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7 Fitbit Improvements I’d Love To See

I am still absolutely loving my Fitbit, even though I do admit – I miss the Garmin Vivofit battery. It’s made me increase my steps, watch how many calories I am burning and also has been a key player in me getting a good night’s sleep. That said, over the last few weeks I have been longing a few new things. 

Suggestions for a Better Fitbit 

Overall, I am definitely impressed with the device and app. I get why it’s so popular, I get why people choose this fitness tracker over others. All that said – let’s talk about what else Fitbit can do to up their game.

7 Fitbit Improvements I'd Like to See

Here are 7 Fitbit Improvements I’d love to see to make the Fitbit the ultimate activity tracker.

1. More Fitbit Challenge Options

fitbit challenges

You may laugh, but here is the deal. Since my husband and I got our Fitbit Charges (read my Fitbit Charge Review) – we have been game on, competing with one another for steps. We do the daily challenge and it’s really upped our fitness game. Let me just say though, we are parents of 4 kids and both of us work full-time desk jobs, so our fitness game is not to impressive – ha!

Sleep Challenge

That said, something I really have been striving to work on is my sleep. I am one of these people who always has a million balls in the air. I work hard and in order to do what I do – my sleep suffers, drastically.  I set a, what I thought to be un-realistic goal of 7 hours a night to shoot for.

I know some of you may think, HA – and other may think, how do you survive on less than that?? Well, sadly, my first night wearing my Fitbit – I raked in a whopping 4.75 hours sleep. But last week, I averaged 7 hours and 15 minutes!  Well, now that I am sleeping more – I want my husband to jump on this train. I know if it was a competition, he too would be on board with a restful nights rest. So come on Fitbit – let’s add in a SLEEP CHALLENGE where we can see who sleeps for how long.

If this came to play, I think I’d purchase all of my kids’ Fitbits and have them do a sleep challenge each weekend for prizes. So. not. kidding. I am THAT parent. No shame in my game, here people.

Shorter Challenges

I know there is the day challenge, but what I would LOVE to be able to choose the length of the challenge. Here’s the deal. It NEVER fails, whoever is working from home gets in more steps when I challenge my husband. What I would love to see is the evening hours – who can get their booty in gear and get the most steps in during a set time. Maybe it’s 3-hour Fitbit Challenge, or maybe less-or-more but regardless would love to see shorter challenges or the ability to choose the length of the challenge.

2. Waterproof

I get the whole “water-resistant” thing, but my Garmin Vivofit was waterproof. I had a Misfit tracker, and that went to crap when I washed it. I wash dishes, leave things in the laundry, like to wear things in the shower – this is why I want a waterproof Fitbit.

My husband jumped out of the shower this weekend, and had a slight panic attack since he forgot to take off his Fitbit. It was fine, but we shouldn’t have to worry when washing hands or showering if the wearable is going to survive or not. Also, if the fitness tracker was waterproof, we would be able to swim with it on. Swimming is an awesome exercise and would up my calorie burning on the app!

3. Better Battery Life

My Fitbit Charge is lasting me around 5-days but see, I own the Garmin Vivofit that hasn’t required a charge since I bought it!  I would love to see a longer lasting battery, it never fails that I realize I need to charge when in a competition with my husband – we are serious around here about steps!

4. Password to Login to App

I am weird. If am going to keep my weight in an app – I want a password to get into the app. I know way too many nosy people who poke around for me to want that kind of data open. Even if it was a way to hide the weight feature, that would work. Yes, I could be the only thinking this – I do have weird thoughts but this is definitely something I would like to see. Of course for this to be on the Fitbit app – it should be optional.

5. Thinner Wrist Band

fitbit charge

I’d love for the Fitbit wrist band to not be so clunky. I am digging the stylish Fitbit accessories – but overall, a nice thin ban would be awesome. The Fitbit One is an option, you clip this to your bra or pants, but I KNOW I would definitely wash that or lose it somehow. Just a thinner band, so when I am typing it wouldn’t be so much in the way.

6. Smart Water Bottle

At CES this year, I ran across a smart water bottle that would track how much water you drank. I love the idea of not having to think, How much water did I drink? or How much more water should I be drinking?  How cool would it be if it integrated with your Fitbit app and tracked hydration automatically for you. I love that companies are doing this – but I really would like all of my Fitness contained to one app, Fitbit’s app!

7. More Personalization Options

MORE COLORS PLEASE.  Right now, for the Fitbit Charge, there are 4 color options – black, blue, Burgundy and slate. That’s a start, but there’s a rainbow of colors and would love to see Fitbit include these in their options. I do know the Fitbit Flex offers a plethora of color options – but would love to see this with the Charge.

I’d love to see new ways to personalize your Fitbit.  Another thing that would be neat to see is the ability to personalize your Fitbit. Maybe additional Fitbit accessories? I know there is a market here and know people would purchase!

What do you think the Fitbit is missing? What would you love to see?