Sash Bag Review: Perfect Crossover Bag for Moms

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GUYS, I want to introduce you to the Sash Bag. Sash Bag recently sent me over one of their black fringe SashBags to review and OMG I LOVE this thing.

sash bag review
sash bag review

I thought I would make you a little video so you can see this purse alternative in action.

Sash Bag Review

So I typically carry a Coach wristlet. Each Christmas I buy myself a new one. I love carrying something easy peasy that will double as a wallet, but carries my iPhone and keys, so the wristlet has worked. Then I received my Sash Bag.

sash bag

Here’s the deal. I don’t do purses. Clutch bags, no way. Messenger bags, yes but I end up stuffing my life in them.  I have 2 toddlers and 2 older kids and I just keep a backpack in the car with diaper supplies.

The Sash Bag wears like a messenger bag without the bulk. It’s super light-weight, ultra cute, stylish and there is NO keeping up with it!

There is ample room for my keys, cards, iPhone, sunglasses and other simple what have yous. And did I mention I carry it HANDS FREE! I am all about no fuss.  Sure, I could carry an ugly fanny pack, but no thank you. (But you do know those will come back in style soon, just wait…)

The black leather fringe sash bag offers several compartments. It is VERY well made. The straps are adjustable so you can wear at various lengths.  Did I mention it’s super cute?

MOMS – this really is ideal for carrying on the go. You have 2 free hands and don’t have to worry about wear you left your purse. Don’t miss our mom memes, mamas!

This past weekend we were at a Summer kick-off party at our kids’ new school. I had 2 different women compliment the Sash Bag and inquire about how much it holds and where they can find it.

Not a leather fan, no worries, Sash Bag offers a variety of materials and colors.

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