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Free Summer Bucket List Printable

Stop summer boredom with our summer bucket list template

Do everything you want to do this summer by writing a summer bucket list!   Every year, there is a list of things I want to do with my kids. Somethings are big, others are just small little activities to make memories. Then summer happens.

kids summer bucket list pdf

The days go by and the kids scream they are bored. Well, not this summer…. well I am sure they will scream about being bored – but this year I have something to point them to…. cue summer bucket list….

Free Summer Bucket List Template Printable

Use this handy dandy (and isn’t it cute) free summer bucket list printable to write down all of your summer must-do’s.  There are 32 slots to write your bucket list items and a place to check off when you are done. There are several surprises and trips that the kids don’t know about that I kept off of ours. Try to include several fun action items that you already have the stuff for.

Talk to your kids and find out what they want to do this summer. Include their ideas and your own on this list.  Then print this out and place is somewhere that the whole family can easily find!

Not sure what to do with the kids? Fear not, here are 75 Summer Bucket List Ideas to add to your list!

When your kids yell I AM BORED, and you yell LOOK AT THE SUMMER BUCKET LIST!

Hopefully this will help cure the I AM BORED with your kids. I sure hope it will with mine. Plus, we will actually do things that I had set out to do!

Free Summer Bucket List Template

Summer is a week and a half away here at our house.  The kids are getting antsy as the final day of school approaches and I so cannot wait for no homework and no more waking up at 6:45 in the morning! Here’s to a GREAT summer!

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