers be like challenge accepted
tornado toddler meme

If you don’t take a photo, did it even happen?

gen z be like tornado better take a selfie or it didnt happen
tornado selfie meme

Thank you Twister for making me always look for the flying cows. Did you know that the strongest tornadoes have rotating winds of more than 250 mph?

tell me im not the only one who is always looking for the flying cow in tornado
cow tornado meme

Tornadoes can be more than one mile wide and stay on the ground for over 50 miles.

Tornado Watch vs Warning Memes

There is the tornado watch. Then when stuff gets real, there is a tornado warning. Some how these get confused, so don’t worry – we have the tornado watch vs warning memes for easy explanation.

tornado watch vs warning meme
tornado watch vs warning meme

This taco tornado warning meme describes it best. See when you are on a taco watch – you have the ingredients and a taco is possible. A taco warning is when the tacos are made and you are having tacos like right now.

tornado taco watch vs taco warning
taco tornado watch meme

The same comparison can be made with a cupcake. See, all the stuff is here and the ingredients are just right for a cupcake. But BAM, cupcake warning – you are definitely have cupcakes.

cupcake watch vs cupcake warning
tornado warning vs watch meme

Know the difference.

know the difference between a tornado watch tornado warning
wizard of oz tornado meme

Tornado Warning Meme

When it feels like the entire state is under a tornado warning.

everyone gets a tornado warning
tornado warning meme

Tornado sirens mean take immediate cover.

tornado sires nto sure if that means i should take cover or if they are just warning me it could happen
tornado meme

Marked Safe from Tornado Meme

Mark yourself safe.

marked safe from the tornado today
marked safe from tornado meme

Share the Memes About Tornadoes

First and foremost, stay safe. While we love a good LOL – take cover before sharing the tornado memes!

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