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Best Thanksgiving Side Dish Instant Pot Recipes

Make your Thanksgiving sides in no time with these thanksgiving menu Instant Pot recipes. 

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish Instant Pot Recipes

This past year, our family has become a family of IP users.  That said, I know several of these Instant Pot Thanksgiving recipes will be used for our family feast!

thanksgiving side dish recipes

I don’t know about you, but for me – it’s all about the Thanksgiving sides. What is better than Thanksgiving sides? THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes Made in the Instant Pot

It's that time of year. In just a few weeks, a plethora of family and friends will gather to eat, drink and be merry and grateful. The only problem is that you have to do the cooking. We don't want that to be a problem - we've got you covered with Instant Pot recipes for your side dishes for Thanksgiving.

Here are the best Thanksgiving sides to cook in your Instant Pot. They are organized below and we hope that you find just the recipes you need to complete your Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving Vegetable Side Dishes

Looking for some veggies to add to your menu? We've rounded up several Thanksgiving vegetable side dish Instant Pot recipes.

Traditional Thanksgiving Side Dishes 

Somethings people expect on the table each and every year. Here is a collection of traditional Thanksgiving side dish Instant Pot recipes.

Unique Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

Make it unique! Want to spice things up this year? These Unique side dishes for Thanksgiving all can be made in the Instant Pot and aren't too far out there!

Whether you are looking for easy Thanksgiving sides or traditional Thanksgiving sides, the Instant Pot can not only make your food in a jiffy – it will make it delicious.  

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