20 Hilarious Alexa Memes About the Popular Amazon Personality

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If you have an Amazon device, you will love these funny Alexa memes.

When Amazon released the Echo, I thought this would be a cool device. What I know about it that I know now – who knew this thing and the A.I. Alexa personality or should I say digital assistant would become so much of our day to day.

Funny Alexa Memes

The jokes are non-stop about this digital Amazon personality. We are here for it!

alexa memes
alexa memes

From the Amazon Alexa play meme to hey Alexa – share these funny Amazon Alexa memes with your favorite tech enthusiast or person who fears Alexa is big brother, recording everything you are saying.

alexa make all these people leave my house. okay playing nickeback
nickelback meme alexa

Nobody pregnant is even considering naming their kid Alexa. Thanks, Amazon!

dont name your kid alexa
meme alexa

I asked my husband why he was talking so quietly in the house. He said he was afraid that Mark Zuckerberg was listening through the Facebook app. I laughed, Alexa laughed.

funny alexa meme
alexa meme

No shade to us women in this funny Alexa meme, because let’s face it. We know what we want, it’s just a lot.

i asked alexa what women wanted and she hasn't shut up for 7 days
alexa what women want meme

First, Alexa I’m going to need you to put up the Christmas Tree.

alexa put up the christmas tree meme
alexa christmas meme

Then, could you wrap the Christmas gifts? (yes, we have Christmas memes!)

alexa christmas meme 2021
alexa funny meme

Then when Christmas is over, hey Alexa – take down the Christmas decorations. One can only wish it would be that easy!

hey alexa take down the christmas decorations
alexa take down the christmas decorations meme

Told my kids to play outside and they thought it was a band. Heard one of them ask Alexa to play songs by Outside. (Another great tweet from @simoncholland.)

told my kids to play outside and the thought it was a band. heard one of them as alexa to play songs by outside
alexa meme

Parenting memes for the parents trying to raise these kids in this wild world.

Did you know that by 2025, 130 million Amazon Echo speakers are projected to be shipped worldwide.

Also, make sure you are using the Amazon Echo as an intercom! This is now our number one way we are using on Amazon Echo Dot.

Alexa Play Memes

The original Alexa play meme was the below despacito funny.

this is so sad alexa play despacito
alexa play meme

Alexa play memes, this is so sad is a catchphrase that was popular in 2018 so of course, the internet meme’d it!

It is the spooky month after all. Might as well use Alexa for a prank. Though, be warned you can go thru the Amazon Alexa app and listen to voices that told her what to do.

next time you are at a friends house tell alexa to play spooky music at 3am
funny alexa meme

Hey Alexa Meme

You have to love a funny hey Alexa meme, poking fun on life and the digital assistant. If only we could just use her as a genie and have her do all the things.

hey alexa remind me to go to the gym. okay ive added gin to your shopping list
alexa funny meme

The trigger word to activate an Amazon device is “hey Alexa” followed by the command. Hence, the funny hey Alexa memes.

hey alexa whats the weather why we all know you arent going anywhere
funny hey alexa meme

More Funny Memes About Alexa

Here are more funny Alexa memes for you to share and enjoy.

alexa data meme
alexa data meme

Alexa has jokes. Are they funny? Well, define funny.

ask alexa to tell you a joke
alexa joke meme

While there are tons of skills to try, this Alexa intruder alert meme is a fun one to do with the kids.

create an alexa intruder alert
alexa intruder alert meme

Alexa, turn off my brain. Cue the insomnia memes.

hey alexa turn off my brain
alexa brain meme

Remember that time Jeff Bezos bought Whole Foods. Yeah, still not over that.

jeff bezos alexa buy some groceries from whole foods. alexa okay buying whole foods
alexa jeff bezos meme

Election day is almost here, if only we could just get this tech gadget to get people to the polls. Share the vote memes.

alexa remind everyone to get out to vote
alexa vote meme

Anyone else have an Alexa that will not listen to you? Seriously – on one of our Echo devices my husband can ask her something, NO problem. I ask her something and you would think the speaker is off. I’m sure I look like this chaotic bird yelling.

alexa bird meme
alexa bird meme

More funny Alexa memes of things I wish she could do. See our laundry memes.

alexa laundry meme
alexa laundry meme

For anyone who has or had a baby, I’m sure you can relate to this Alexa skill wish.

baby crying alexa meme
baby crying alexa meme

After a long work day to look up and find out it’s only 2 pm. This comes from our funny collection of work memes!

alexa friday meme
alexa friday meme

A classic, Alexa skip to Friday.

alexa skip to friday memes
friday alexa meme

Alexa Wiretap Meme

The funny thing about Alexa, well – actually is it really funny? This Alexa wiretap meme is quite humorous, considering the fear of big brother.

people in the 60s vs people today wiretap
alexa wiretap meme


Here are interesting questions, answers and stats about Amazon’s Alexa.

Why did Amazon name its virtual assistant Alexa?

when you accidentally call alexa siri
alexa siri meme

Amazon chose the name Alexa because it “was inspired by the Library of Alexandria and is reflective of Alexa’s depth of knowledge,” Lauren Raemhild, a public relations specialist for Amazon. “When choosing a wake word, we considered both technical characteristics from a speech recognition perspective and customer feedback.” (source: Washington Post)

How many Amazon Alexa skill are there?

In January 2016, Amazon’s Alexa only had 130 skills. Now, Alexa has over 100,000 skills.

What year did Amazon launch Alexa?

Amazon launched Alexa in 2014.

How many devices use Amazon Alexa?

There are over 100,000 smart home devices that support Alexa.

alexa devices alexa devices everywhere
alexa devices meme

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