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Best Music for Babies: 10 Albums Parents Will Also Enjoy

As parents of four beautiful children, including our newborn Zeke, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding and appreciation for the profound impact of music for babies.

best music for babies

This photo of our son Zeke gained internet virality after his birth. Since he was tiny, music has been a huge part of his environment and an integral part of our nightly routine.

Music for Babies

From the gentle melodies that fill his crib to the soothing lullabies that accompany his dreams, music has played a vital role in creating a nurturing and comforting environment for our little ones.

With each passing night, as we tuck our kids into bed, the familiar strains of baby music fill the air, guiding them into a peaceful slumber.

Best Baby Music to Stream

Introducing our carefully curated selection of top baby albums to stream—these are more than just lullabies; they’re musical gems that have woven themselves into the fabric of our family’s story.

modern baby music

From familiar artists to captivating melodies, these albums aren’t just for babies; they’re tunes that parents of all ages will enjoy. Soothing yet engaging, these songs evoke memories and emotions, creating a soundtrack that resonates with every member of the family. Explore our list and discover the magic of music that transcends generations.

Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles

This album transforms the timeless hits of The Beatles into gentle lullabies, offering a nostalgic journey for parents while providing a calming soundscape for babies. The familiar melodies played softly help in soothing the baby and can be a delightful experience for parents who are fans of The Beatles, creating a serene environment conducive to sleep.

Listen to Lullaby Renditions of The Beatles

Here Comes the ABCs

This album is educational and entertaining, introducing babies to the alphabet in a fun and musical way. It’s appealing to parents because it combines the joy of music with early learning for their child, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging for both.

they might be giants music for babies

Plus, let’s be honest – I’m a long time They Might Be Giants fan. Listening to the voices that shaped who I am but in a form for babies? Sign me up!

Listen to Here Comes the ABC’s

Lullaby Renditions of Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s iconic songs are reimagined as lullabies in this album, offering a rock twist to bedtime music. This can be particularly appealing for parents who are fans of the band, as it allows them to share their musical tastes with their little ones in a soothing, sleep-friendly manner.

Listen to Lullaby Renditions of Pearl Jam

Baby Einstein Lullaby Classics

This album features classical music tailored for babies, known for its beneficial effects on brain development. The soft renditions of classical pieces can help in calming babies and inducing sleep, while parents can appreciate the high-quality, enriching musical experience it provides.

Listen to Baby Einstein Lullaby Classics

Kids Bop 25

Although not traditionally a lullaby album, Kids Bop 25 features kid-friendly versions of contemporary hits. It’s great for daytime play and can be a fun way for parents to introduce their babies to a variety of musical genres, promoting an early appreciation for music.

Listen to Kids Bop 25

Ther Merry Goes Round by Jewel

Jewel’s soothing voice and the album’s gentle melodies create a peaceful listening experience for babies. For parents, it’s a chance to enjoy the artistry of Jewel in a format that’s also enjoyable and calming for their children.

Listen to. The Merry Goes Round – Jewel

Lullaby Renditions of U2

This album brings U2’s hits into the nursery as soft, instrumental lullabies. It’s a unique way for parents to share their love for U2’s music with their babies, providing a tranquil soundtrack that can help in soothing and settling babies down for sleep.

Listen to Lullaby Renditions of U2

Sing-a-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George

The album features Jack Johnson’s gentle vocals and acoustic melodies, making it perfect for winding down. The connection to the beloved character Curious George adds an element of fun and familiarity, appealing to both parents and babies alike.

Listen to Sing-A-Longs & Lullabies

Sleepytime Tunes: Lullaby Tribute to Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews Band’s songs are transformed into instrumental lullabies, blending the band’s distinctive sound with a sleep-friendly format. It’s a creative way for parents to enjoy their favorite Dave Matthews Band songs while providing a soothing environment for their babies.

Listen to Sleepytime Tunes: Lullaby Trib Dave Matthews

Daddy Plays: Acoustic Rock Lullabies

This collection features acoustic renditions of classic rock songs. It’s designed to soothe babies with the soft melodies while keeping parents engaged with acoustic versions of songs they love, creating a shared musical experience that’s both comforting and enjoyable.

Listen to Daddy Plays: Acoustic Rock Lullabies

As you journey through the world of music for babies with your little one, may these albums fill your home with warmth, joy, and cherished memories. Whether it’s the gentle hum of a lullaby or the uplifting rhythm of a familiar tune, let the power of music for babies continue to bond and uplift your family.

From bedtime routines to playful moments, may these melodies be the backdrop to countless precious moments shared together. As parents who have experienced the transformative power of music for babies firsthand, we hope that these albums bring as much joy and comfort to your family as they have to ours.

Here’s to the magic of music for babies and the beautiful moments it creates, today and always.


Monday 18th of May 2015

Hi! Just thought I'd share how much I love these baby music albums. I had not heard of these before and what a fun thing to add to my baby's night time routine. My baby is now 9 months, finally sleeping thru the night. I say that hoping for no more sleep regression.


Monday 30th of December 2013

My baby loves music and these baby music albums are great. And love the photo of the baby in headphones, so cute.

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