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5 Best Gardening Apps to Help you Plan and Grow a Garden

Looking to grow a garden this Spring? Check out these gardening apps to help you plant and grow a garden!

Last year when we moved into our home, in our backyard sat a small garden that was growing a tomato plant and pepper plant. I had tried gardening in the past, with no luck. Maybe buying a home with a garden would be the answer?

Best Gardening Apps for Garden Planning

My excitement lasted about a month. Between the kids and the dog, our small garden was destroyed.  We now have the outline of a garden, with dirt and a few weeds — the plants, are gone for now…

best gardening apps for planting and planning a garden
best gardening apps

This year, I am determined to make that garden grow. I’ve rounded up several gardening apps that can hopefully help a brown thumb turn green. If you are looking into garden planning or landscape design, these gardening apps will be your new BFF. 

GrowIt Gardening and Plant Identifier App

GrowIt Gardening app set out to be more than just an app, it’s like a social network for gardeners.

gardening app growit - garden planning app
gardening app plant identifier

This app is a great gardening tool with a plant identifier, a way to share photos of your plants and a community aspect that the other gardening apps just don’t offer. 

GrowIt Gardening app is available for both iOS and Android.

Download GrowIt for iOS

Garden Plan Pro

Using data from over 6,500 weather stations, Garden Plan Pro recommends planting and harvesting dates in your area. You can receive easy reminders about what to plant when, as well as plan your garden with flexible drawing tools. 

This handy gardening app also helps by helping you space your plants appropriately so that you get the most from your plot.

The Garden Plan Pro app is a gardening app for iOS. 




Download Garden Plan Pro

Garden Time Planner

Next on our list of best gardening apps is The Garden Time Planner.

The Garden Time Planner app is brought to you by Burpees (a garden supply retailer). This free gardening app for iOS lets you name your garden, list what you are planting and it will create a handy to do so you know what to plant when.

Within the app is a full database of plants, weather and how to garden videos.

The Garden Time Planner app is a gardening app for iOS. 

Download Garden Time Planner

iGarden USA

The iGarden app will help you know when to harvest your crop.  It will give you climate-specific planting instructions, inform you of known pests and remedies, as well as add custom seed information and photos.

The iGarden USA app is a gardening app for iOS. 

Download iGarden USA

Garden Tracker

Garden Tracker app helps you plan and plant your vegetables and track your garden’s progress. You can also track days to harvest, as well as water and fertilizer schedule. You can also upload your gardens to your Dropbox account, as well as upload and download to other devices.

The Garden Tracker app is a gardening app for iOS. 

Download Garden Tracker

GroSquared Garden Planning App

First on our list of gardening apps is GrowSquared app. This is a great app for designing a garden. It features a garden planning tool. 

GrowSquared is an iOS Gardening app that will help assist you with planning and tracking your gardens.

Use the GrowSquared to help plan your bed sizes, select plants, set planting dates, for more information on watering and planting, to receive help to plan ahead for harvesting your garden and more. All of this gardening help from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. 

Download GrowSquared

What gardening apps have you used?

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Bethany Learn

Wednesday 16th of November 2022

I am just sitting here trying to figure out how I never realized there might be gardening apps! We have 7 acres, but my garden is fairly small because I feel lost with anything that doesn’t grow back on its own. I’m good with goats and growing blueberries and raspberries.