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Best Teachers Be Like Memes – For Our Tired Educators

Teachers be like memes – a good laugh for our friends who are educating our kids (and future!)

Teachers are tired. Parents who are acting as teachers because of virtual learning are done. Homeschool teachers, bless you.

Funny Teachers Be Like Memes

For anyone who is doing this hard job, these hilarious teachers be like memes are just for you.

New Teachers Meme

New teachers be like meme I have seven days of meetings and four hours to work on my classroom.
New teachers be like I have seven days of meetings and four hours to work on my classroom.

I’ll never forget when my friend became a new teacher her telling me how many hours outside of the classroom are required.

Teachers work way more than the typical school hours. Teaching is an around the clock job.

School Dismissal

Teachers be like, the bell doesn't dismiss you. I dismiss you.

Teachers be like, the bell doesn’t dismiss you. I dismiss you.

When school dismissal roles around, and the bell rings – who has students jump up and try to leave before it’s time?

Students Talking

talking teachers be like memes
Teachers be like who’s talking while i’m talking?

Maybe the good thing with remote learning is that kids can be muted? Just trying to find the positive here! Seriously though, teachers – this has to be a huge bonus!

Be Quiet Teacher Meme

teachers be like meme waiting
Teachers be like i’m just gonna wait until it’s quiet.

Can you image trying to keep 20 students quiet while you try to teach them things that they need to know. I mean, I can’t keep 4 kids quiet while they are stuffing food in their face. No idea how a teacher keeps an entire class quiet! That’s magic.

Teacher Stress

teacher stress meme

Teachers be like memes like this one just make me laugh.

The stress of being a teacher has always been real. But with the crazy of the pandemic has only brought on more crazy. From having to teach at home or on zoom – we even have teachers who have to teach in the classroom and online at the same time!

A perfect storm of quarantines, layoffs, retirements and resignations has public schools scrambling to get enough bodies to keep school afloat next semester.
Why it matters: Districts are desperate to keep classes going and are stretched thin by the sometimes competing needs of in-person and distance learning.

Bruh Meme

bruh meme for teachers

This teachers be like meme just has me rolling. BRUH – I can only imagine my son’s virtual teacher saying this to herself.

Math Teachers Be Like

math teachers be like

Math teachers be like – you will need this in real life.

Rowdy Kids

Teachers be like memes are you bleeding or dying no sit down

Last year, I volunteered in my son’s classroom. The school volunteer shift was 45 minutes. In that short 45 minutes, there were 7 kids sent to the nurse or office.

Especially elementary kids, the constant TEACHER I’M HURT or something similar is real. Bless these teachers, school nurses and school administrators!

Remote Teacher Meme

remote teachers meme - i'm sorry I am interrupting your nap
remote teachers meme – i’m sorry I am interrupting your nap

While I try to be involved with our kids schooling, when your kids start virtual learning you are instantly immersed in your child’s school activities.

I have to admit, more than one time we have caught one certain child ASLEEP at his desk or sneaking his school laptop into bed and falling asleep. It makes you wonder how many times on a zoom call a teacher catches a kid napping or who knows what else they see!

Virtual Teacher Gift

Looking for the perfect virtual teacher gift? Here is something that they deserve – a custom wine glass!

virtual teacher gift
perfect virtual teacher gift

Also is a great gift for moms who have to serve as teacher even though they have another full-time job. *raises hand*

Thank You to Teachers!

Say a prayer for your kids teachers. Their jobs are so important and the impact that they play on the future of our kids is real.

Teachers, thank you for what you do.

Teachers Be Like Memes are a part of the Digital Mom Blog Funny Memes series