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Candy Crush Saga – The Most Addicting App

Maybe you have seen your friends requesting lives for Candy Crush Saga on Facebook 0r maybe you are one of the millions of Candy Crush addicts like myself that CANNOT get ENOUGH of this game, myself included.

Late one night a few weeks ago, I was scrolling thru the Apple app store and came across the Candy Crush app. It was a free app and I thought why not. I should of just said NO to the Candy Crush Saga drug because now I am addicted.

Candy Crush App Review

The Candy Crush app is evil. It’s tons of fun, especially if you are a Bejeweled fan like myself but here is the thing. While it is a FREE app to download, there are all kinds of in-app purchases that will sucker you into emptying your wallet.

Candy Crush Saga App
candy crush app

I am totally convinced a psychologist is involved in the making of this game.  It is totally addicting and you only have 5 lives. After your 5 lives are up – you have the option to continue playing, ask a Facebook friend for help or end game.

You end the game, you then have to either purchase more plays or wait for more lives to regain themselves.

So let me clarify… you have to either tell all of your friends: HEY I AM ADDICTED TO CANDY CRUSH SAGA AND NEED YOUR HELP FURTHERING MY ADDICTION.. or pony up money if you want to continue to play without waiting.

I started and thought, there is NO way in HELL that I am buying anything in-app. Well, I lied to myself. You get to a certain level and if you want to continue on, you have to – again ask your Facebook friends for help or PAY for additional levels.  

I swore I wouldn’t be one of those Facebook people begging for Candy Crush help (no offense to my friends that do that). So I sucker up the money and pay for the in-app level purchases. SUCKER!

So then there are all kinds of other OBNOXIOUSLY priced in-app purchases. Let’s look at a few in app purchase examples to see how this app is making so much money.

You can buy 3 Color Bombs for a game – 99 cents

You can start a game with 3 wrapped and striped candies – $1.99

OR you can add jelly fish candies to the candy mix which clears three pieces of jelly when you match 3 candies – $1.99

And this is just for level 73 – some of the in-app purchases go up to $39.99! YES – let’s just say King, the maker’s of Candy Crush are RAKING in the MONEY people.

Candy Crush Saga is the TOP GROSSING APP in the Apple app store for at least the last 3 weeks. How can a free app earn so much money? Because of the in-app purchases available. And this is why I think a psychologist was involved in the making of this game.

So enough about my addiction and how much money other people are making… let’s talk about the game itself.

What is Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is a game that is available on the web, Facebook, iOS and Android. It reminds me a lot of Bejeweled (which hello ADDICTING) but involves all kinds of tricks and what have you.  On the app, the levels are not timed – but you are only allotted so many moves. I only play the app, I refuse to get suckered in online or on Facebook.

How Do You Play Candy Crush

  • Create rows or columns with three candies of the same colour to remove them.
  • Make special combinations with 4 or 5 candies to create special sweets.
  • Combine the special sweets to create spectacular effects that will crush even more candy!

Kids Buying In-App Purchase

I would recommend that you DO NOT give your child your password to make in-app purchases. Our kids iPod Touches are on my Apple account and I refuse to share my password.

Unfortunately, I didn’t think about this – but when I recently upgraded their iPod touches, Candy Crush was on them as I had purchased it. I can see big bucks being spent by buying in-app purchases.

Have You Played Candy Crush?

So tell me, have you played the viral game, Candy Crush? Want to know about Candy Crush Saga cheats? Learn how people are getting infinite lives.

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