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Cradle Cap Treatment – How to Get Rid of Crusty Baby Head!

Do you have a cradle cap baby? Don’t freak out. This is totally normal, yet gross – but normal. 4 out of 4 of our babies experienced the yellow crusting, so chances are that your baby will have it as well. 

Let’s look at what this crust is, how to treat it and some other commonly asked question about this common condition that babies experience.

What is Cradle Cap

You see these yellow or white crusts on your baby’s head and of course, it’s totally natural to FREAK OUT. Let’s dive into what it is, what the proper medical name is of this condition, how to fix it and how to prevent it. 

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Cradle cap in babies, also known as seborrheic dermatitis. This is a common baby scale issue. Typically the crusting is found on your baby’s scalp. That said, eyebrows and sometimes a little on the face is not uncommon for it to show. These oily scaly and/or crusty patches can be thick white or yellow. Remember, this infant scalp condition is a totally normal thing for babies to experience. 

cradle cap treatment 101 what is cradle cap and how to treat it

Typically you will see this condition in baby’s first 12 months. It is not uncommon for it to come back, but the good news – it’s super easy to treat.

How to Treat Cradle Cap

Here is a super helpful video on how to treat cradle cap. This cradle cap treatment is a great home remedy and requires just a few things you probably already have. 

Crusty Baby Head Remedy

Here are a few more things to know about treating crusty baby head and our cradle cap remedy used in the video.

Best Cradle Cap Brush

We used a toothbrush! Make sure to throw it away after scrubbing your baby’s scalp. Nobody wants to clean their teeth with a toothbrush that was used to clean baby head scabs!

If you are looking for a specific baby brush, here is one we suggest from Amazon. TheDermaFrida Baby Bath Silicone cradle cap Brush is perfect, as it’s silicon bristles are soft yet firm and easy to clean.

Derma Frida Cradle Cap Brush use for treating cradle cap| Cradle Cap Treatment - How to Get Rid of Crusty Baby Head!

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Baby Oil or Coconut Oil

When making this cradle cap treatment video 7 years ago, it was before the coconut oil craze. For cradle cap coconut oil or baby oil are both great home remedies.

Baby Oil with Shea Butter

Johnson’s and Johnson’s now has a baby oil with shea butter that we want to use for ourselves!

Shampoo for Treating Baby Scalp Issues

Is the Cradle Cap home remedy not cutting it? Here is a shampoo to try. If you are wanting to know how to prevent the baby head crusting, according to Mustela – this shampoo should help.

mustela cradle cap shampoo

If you are looking for a cradle cap shampoo, check out Mustela available on Amazon

| Cradle Cap Treatment - How to Get Rid of Crusty Baby Head!

If you are looking for a scrub, try Mustela Foam Cradle Cap Shampoo. It is highly rated on Amazon and is a ultra-gentle foaming baby shampoo, formulated to cleanse baby hair and scalp preventing and treating Cradle Cap baby.

Is Cradle Cap Painful or Itchy?

Yes, cradle cap does look gross but it’s more of a problem for parents then it is babies. Everything we’ve read, it is not painful or itchy. It just looks gross.

Baby Dry Scalp

Baby oil and coconut oil also help baby dry scalp and baby dandruff. Again, don’t forget that reoccurrence is totally normal!

Is There a Cure?

Sorry folks, we have yet to see a cure for cradle cap.

Talk to a Doctor

If you are concerned about your baby’s skin condition, don’t hesitate to contact a doctor. We are not medical professionals, just parents that have been thru it! We just share our tips on taking care of baby and them kids! Any advice given here is an opinion, use at your own discretion.